The Greatest Emotion....{2} Sasuke Love Story

I had my second day at school after the holidays and let me tell you. It.Is.Hell. so i haven't had much time to actually do my stories unless i stay up and trick my parents into thinking i'm asleep. Anyway Imma start the story now. I like fast fowarding things ss this entire story in general will have a little bit of chapters

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Sasuke Love Story

Me: STORY TIIMMEE! Gather around

Yuki: We Aren't Kidds you know


Yuki:.....I'm not a kid you know...

Yumi: BOOO! T_T

Yuki: -_-. Story time...

Yumi/me: WOOHOO! Kiddie POWER!



The Greatest Emotion...

Yuki's p.o.v

I was bored out of my mind waiting for them to finish training when Bubblegum was sitting on the checkpoint branch

Sakura: "This is easy!" She shouted looking at Sasuke blushing

Yuki: *Fangirl! DIE!* I thought imagining me killing Sakura

Yumi: *100 PERCENT AGREED!* She thought back to me

Yuki: [Giggles] "Come on naruto!!" I cheered

Kakashi: "Looks like someone wont become Hokage afterall, and
those Uchiha's don't seem all that great.!" Kakashi stated Sasuke
looked at me and Yumi and growled

Sasuke: "hn." he replied angrily

Naruto: "I'LL BECOME HOKAGE! BELIEVE IT!!" he shouted

Yumi: "YOU CAN DO IT NARUTO!!!!" she shouted

Yuki: "WOOHOO!! BEAT DUCKIE!" i shouted after

Sasuke: "hn. Losers" he muttered me and Yumi have perfect hearing

yumi: "YOU'RE THE LOSER COCKATOO!!!" she yelled angry

YOU TWO! [points to yuki and yumi] AND DEFINATLY YOU NARUTO!!
[glares at Naruto] SO SHUT IT!!!" she yelled with all her might

Yuki: "Bubble gum has a foul taste" i commented

Kakashi: "That's ENOUGH! Sakura go guard Tazuna, Yumi help build the bridge with Tazuna" Kakashi ordered Yumi and Sakura nod and jump down walking to Tazuna's house

yuki: [ Jumps down beside Kakashi and coughs loudly ] "I Need to help the bridge as well!" i declared

Kakashi: "If it isn't any trouble i need you too supervise these kids, you are ANBU rank afterall." he said smirking under his mask

Yuki: [pouts] "fiiiinnee!" i whined as he smiled

Kakashi: "Thankyou, I need to get back to Tazuna's, goodbye Yuki" Kakashi then hoped of with his crutches leaving me alone with the two idiots

Yuki: "Hurry up! I'm not going to be here all day!!!" I shouted NAruto nodded

Naruto: "HAI YUKI-CHAN!! I'LL MAKE YOU PROUD!" Naruto shouted running up the tree but falling back down after he got a little high

Yuki: [ smirks ] *He's good thats for sure. But the Kyuubi's chakra must be interfering with his own so it makes this more dificault for
him.* I thought

Sasuke: "Losers" he mumbled running up the tree only getting a little higher than Naruto's

Yuki: "Looks like Uchiha's aren't that great." i said my voice dripping with hate

Sasuke: "you know you love them." he stated running back up the tree

Yuki: "I have no reason too." I replied truthfully

Sasuke: "hn. Liar, you know you miss them..." he said his voice sadening as he ran back up the tree

Yuki: "I Mis Them?" i replied weirdly

Sasuke: "Hard of hearing? They must've liked you but you left." he stated I gasped

Yuki: *How DID HE KNOW!! GOD DAMMIT THAT STUPID INTELLIGENT DUCK!!!* I thought outraged "hn, Liked me?! Like Hell they would " icommented laughing

Sasuke: "You're laughing because?" he asked angering as Naruto stared from me and Sasuke

Yuki: "That clan shows no love. Only one woman did and I'm not exactly happy about her death." I stated emotionlessly

Sasuke: "what woman was that exactly?" he asked looking at me

Yuki: "Mikoto Uchiha, She was by far the nicest woman I've ever met" i said smiling as I looked at the ground i sensed Sasuke tense up

Sasuke: "Mikoto?! My Mother?!" he yelled I looked up and studied his features

Yuki: "You two do resemble eachother, though you have Fugaku's attitude." i said yawning I never liked him, he hated me the most for 'trying to steal Itachi's fame'

Sasuke: "Whatever." he stated emotionlessly running back up the tree

Naruto:"You know the Uchiha's?" Naruto asked me I nodded

Yuki: "Very Well [ Starts to mumble ] Those heartless monsters care nothing for the stronger than themselves." i said annoyed

Sasuke: "You know nothing" he said landing on the ground begining to run up again

Naruto: Starts to run up the tree beating sasuke's other score "How do you know Sasuke-teme's clan?"

