He's my twin sister's boyfriend, but I'm pregnant with his kid. 10

DUN da dun dun da. IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I am back to writing this story. hope u love it

Created by darksecretiveshadow on Friday, September 23, 2011

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I walked into school the next day to find Jey and Mattie talking with Alex and Eva. Jey had on one of Kyle’s band tees and a pair of Eli’s shorts. She made them look sexy; however, the fact, my kid was under them in her belly made it all the more attractive. I walked up to the group and I stood just a breath behind Jey. As if she knew I was there she leaned back against me.

“I still say Nathan.” Nate said as he looked at Jey. Her face scrunched up.

“No, I already told you guys; I will not let you name the kid till I know the sex, but I won’t be telling you the sex of my kid.” Jey said with a firm nod then looked at me. “You will be dumping Taylor right?”

“Yeah, I’ll text her right now.” I said as I pulled out my phone. I put it in front of Jey so she could watch me send it. Once it was sent, Taylor instantly called me. “Oh crap.”

“Let me answer it.” Eva said as she snatched the phone and accepted the call. “Hi may I ask who this is?” there was a pause. “Oh well you see, Zander is currently unavailable due to the fact he doesn’t date bitches.” And she hung up.

“Eva that was a little bit uncalled for.” Nate said as he planted a kiss on the top of Eva’s head. “I mean the evil twin is a bitch not the good twin.”

Eva slapped him on the arm before grinning knowing that it was true. Jey was a bigger bitch than Taylor. I wrapped my arms around her belly, well tried to but they stopped inches from touching each other. Jey didn’t seem to mind all that much. She let out a sigh and watched as Eva and Nate argued over the kid’s name.

“Ok, well I have to go. My appointment is in twenty minutes and with this belly it’ll take me forty minutes to get there.” Jey said as she stepped out of my arms and waddled toward the door.

“I can take you.” I said as I opened the door for her. “Ten minutes tops and we’re there.”

Jey looked confused but nodded. Apparently she was still as lazy as ever. She got into the passenger seat of my Dodge Charger. She now looked almost nervous. I wonder what was going through her mind. Her blue and white hair was faded and it almost looked black again. Her eyes didn’t have that glitter to them like they did months ago. By my guess, she was probably four or five months along now. She had a hand on her stomach in that motherly way. She wasn’t as tan as I remember, but she was always pale over tan. Her smile could still light up a room as well.

“Zander look out.” She screamed. I undid my seat belt and cover her just as a truck hit her side of the car. She screamed and covered her head as my car began to slide along the road. The last thing I saw was her beautiful gray eyes drown in her own blood. No Jey, my Jey and my child can’t die. I won’t let them die.

Taylor’s POV

I had just got home and was sitting in traffic for who knows what reason. I had to confront Jeydyn and Zander today. I was on my way here when he texted me and I deserve to know why he dumped me. I glanced out the window and saw a familiar body being put into an ambulance.

Screw this, I turned around and took the back way home. I walked into the house and plopped down on the couch as dad got home. He turned the TV on to the news. There was a report about today’s car accident.

“Today, there was a car accident outside of the local high school. A black Dodge Charger belonging to a Zander Anderson was hit by a locally owned truck. Two people are in the hospital one is Zander Anderson and the other is Jeydyn Evans.” As soon as Jeydyn’s name was spoken I was up and out of the house in a minute. Jeydyn.

Zander’s POV

“I don’t care how bad my head is banged up.” I said in a very controlled voice. “Where is she?”

“Sir, I will have to ask you to sit down and let us finish stitching you up.” The nurse said in a too calm for me voice.

“Zander, let her finish the stitches then we’ll ask about Jey and her baby.” Nate and Mattie said in unison.

The nurse shot to life at the mention of baby. She looked from one person to another.

“Who’s the father?” she asked. When I raised my hand, she finished my stitches and continued. “Well, Miss Evans was taking into the emergency room. There are two options to be made. She can either get an abortion and save herself. Or be put on life support with a very low chance of her and the baby living.” She closed her eyes. “She told us to…”

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