A Rin Love Story (Blue Exorcist)-2

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Created by AkariUchiha15 on Sunday, September 25, 2011

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I got everything on my shopping list and finished packing for True Cross Academy. The moon’s light slowly envelops my room with dim lighting; I turned on the light. I closed my suitcase, making sure I had everything in it and looked out the window. The moon was high in the sky and I decided to go to church to eat dinner with them. I can picture it now.

Everyone is sitting at the dining table, we say our prayer, and then we’ll talk all about Rin’s first day on the job. Surely he’ll be proud, so will everyone else, and I can’t wait to encourage him, even though I’ll be at True Cross.I dismissed the thought and ran to the church. I barged through the front door and into the kitchen only to see that everyone was sitting at the dining table waiting for Rin to come home. I skidded to a stop when I saw this and asked why Rin wasn’t here.

Shiro: No one knows. He called and said he got the job, but he still hasn’t come home yet.

I stood there with a blank stare, not comprehending what was being said to me. The last thing I wanted to think…the last thing I wanted to hear was that he lost the job in such a sort amount of time. I didn’t want to believe that. Yukio got up and left after announcing that he was going to find Rin, but I stayed. Rin and I are good friends, but he might feel even more embarrassed if I was there.

I sat down in the kitchen for at least half an hour. I began to smile weakly and looked up when I heard them walk through the door. I walked out to greet them, but stopped at the doorway. Rin’s face was full of so much sorrow and disappointment that my heart couldn’t take it.I started crying and ran into the kitchen.

A moment later I feel arms wrap around me, my head resting against someone’s chest. I tried to make out who it was, but there were so many tears I couldn’t see who it was. Then the person spoke.

Rin: I…I’m a failure, I know.

He hugged me tighter and I started crying more. I wanted to say that he wasn’t a big of a failure as he thought he was. I wanted to say that I would love him whether we was successful or not, but I was crying too much to say anything. I grabbed onto his shirt, I grabbed on tightly; my knuckles turning white. We stood there in distress for a moment and then we let go of each other.

I started to wipe my tears away, but Rin looked down at me and brushed them away, pushing my hair behind my ears. I blushed and turned around wiping the rest of the tears away. We sat down and ate quietly with everyone. Then Rin told us what happened.

Rin: There was a little, pudgy monkey running around with a little girls scarf…so I went chasing after it to get her scarf back…but…I ended up making a mess of everything.

I sat there in disbelief. I knew what he was talking about. I’ve seen those creatures before; I have to be able to see them in order to be an exorcist. I looked over at Shiro who seemed to understand what Rin was talking about. We dismissed ourselves from the dinner table, said our goodbyes, and went to sleep.

I crossed the street back to my house and plopped myself on my bed. The next day I checked my calendar, today was the day to head down to True Cross Academy, but I didn’t want to go. I’ve learned over the years that I’m gifted. I have a power that I’m certain no one has. I can sense whether or not something bad is going to happen.I’ve always been able to sense this.

I walked to the church to tell Yukio that I wouldn’t be leaving today, but when I arrived Shiro told me that he had already left. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. Then Rin came running down the stairs. I turned around and tried to put a smile on.He stopped in his tracks, almost shocked.

He knew that I planned to leave to the Academy today and it must’ve just dawned on him.

Akari: *Ohayou, Rin.

Rin: Ohayou…so, you’re leaving today…Aren’t you.

I shook my head. “I’ll be leaving tomorrow.” He stood as though stunned.

Rin: You were really looking forward to going…you never postpone things. Is everything ok?

I shook my head. “Something big is going to happen and I doubt that I’m going to leave if it endangers you.” At that I left to change into my uniform. I made sure I had enough supplies with me for tonight and even though I did, it seemed like I would never have enough to go against what would happen. Soon day turned to night, I looked out my window to see that Shiro had ordered the church people to draw a holy shield around the church.

I ran out and joined them. 20 minutes later Rin and Shiro came barging through the door.Shiro unlocked a stand and dragged Rin down with him. Next thing I know demons started busting through the windows and the doors. ‘The shield isn’t powerful enough.’ I thought to myself.

I drew my guns, one in each hand and waited for them to come at me. I find myself hitting all my targets and I become proud of myself.This nonsense went on for 5 minutes until a truck came and practically rammed the church down. Someone was possessed by a demon and wanted Rin. My heart started racing, Shiro came back and locked the stand again.