Yuki: "hn. You'll find out later on, I'm sure Kakashi will tell you in confronce after I tell him." i stated

they began training noone spoke a word when I stood up angry

Yuki: "PERVERT!!" i yelled uncontrollably I had twin instincts with Yuki and could feel what she felt and she spoke through me

Sasuke: "What the hell, you idiot nothing is there!"

Yuki: "Stay here I' finding Yumi" i stated jumping off to find Sakura running after Yumi who is being held down by 7 thugs with weapons
"O.M.G!" i whispered

Yumi: "You guys won't even survive long enough to do anything to
me" Yumi stated smirking knowing i was here

Thug 1: "Oh yeah!"

Thug 2: "How about we kill you now Yumi?!"

Thug 4: "Hah! whatwill you do then?!"

Thug 7: "Noone will come for your pathetic life"

Yuki: "I wouldn't be so sure of that Jack-ass" i said jumping infront
of them

Sakura: "YUKI!" she gasped

Thug 5: "you're twin?! haha twice the weakness!" he stated

Thug 6: "What are you going to do girl? Put lipstick on us?!" he then
began laughing

Yuki: "Don't tempt me." i said jokingly as Thug 3 pulled Yumi's hair
and another thug put a knife to his neck

Yumi smirked and laughed then teleported next to me fixing her hair

Thug 7: "Kill them, we only need the bodies for the money!" he
ordered the thugs came at us

Yumi/Yuki: Our voices became low and my fringe covered my eyes
as Yumi's hair slowly lifted "Idiots...We'll KILL YOU!" we shouted in
unison as our hair flew up and we had the Mangeyko Sharingan on

Thug 1: "UM LEAVING!" he stated jumping off but he was pulled
back to the ground by my clone

Thug 7: "Kill Them!" he ordered not moving from his spot

I closed my right eye and Yumi closed her left and we stood still while the thugs watche what we were going to do

Yuki/Yumi: "Amaterasu!" we said in unison as opened our eyes as black fire appeared and rolled towards the thugs my right ey started bleeding as did Yumi's left

Sakura: "What are those!" she said grabbing Tazuna and jumping onto a tree

Yumi: "The Black flames of hell that never extinguish unless it has burned it's target to ash." she stated closing her eye and slapping her left eye over it

Yuki: "Hidden Jutsu: Phorbidden Memory Suction" i said pointing towards Tazuna and Sakura as they fell off the tree I caught Tazuna and Yumi caught Sakura

The black flames were gone and so were the thugs, we fought in a open area so nothing was damaged we jumped home holding the groceries of course and I opened the door with my right eye still closed and bleeding

Woman: "OH MY! WHAT HAPPENED TO DAD AND SAKURA?!?!" she screamed running to Tazuna

Yuki: "He Just passed out from all of the work, no need to worrie we took care of the bridge and finished off some part and took care of Tazuna and Bubble- I mean Sakura" I explained

Woman: " [sighs of relief] "Thankyou girls, have we met?" she asked

Yumi: "Oh no, I don't think so." We don't sleep at night but in the morning which is 3:00 to me and yumi

Woman: "I'm Tsunami, Tazuna's daughter." she put out her hand and I took it

Yuki: "I'm Yuki." i shook her hand and let go

Yumi: "Yumi" she shook Tsunami's hand and smiled

Tsunami: "OH MY! YOUR EYE IS BLEEDING!" she poined out

Yumi: [ gasps ] "hehe that! don't worry about it, we'll clean it up now after we pack the groceries away and put Tazuna and Sakura to
bed!" Yumi said waving her hand around

Tsunami: "Ok...But please let me do the groceries."

Yuki: "We Insist!" i said happily

Tsunami: "Thankyou!" she bowed and ran down the hall

I packed the groceries while Yumi put Tazuna and Sakura in their beds we both walked into the athroom and opened our eyes up slowly to see the sharingan gone and just our plain hazel eyes

Yumi: "phew, better clean it up now huh sis?" Yumi said wetting a cloth

Yuki: "heck yeah!" i stated grabbing a black cloth a wetting it

Yumi: "Thanks for helping me back there."

