One Week of Solitude: How I would Entertain Myself

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Created by HarryPotterFan1995 on Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Five things I would do to entertain myself if I was in solitude for one week:

1. Write. Well, this one’s kind of obvious isn’t it? I write all the time. Just because I don’t publish most of it doesn’t mean it’s not stored on my computer, or in my notebook, or even on a napkin written with my favourite pink sparkly pen. I write from the point of view of apples, I write about things that happen, I write about things I wish would happen, I write about characters I created who I almost regard as my children (Yes, I know that’s slightly weird but hey, normal is boring!) Writing is my chance to “talk” without having to shut up like I have to in normal conversation. Everyone tells me I talk too much but if I talked like I wrote they’d have ten times the complaints and I’d probably grow up as a bitter old lady who has umpteen cats and despises other people to no extent. Why yes, I’d like to be an author when I get older.

2. Walk. You might not know this but I walk, a lot. Sometimes outside (Not very often though, I’m not an “outdoorsy” person) but mostly inside my house. I walk from one end of my house and back and repeat that for a really long time. I once did it for an hour and a half. I put in my earphones and go! I’ll go slightly crazy if I can’t walk for a long amount of time because honestly, who wants to sit down for extended periods of time? I only sit down when I’m writing or eating usually. And don’t think I’m super skinny because of this because I am “average” sized (My doctor says so anyway) but I am getting taller and not gaining any weight so, yeah that makes me slightly happy. Walking is fun. Well, I think it is. To each their own eh?

3. Sing. I love singing. Like, love isn’t even the word. Singing is my life. My only other passion besides writing. I sing competitively every year and I once had chronic laryngitis for THREE years. I thought I was going to die! I sang a little then but I wasn’t very good (While my throat was messed up that is) but a TON of vocal therapy paid off and my voice is normal again! The funny thing is though, that when I got my laryngitis I had this high, squeaky child’s voice and after, well, people mistake me for my mom over the phone now and not my nine year old brother. I sing everything and anything (Yes, even rap. I’m not that good but man, that is fun! I LOVE Eminem!) I’m always singing when I play Rockband with my friends (Yes, I still play rock band. Problem?)

4. Listen to Music. This is kind of like singing but its different too so I thought I’d include it. I love listening to music. As I said previously most times I listen to music I’m walking and it’s so fun. Honestly, my mom sometimes swears my earphones are going to grow onto my ears! I have to charge up my iPod every night! I listen to most kinds of music (Pop, GOOD techno music, rock, WROCK, hip hop, rap, etc.) and I love singing along. Taylor Swift is one of my two idols (My other is JK Rowling) and she truly is an inspiration to me. SNL monologue and Thug Story are my favourites. Not really songs but they’re funny as hell! Wrock is one of my favourite types of music of ALL TIME. Wrock (Wizard rock) is a genre of music all about Harry Potter and it truly is amazing for the really obsessed Potterhead. My favourite bands are Ministry of Magic, Let’s Lumos, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls and The Remus Lupins.

5. Dance Naked, Eat Oranges by the pound, talk in a silly British accent, laugh randomly to myself and act out stupid, one person plays. Does this really need explaining?

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