I stood there shaking.

Shiro: Stay focused!

I nodded and started shooting. The monster kept dodging my shots and I became infuriated.

Shiro: Calm down! Don’t do anything reckless, Akari!

I unsheathed my swords and ran at him, I slashed at his chest, and he backed up. I aimed for his waist next, he ducked. Someone threw a bomb of holy water; burning the demon. ‘This is my chance’ I thought. As he screamed in pain; still calling for Rin, I aimed for his chest again and as he was dodging my attack I swung my second sword at his legs.

He fell to his knees, but he got back up. I did a couple of back flips, sheathed my swords, and took out the chain. I started reciting holy words and the chain grew longer and stronger.Still reciting holy words I used my ultimate skill. Not a lot of people can master it, and I was the 1 person who was able to do it.

I jumped off of a chair, and swung the chain around in the air in such a way that it started to tangle, as if about to make a knot, I landed on my feet. I stopped reciting and the chains fell onto the demon as I pulled on it. The chains fell onto his hands and ankles as though he was a prisoner, and lastly it fell around his neck as though it were a collar. Now I was in control of him. I recited holy words with everyone in the church as the demon screamed and hollered in agony, and in the most revolting voice he screamed his last words.

Demon: Riiiiiiiiiiiiin! Come back to hell with us, you can’t escape! You will live with Satan!

Then it was quite. I tugged on the chains in such a way that made it unravel and shrink back into my hand. I put it back into my pocket as I turned around to see Rin standing in the doorway to the hallway.

Shiro: I thought I told you to stay down there!

Rin: Is everything over?! Is everyone ok?!

Shiro: …*Un.

Akari: What happened for you to attract so many demons and what the hell was that guy talking about?!

Rin turned to the side as though shutting me away. Shiro sighed and started

Shiro: Rin is the child of Satan…Akari, Rin is half demon.

I stood there as if hit by lightning, I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I looked over at Rin who gripped a sword tightly.

Rin: That’s right, Akari. He’s not my father. He never will be! It’ll always be Satan and I’ll always be a demon!

Shiro slapped Rin, it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to react and at that moment in time, Satan possessed Shiro’s body. The Gehenna Gates appeared and started sucking Rin in. I unsheathed my sword and recited holy words. There were only sparks flying off of the gate, other than that, my effort did nothing.

Satan: You will come back with me, my child and we shall rule in hell!!

I started crying at the thought of Rin leaving this world and I pulled out my guns. I started shooting and throwing bombs of holy water in the gate, but nothing worked. Shiro unsheathed my sword and shoved it through his stomach before I could react. Satan left and Shiro fell onto the gates of Gehenna. Rin unsheathed his sword, screaming.

His ears became elongated and blue flames engulfed him, he no longer looked like the Rin I knew and I became frightened. I gripped my guns tighter and stood watching as Rin destroyed the gates of Gehenna. Rin sheathed his sword as he cried over Fujimoto’s dead body. I too fell to my knees and wept. I did not go back to my house; I stayed with Rin for the night.

Everything was packed for tomorrow and I will leave after breakfast.Surely Rin will be ok. We walked upstairs to go to sleep. Rin grabbed ahold of my hand and dragged me into his room. He closed the door and then lay on his bed.

Akari: a-ano…Rin?

He turned on his side to look at me. He held out his arm as if asking me to sleep with him. I started blushing, making my whole body heat up. I shook my head.

Akari: Y-You’ll be fine. I’m-I’m going to sleep in Yukio’s bed.

The moon made a melancholy mood in the room, and it shinned on Rin’s face, making it appear as though he was sadder than he really was.

Rin: *Onegai, Akari…Onegai.

He sounded pleading and still had his hand reaching out for me. Sorrow fill my heart. I didn’t want to see him like this, so I did as he said. I lay down next to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me tight, and then he whispered in my ear making me blush.

Rin: I don’t ever want to lose you. You hear me, Akari? I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe…to keep you with me.

I was speechless; I held onto his hand and choked out some words “I don’t want to lose you either, Rin.” I wanted to see his expression on his face, but I could tell that there was a small, sad smile forming on his face; which made me smile as well. After that it was all a blank. I could’ve sworn I heard Rin say something in his sleep that made my heart skip a beat, but I don’t remember anything after I had fallen asleep.

Stay tuned for more. Send me a message if you would like some Japanese words in the story like…etc.

*Good Morning



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