Yuki: "No worries they caught you off guard."

yumi: "How did you find o-"

Yuki: "Twinstincts" i stated

Yumi: "Thank God for That, I always thought It was annoying but I Love It Now!" Yumi said fininshing up

Yuki: "I agree completely." i had just wiped the last bit of blood off and i washed the cloth like Yumi did after me and we walked out to see EVERYONE there but Naruto and Sasuke

Kakashi: "Oh you found your way here girls." he said

Yuki: "NARUTO!" i gasped

Sakura: "What about Sasuke?"

Yuki: "Who?"

Yumi: "Just go"

I ran out of the door and found Sasuke and Naruto right infront of me looking tired...

Sasuke: "Nice to know you came back...." he said sarcastically

Naruto: "She was busy with those perverts right!" i nodded

Yuki: "Just hurry up and get inside everyone but me and yumi are worried"

Naruto: "What! youre not worried about me?"

Yuki: "I'm worried about you [ points to naruto ] but not...that [points at sasuke]"

Naruto: "HAHA!"

I hug Naruto and push both of them inside and they trip when they get in the door

Sakura: "SASUKE-KUN!" she squealed

Kakashi: "That was fast...."

Yuki: "Cuz I'm Lighting" i said

Yumi: "SIS! We have a TV and MOVIE PLAYER IN OUR ROOM!"


Yuki: "WHICH ONE?!!"

Yumi: "We'll choose together for now LETS EAT!"

Tsunami: "Oh You're eyes are better!" she mushroom sighed

Yuki: "YEAHH!"


Tsunami: "please eat. Thankyou for saving Dad." she bowed again

Tazuna: "I didn't mean to pass out " he stated looking the other

Sakura: "I don't know how I passed out but I'm sorry"

yuki/Yumi: "No Prob" we stated in unison

Tazuna: "Please sit down and eat you two"

Yuki/Yumi: "Thankyou!"

Tsunami:"Do you say everthing at the same time?"

yuki/Yumi: "No."

Tazuna: ".....Sure?"

Yuki/Yumi: "Yeah."

Naruto: "THATS SO COOL!"

Yuki/Yumi: "What is?"

Sakura: "THAT!"


Kakashi: "You two talking at the same time"

Yuki/Yumi: "Oh...THAT!"

Sasuke: [Coughs loudly]

Yuki/Yumi: "We'll eat now!" we plopped at the end of the table me
being close to Sasuke and Yumi being close to Sasuke as they eat everything quickly

Sasuke/Naruto: "I WANT SOME MORE!" the yelled in unison holding their empty bowls up before glaring at eachother as Electricity filled the gab between their blares when the both puked beside me and
Yumi's feet i gave them weird looks them jumped away




Sasuke: [nods]

Yumi: "It won't matter..."

Yuki: "If youre going to just puke it up over and over."

Tazuna: "Finishing sentences now." i chuckled

Yumi/yuki: "Twinstincts" we sung

A little boy came down the stair i felt a sad aura around him as he walked up to the table

Boy: "You ninja should just go back to where you came from."

Tsunami: "INARI! that is no way to talk to the people who are protecting Dad!"

Tazuna: "Tsunami it is alright."

Naruto: "WHAT!"

Inari: "You heard me!"

Tsunami: "Inari you are being rude!"

Tazuna: "It is alright! I'm rude to them as well.."

Inari smiled and hugged Tazuna

Inari: "GRANDFATHER!" he shouted

Yuki: "I'm...Not...Feeling...To..Well." i said slowly holding my stomach

Yumi: "Complete and Utter agreement" Yumi said slowly gently placing her hand on her chest

Tsunami: "Whats the matter?"

