The One; A Mindless Behavior Love Story! Chapter Cuatro :)

Here's chapter four! :) P.S. read my journal :) -Aubrieeeeeee!!

Created by OrangeZebra7 on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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We woke up to someone knocking on the door. Roc answered it & it was Grace. She told Roc to go eat breakfast with everyone else & that we would be down in a minute. He slipped on some shoes & left.

Grace: I want to know everything! Did y'all have sex?
Me: No
Grace: Bummer! What happened?
Me: I wasn't ready.
Grace: Oh. I'm so sorry.
Me: It's fine. I thought I was ready, but, he asked me something & I just wanted to run away.
Grace: What did he ask you?
Me: If I was a virgin.
Grace: And?
Me: I would be if it wasn't for my ex.
Grace: So. He's not a virgin either. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded that much.
Me: Yeah, but I didn't want to lose my virginity to him.
Grace: Then, why did you?
Me: He forced me.
Grace was finally starting to get the point. For a second I thought I was going to have to yell it at her.
Grace: Wait! He raped you?!
I looked down & nodded my head. Tears were starting to run down my face. Grace scooted over on the bed & hugged me.
Grace: Did you tell anyone?
Me: No. I was scared. He told me that if I told anyone, he would kill me & my family & the person I told. & I believed him because, sometimes I see him in my dreams or at my school. He doesn't mess with me anymore though.
Grace: Who was it?
Me: Can I tell you some other time?
Grace: Sure. Let me fix you up, so we can go eat.
Me: Thanks. & please don't tell anyone. I'll tell Roc soon.

Grace helped me clean my face up & she showed me this trick that will help get the redness & puffiness out of my eyes. I slipped on some shoes & we headed to the lobby. We met up with everyone else & ate. When we got done, We all went back up to the rooms & took showers & just relaxed in bed for a while.

Roc: Do you know what you do to me?
Me: No, what do I do?
Roc: Every time I look at you, I lose my breathe & sometimes I think that I'm not good enough for you.
Me: You think your not good enough for me? Your famous & I'm just a regular girl & you think your not good enough for me?
Roc: But your not just a regular girl. Your my girlfriend.
Me: Do you know what you do to me?
Roc: What?
Me: Every time I even think of you I lose my breathe & sometimes I even start shaking. Ever since this trip started I have had dreams about you every night.
Roc (smiling): Foreal?
Me: Yeah.
Roc leaned over & kissed me.
Roc: I love you.
Me: I love you.

It was almost time for practice, so we all changed clothes. The boys put on a wife-beater & some basketball shorts. I put on a cami & a pair of Roc's basketball shorts & Grace put on a cami & a pair of Princeton's basketball shorts. We all headed downstairs & got in a cab. We arrived at practice 2 minutes early. Roc told me to stay away from Hallie & I pretended like I didn't know who she was. He saw her walk in & grabbed me by my waist & kissed me. She mean-mugged us & we laughed. Then he went & they practiced.

Me: Do you think Roc still has feelings for Hallie?
Grace: I don't think so.
Me: But do you think he would be trying to make her jealous if he still didn't have feelings for her.
Grace: Honestly I don't think he does, but if you do, you should ask him.
Me: Okay.
Then Hallie walked over, so we got quiet. Roc looked over & saw us.
Roc: Hold on y'all
He ran over to us.
Roc: What are you doing beside my girlfriend?
Hallie: Oh, so she's your girlfriend now? Have you got her to sleep with you yet?
Roc: No! She's not a hoe like you.
Hallie: Oh, you haven't? Won't be like that for long, will it Roc?
Me: Well, I know how to keep my legs closed unlike you.
Hallie: Hmph! So...Glenda
Grace: It's Grace!
Hallie: Whatever, did Princeton tell you about the time he went to the mall with me & my friend Alexis?
Grace turned around to Princeton.
Grace: What is she talking about?
Princeton: Last year, I went to the mall with you & Alexis, so what?
Hallie: You don't remember when you went into the changing room with her to help her? I walked in on y'all & you had her pinned up against the wall.
Grace: WHAT?!

She started toward the door

Princeton: Wait Grace! Please? Come here.

I followed her out of the door & onto the bus.

Me: Its okay Grace. At least Princeton didn't have sex with Alexis.
Grace: Yeah but he was about to.
Me: But y'all weren't dating then.
Grace: It still hurts though.
Me: I understand. But look at her. Hallie is just trying to break us up from Roc & Princeton. She doesn't like that we are dating them. So you know what we have to do?

Grace shook her head.

Me: We have to show her that nothing can come between all of us.
Grace: Ok.

We got off the bus & Grace wiped off the few tears that came from her eyes, as we walked back inside the building.

Hallie: Shut up fat boy!

I saw Roc ball up his fists.

Me: He's not fat!
Hallie: Yeah, & your not ugly.

Roc & Grace held me back because I was about to punch Hallie in the face.

Hallie: Like I was saying, Prodigy, I know that you & Lauren had sex that day, & Ray Ray, you wouldn't stop grinding with McKayla & I know y'all had sex too.
Prodigy & Ray Ray went red.
Me: I know why your trying to break me & Roc up, but why are you doing this to everybody else.
Hallie: If I can't have Roc & be happy, then nobody can have anybody, & they can't be happy.
Me: Well, Roc's mine, so you can forget about getting him back & Grace & Princeton aren't going to let you get between them & Prodigy & Ray Ray, can get any girl they want, so why do you keep bringing up the past?
Hallie: Because I can. Do you have a problem with that?
Roc: Yeah, I do.

Hallie walked toward him & pulled him down by his shirt & kissed him!! He pulled away & started to slap her, but before he could, I had punched her in the face. Her nose was bleeding & she was on the floor. I was about to punch her again, but Prodigy & Ray Ray held me back. We just walked back to the bus like nothing ever happened.

Grace: Hey Princeton, do you think you can show me that dressing room thing?

Princeton smiled & kissed Grace. Then he picked her up & pushed her against the outside of the bus & started grinding on her. Everybody else was already on the bus. I hadn't said anything to Roc since Hallie kissed him.

Roc: I can't stand that girl, she is so obsessed.
Me: Just forget about her. I bet she won't be coming back around us again.

Roc leaned over & tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away.

Me: Uh-Uh. Hallie just kissed you, you have to go & wash your mouth out.

He laughed & went to wash his mouth out. Prodigy & Ray Ray were still in shock about how Hallie had busted them out.

Me: What's wrong?
Prodigy: Huh?
Me: Y'all haven't said a word, since we got back on the bus.
Ray Ray: Hallie is so evil.
Me: I know!
Prodigy: She promised she would come back for me.
Me: Who?
Prodigy: Lauren
Me: Oh.

Everybody was sitting on the couch by then. Prodigy told us the whole story.

Prodigy: Me & Lauren clicked instantly & we were in love. She promised that after she visited her dad in England for 10 months, she would come back & find me. I miss her so much. Sometimes I even cry myself to sleep at night.
Me: Awe, Prod. It's okay. Me & Grace are going to stay up as long as it takes to find her.
Prod: I don't think that's going to work, but I trust yall.
Me: I promise you won't regret it.

Everybody got up & went to bed except me & Grace. We searched her on Facebook & sent her a message. She replied immediately. We spiced up a great plan for tomorrow.

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