What Have I Gotten Myself Into? |Ashley Purdy| *1*

my new story!! about Ashley Purdy. Gimme feedback cause i love to hear it and i might not continue this story if i dont get it.

Created by punkchick8118 on Sunday, October 02, 2011

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"Woah." I said as i walked into my cousins apartment. It was trashed.
I kicked Ashley as i walked passed him,, passed out on the floor.
"Get up faggot." I said. He groaned and said something that sounded strangely like fuck off..
"Jake!! Where are you!" I yelled throughout his two bedroom apartment he shared with my worst enemy,, Ashley Purdy.
"God im rite here,, stop yelling." He moaned as he walked out of the bedroom.
"What the hell happened here last nite?" I asked,, servaying the damage. There were empty beer bottles everywhere,, some naked chick passed out on the couch,, and the glass was broken on the televison.
"Ashley threw a party..." He said and looked at the ground.
"Well. It explains why no one told me."
"Sorry,, Riley,, but with you being in recovery and all,, i didnt think it was the best idea.. i mean,, you can see all the damage" Jake said and rubbed the back of his neck.
"Its ohkay,, Jake. Dont feel bad. But You guys gotta record in like two hours."
"Seriously? Can you get Ash up,, i gotta go take a shower." He said and walked away before i had a chance to protest
I walked back over to Ashleys body and kick his side again,, harder this time.
"Get up. Now. You have to record in two hours." I said.
"Fuck off." He said and rolled over.
I then poured ice all over his body. He just shook it off.
"God dammit just get up all ready!"
"Nooo.. Five more minutes." He moaned.
I guess i had to resort to desperate measures.
I got down on my knees and straddled his waist.
"Oh Ashley!" I sang right in his ear. He opened his eyes and stared at me in shock.
"Riley,, what the hell?" He said and grabbed onto my hips.
"Ive been trying to wake you up since forever. You have to go record in like an hour. Get yoor lazy ass up and shower so we can go." I said and stood up. Did i mention i managed Black Veil Brides?
"Mmm.. I think i need help with that." He said and winked. I was getting fed up with Ashley Purdy.
"Oh. You want help with that?" I asked and smirked. I walked over to where he was,, very slowly,, shaking my hips the entire four steps.
"Hows this?" I said and grabbed his hair. I dragged him into the bathroom,, stood him up and threw him into the shower without even turning in on.
"Better?" I asked and smiled sweetly.
"Damn girl,, you sure are kinky." He said and winked again. I turned the hot water on and left the bathroom as he screamed.
"Whats going on in there?" Jake asked as i walked into his room.
"Ashleys such a dick. I hate him."
"Sure you do." Jake said while he applied his war paint.
"I do. Hes always such a jerk!" I sighed and plopped down on his bed.
"Its Ash. He does it cause he has a crush on you. He just doesnt know how to tell you,, so he acts like a huge douche."
"Oh wow. your such a liar." I said and rolled my eyes.
"Hey Riles,, do you have any eyeliner? mines all out."
"Yeah,, its in my bag,, ill be rite back." I said and walked out of the room to get it.
"Woah. Ever heard of actully wearing clothes?" I said as Ashley walked out of the bathroom,, compleatly naked.
"Well. You didnt give me a towel. What else was i supposed to do?"
"Well.. go dry off and get dressed. we gotta go." I said as i tried not to stare. I mean,, everything was showing.
"Oh Riley,, you dont really want that,, now do you?" He said in a sexy tone.
All of the sudden the rest of Black Veil Brides walked into the apartment.
"Guys lets GO!!" Andy yelled.
"What the fuck,, Purdy,, get some clothes on." Jinxx said as he walked into the kitchen.
Ashley then turned and walked away to the cat calls of Black Veil Brides as they all saw his ass when he walked away.
What the fuck have i gotten myself into?

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