Yumi/Yuki: "Feeling Nouscious....Puke...eewww" we started swaying then we ran to the bathroom puking

after we came out we smiled and cheered "all Better!" we yelled

Tsunami sighed and smiled while Naruto ran over to me shaking me

Naruto: "Are you okay?! POSITIVE?! HELLO?!" he shouted in my ear I punched him into Sasuke

Yuki: "Naruto...I like hearing!" i shouted back my head growing ten
times larger as he shrunk to a little chibi scared of me

then i stopped and slapped my right hand on my right eye falling on my knees Yumi noticed and Gasped as she covered her left eye with her left hand and fell next to me panting heavily

Naruto: "Yumi.....Yuki...." he whispered worringly

Tsunami: "oh no." she said running to us

3rd Person P.O.V

Tsunami ran over to Yuki and Yumi then stopped when she touched them They both were cold...DEAD cold

Tsunami: "What is this?!" she gasped Kakashi ran to the twins and touched Yumi's cheek pulling away immediately

Kakashi: "May I have 2 blankets please?" Tsunami nodded and got 2 blankets and threw them to Kakashi He wrapped them around the twins and threw both over his shoulder

Tazuna: "Blood?!" he said Kakashi's veiwable eye widened as he heard a dripping sound from behind him he turned around and saw the blood behind him then behind him again the blood dripped he turned around then decided to put the twins against the wall

He touched his back but nothing was wrong he turned to the twins and heard it from them he watched carefully as he saw blood dripping off their faces

Kakashi: "Nani?!"

Yuki looked up her hand was removed and her right eye was bleeding rapidly

Yumi lifted her head us with her hand by her side as her left eye was bloody and bleeding for the matter

Kakashi: "What is the matter?" he asked crouching to their sides

Yuki: "W-Where F-Fine." Yuki stuttered

Yumi: "Kaka-Kakashi Sensei C-Could you p-please take me and Y-Yuki Deep Into T-the Forest for a w-while?" Yumi asked her voice
sounded terrifyed

Kakashi: "Um Okay." he picked them up and he took them deep into the forest

Tazuna's house p.o.v

Yuki and Yumi were taken outside by Kakashi sensei

Sakura: "I hope they are okay..."

Naruto: "I do too....."

Tsunami: "Those are the same eyes that were bleeding when they came back with Sakura and Dad...."

Sasuke: "What?"

Tsunami: "Well They came back holding the groceries, Dad and Sakura and both their eyes were bleeding, they told me not to worry but it has been bugging me they were i the bathroom for hours cleaning them but I wondered why they were in there so long but when they came out...Their eyes were fine...well that is what it looked like but now they are bleeding again. I wish i knew what caused it."

There was a long silence in the house when we heard 2 loud murderous screams coming from outside Sasuke and Tsunami shot their heads towards the door as Naruto to it and opened it to reveal nothing but birds flocking from the forest

Naruto: "Isn't that where Kakashi took Yumi and Yuki?"

Sakura: "Is that Yuki and Yumi's screams?!"

Tazuna: "That must be why they wanted to go far away yet we can hear those screams clearly"

Inari: "I hope those two girls are okay...." he whispered

Tsunami: "Why is that?!"

Inari: "Well they seem nice and caring....Almost as if they out other people first like a hero would but there is no such thing as Hero's."

Another akward silence took place when the screams were heard
again and Sakura joined Naruto at the door when an explosion was seen


Naruto: "CAN WE GO AND HELP?!"

Tazuna: "fine by me...You ma-"

Kakashi: "No need to..." Kakashi was right infront of Naruto and
Sakura all dirtly and scratched

Sasuke: "where is yuki and yumi?"

Kakashi: "I need to be a good distance from them at the moment
I'm having trouble processing those events...." Kakashi pushed past
Naruto and Sakura

Kakashi: "If you din't mind I'm going to my room."

then another explosion happened and it started a fire

Naruto: "We MSUT HELP!"

then water scooped the fire and the fire was floating inside the water blob

Sakura: "Nani!"

and then all the missing trees grew back into place covering the explosion area making it look like nothing ever happened when Sakura turned around Naruto fell over due to surprise

Sakura: "NARUTO YOU LOS-" she stopped when she found Yumi unconsious in Yuki's bloody and bruised arms

Sakura/Naruto: "YUKI! YUMI!" they shouted happily

Yuki: "Please move...I Need to put Yumi down and heal her..." Yuki stated Naruto and Sakura nodded moving aside as Yuki stumbled to her room and placed Yumi down on the bed the door open a bit
Yuki's eye bled a little more and a amber glow emitted from her hands and her hair flew up while all of Yumi's wounds healed and she was perfectly fine

Sakura: "What an amazing healing jutsu."

Tsunami: "Yumi-hime looks perfect again."

Tazuna: "hime?"

