A Saix love story

Who would of thought taking in a girl you found on the street would be such a big adventure? If an adventure is what you want to call it.

Created by ILoveGaara7891 on Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Name: Avaria

Age: 18

Info: Read and find out.

likes: Alot of things

Dislikes: Alot of things.


You were closing up your shop for the night. After you locked the door you turn around to begin walking home when your foot taps something. you look down to see a small blond girl in a white dress.

You were going to walk away something in the back of you mind said to just walk away because she would bring some sort of trouble. You just didn't have the heart to leave her there. You pick her up bridal style and walk home.

When you walked in the door you could smell food cooking. Mandy walked out of the kitchen. Lori, Nina and Ava come from down stairs to have dinner. they looked ove at you to see you carrying a girl.

Nina: what happened?

You: I was closed up the shop and started walking
home and my foot bumped into her. she was like 2 feet from the shop. Poor thing.

Mandy: Well what are we going to do with her?

You: We can make her a place to stay here.

You set her on the couch gently. She seemed to be ok.

You: Well she looks ok. Mandy lets make an extra plate of food for her.

A half an hour later dinner was done. You checked on the blond girl. her eyes fluttered open a few times then she opened them all the way. She looked at then sat up.

You: Hey girls, she's awake.

The other three came in.

Lori: How you feeling blondie?

Girl: Ok. Where am I?

You: Twighlight town in my house. I found you outside my shop. Any idea how you got there?

Girl: I have no idea. Sorry.

You: It's ok. Well do you remember your name?

Girl: Yes. It's namine.

You: Well namine we are glad to see you are ok.

Ava: Are you hungry?

Just then Namine's stomache growls.

Mandy: I guess that's a yes. Come on.

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