Tsunami: "My new nickname for them...:D"

Yumi woke up and hugged her sister close while whimpering into her shoulder

Yumi: "I...Miss...Them!" She cried while Yuki nodded hugging her back the Inari ran into the room and hugged them both

Yuki hugged him as well and tried to hold back her tears then one amber coloured tear rolled slowly down her cheek and hitting the ground with a 'tink' sound Sasuke was stunned and walked to where the tear hit and saw it was solid and you could pick it up and hold it tightly without it breaking

Sasuke's p.o.v

I picked up the tear and gasped that i was even able to hold it tightly with out the tear melting away

Yuki: "I'm sorry....Yumi" she whispered to Yumi

Yumi: "Please let me heal you...." Yumi pleaded

Yuki: "You need the chakra!" Yuki argued

Yumi: "Without it you'll die!" Yumi shouted

Yuki: "I can die for all I care! You need to live!"

Yumi: "Just let me heal you!"

Yuki: "NO!"

Yumi: "WHY NOT!"

Yuki: "IF YOU DO YOU'll DRAIN THE CHAKRA AND YOU'LL DIE! trust me I'll find a way to heal myself without your chakra..."

yumi: "If you don't?"

Yuki: "I'll let you heal ABIT of me! When you feel sore stop!"

Yumi: "AGREED!!" Yumi was so happy she could heal her sister. Why though?

Yuki layed down and Yumi put her hands above Yuki's heart and took a deep breath

Yumi: "Please...just this once." she mumbled with her eyes closed then she smiled as she reopened her eyes to reveal the color bittersweet eyes as a bittersweet colour glow emitted from her hands in the shape of a dragon it went inside Yuki and Yuki's breathing slowered Yumi gasped then closed her hands and fell backwards being caught by Naruto of course

Yuki: "I told you." she said sitting up

Yumi: "hmpf. I didn't know THAT was inside of you though...Cut me some slack.

Yuki: "Listen to your elders.:

Yumi: "Hmpf! Even if theey are only 10 minutes older than you?!"

Yuki: "pfft. Yes even if they are only 10 minutes older than you!"

Yumi: "...This is off subject but why didn't the clan respect us..."

Yuki: "Because our strengh exceeded their limits."

Yumi: "Remember our motto..."

Yuki: "Yea.."

Naruto: "What is it?"

Yumi/Yuki: "Only Respect those Stronger Than Us...But We Forgot That rule when we meet you guys

Sakura: "Why make such a motto?!"

Yumi: "Childhood reasons..."

Yuki: "Muchly prefered not talked about childhood reasons"

Inari: "You two really care about eachother don't you?"

Yumi/Yuki: "huh?

Inari: "Well...Yuki didn't want you to kill yourself for her and told you to live your life but you wouldn't stop wanting to help her and heal her deathly wounds...Almost as if she is the only family you have left..."

Yuki: "If I didn't have Yumi I'd have nothing more to live for!" Yuki
said hugging Inari

yumi: "Without Yuki I'd be useless, pathetic, nothing....not of use "
Yumi stated

NAruto: "You sound as if you're a tool!"

Yumi: "Because I am." Yumi stated emotionlessly


Yuki: "No. I am also a tool. We'd be of waste and disposed of if we didn't have eachother i'm sure we'd have commited suicide by now."
Yuki stated wiping of all her emotions leving her with a straight face

Kakashi: "Is this your reason for life?"

Yumi and Yuki nodded their heads and looked at eachother

yumi: "Master will get mad at us" Yumi stated smiling

Yuki: "What exactly can he do? Were stronger than him!" Yuki

Yumi: "True true...but...He can Disown us and make his threat true..."

Yuki: "YUMI ORIMI !! STOP SPEAKING NONSENSE!!" Yuki sounded so
angry at Yumi when she brought up that 'threat' I wonder what it is

Sasuke: "Its late and you're injured rest is suggested." i said emotionlessly

Yumi: "An Uchiha. Ordering us around...Is getting old." Yumi said angrily

Yuki: "yeah...But you should get some sleep while me, yumi and
Sakura watch a movie."

Sakura: "YEAH!"

everyone nodded and left the room.

Sasuke: "Kakashi sensei...what are we going to do?"

KAkashi: "We'll take them to the Interogation and Torture place and
check their memories."

NAruto: "I'm worried about them. and what is that threat?"

Sasuke: *He has a point. Yuki got so angry when she brought up
that threat."

Yuki's p.o.v

I watched the boys head out of the room and I also heard their conversation

Yuki: "What movie we watching?"

Sakura: "TWILIGHTT!"

Yumi: "[sighs] seriously? Twilight. What is it about?"

Sakura: "I don't know...never seen it but look at this hottie on the cover! [points to white sparkly dude on the cover] "

Yuki/Yumi: "Sakura....I Swear..." we said in unison

Sakura put it in the movie player and we found out it was about
vampires then when we watched alot of it it was pretty cute how he is so...SHAKESPARE! then we were up to a certain bit.

Sakura: "Good Movie!"


Yuki: "Sakura be quiet!" i whispered

Bella: "Your cold, you never show yourself in the sunlight, i know what you are!"

Edward: "Say it...Say it..SAY IT OUT LOUD!"

Yumi/Yuki: "YOU'RE A SNOWMAN!!!!! OMG!!! A SNOWMAN!"

Bella: "Vampire."

Yuki: "We were so close!"

Yumi: "Just one word away!"

Sakura: "It was a one word answer."

Yuki: "One word wrong! That is a record!"

Yumi [highfives Yuki] "WOOP WOOP!"

30 minutes later


Another part.


Another Part


Another Part

All the girls: "AWWWWW! SO CUTE!!"

Another Part

All the girls: "PROM! hahahaha!"

End Part.


After the movie.

Sakura: "Wasn't that great of a movie."

Yuki: "Not that interesting aye?"

Yumi: "I predicted it...I'm LIKE ALICE!!"

Sakura: "Hmpf. I agree with Rosealine (i forgot her name) I wouldn't just except a human to date my brother if i was a vampire."

Yuki: "Be nice! Be happy a Vampire found love with a human! It was generous for them to cook human food though."

Yumi: "Dude you sound so...Motherly"

Yuki: "Shhhhh...."

Sasuke: "SHUT IT!" he yelled through the door

Yuki: "Come say that to my face!" i taunted

He opened the door angrily and tiredly

Sasuke: "....SHUT IT!" he screamed

Yuki: "After you shut the door." he growled and slammed the door


Naruto: "Yuki-Chan! Youre being loud!"

Yuki: "Youre TALKING Mr.Energetic!"

Kakashi: "How does Yumi Live With you?"

Yumi: "It is easy to shut her up without yelling..."

Kakashi opens the door looking happy while Naruto and Sasuke are behind him

Yumi: "Here." Yumi taps my houlder and I turn to look at her

Yumi: "Yuki can't talk to a person unless she is making eye contact...She finds it rude." I gasped

Yuki: "Don't you dare!"

Yumi: "Feather Illusion" Yumi whispered

I got dizzy and my eyes felt heavy

Yuki: "Heh. I Got My Own Jutsu" i mumbled before going into the genjutsu of complete blackness

Yumi's P.o.v

Yuki is very loud when happy so I personally love it when she's loud

I caught her as she fell from my genjutsu I deactivated my Sharingan as I caught yumi

Sasuke: "I saw a flash of red in your eyes. Are you okay?" he asked

Yumi: *he saw it?!* "Oh I'm fine! just sad thats why."

Naruto: "Whys [yawn] that?"

Yumi: "I like it when Yuki-san is loud."

Kakashi: "WHY?! HOW?! WHY?!"

Yumi: "When Yuki is loud...she's happy. when we were younger Yuki was always loud. Then the clan started despising us and treating us like we were nothing then Yuki became a silent person, never talked to noone and never smiled. We always fake a smile for other peoples entertainment aparently it was amusing to see 'The twins of The Devil' smile but we only found out about that later." i said angrily clenching my fist

Naruto: "Is that why you let her be loud and wake us up?"

Yumi: "Yeah, sorry about that, she snapped at you guys because you anger at her loudness reminded her of the Clan and how they were outraged to hear of Yuki being happy for once."

Kakashi: "We understand that. What clan is she from?"

Yumi: "OUR [cough cough] Clan Is The U-"

I stopped when I saw a mini Yuki sitting in the middle of a circle mad of angry Uchiha's she was crying and She had me in her hands sleeping the Uchiha's had weapons "YOU CAN'T TOUCH HER!!" Younger Yuki screamed making her tears fall faster "We Won't kill You If YOU LET US KILL HER!" another yelled at young Yuki "You'll Never have her....I Won't LET YOU!" Young yuki screamed her voice dripping with hate "We'll get one of you!" an Uchiha yelled walking away from her..

Yumi: "Could you guys give me a second to think of my past?"

Kakashi: "ok..."

Yumi: "thankyou!"

I closed my eyes and went back into the dark place

I saw young Yuki again with me on her back "YOU MONSTERS!" she yelled haulting infront of a group of Uchiha's "Your cunning. Hearing us walk into your room. Taking the kunai instead of your sister." an Uchiha stated "Fugaku! YOU BASTARD!" Yuki screamed angrily "Hmm...Lets see...I'm older and stronger than you a little weakling like you should run your mouth at me like that!" Fugaku shouted "I am a weakling...But...I SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH STRENGTH TO KILL ANYONE WHO DARES TO LAY A HAND ON YUMI!!" Yuki screamed her eyes went glowing amber and her body tensed "FUGAKU! LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!" a voice screamed i looked behind that evil man and saw a woman she wass gorgeous "Mikoto? shouldn't you be with Sasuke and Itachi?" Fugaku stated *Sasuke?! this is Sasuke's Father?!* "Itachi is old enough to look after Sasuke. But you actually went after these poor little girls?! That is horrible!" Mikoto shouted running towards Yuki "Hn. Youre safe for now. Everyone back off, for now and don't worry We won't touch your precious little Yumi" Fugaku disappeared with all the others "Are you alright?" Mikoto asked petting Yuki and my sleeping form "T-Thankyou." Young Yuki muttered "here you go." Mikoto gave Yuki some food "THANKYOU VERY MUCH KIND LADY!" Yuki shouted i knew she was happy by her loudness "You seem to be loud when your happy." Mikoto smiled "mother?!" I looked behind her and saw a boy i'm guessing was Sasuke "Oh, Sasuke! Where's Itachi?" "I'm here" Itachi appeared behind Sasuke "What are you two doing here?" Mikoto asked standing up "Who are they?" young sasuke asked rudely pointing to yuki and me "Yuki and Yumi" Mikoto stated "The ones dad say are Evil?" Sasuke asked curiously "SASUKE!" Mikoto yelled "That was very rude to say!" Mikoto shouted "S-sorry, Yuki." Sasuke said innocently "Hey Yuki-chan" Itachi said happily "I-Itachi-san? Why are you here?" Yuki stuttered standing up *Sister...She has been protecting me for this long?* "Sasuke was being noisey and wanted to find Mom. He doesn't exactly listen to me when it comes to mom vs me." Yuki giggled and ssmiled then she put me down the present me gasped as Yuki started feeding me instead of herself "I gave you the food for you to eat, and you still feed your sister?" Mikoto asked curiously "I don't need it. Yumi needs it more." i watched terribly as past me chowed down on the food acting greedy while my older twin sister watched me eat happily, she was starving but gave the food to me! "You still care about her so much huh?" Itachi asked "She's the only thing that matters to me. I'd give me life for Yumi" Yuki stated patting my head as I hugged her I' guessing I was 4 then but I was half asleep and don'tremember this day very much "Sasuke! I'm PROUD!" Itachi said Sasuke blushed and looked away "Sasuke has a little crush!" Itachi sung "Ita!" Sasuke whined begging him to shut up "It's okay! Yuki is a beautiful child!" Mikoto and Itachi whispered i chukled *Sasuke liked Yuki! Classic Everyone does! Boys that is.* i thought "Sis? where are we?" my past asked i remembered this part "Outside." Yuki replied quietly I was guessing she didn't want me fully awake to remember this "why?!" i cried "Uhmm..." she sarted "They did it again?" I asked trembling "Don't worry Yumi-chan...As Long as I'm here they won't touch you!" Yuki said smiling happily while shouting making sure the other Uchiha heard perfectly "Don't be so sure!" A uchiha jumped out with a kunai and charged at Yuki she sstood there as the kunai was coming at her she picked me up and caught the kunai at ease "SNEAK ATTACKS AREN'T FAIR!" Yuki shouted she was...happy about this? "Group 1 attack!" a group of 10 jumped out of the bushes ready to attack Yuki she was dodging well then someone cut my top and I bled I watched in horror of what Yuki did she jumped out of the ambush and gently placed me next to Mikoto "Stay here for a second Yumi" she said sternly I quickly hugged her and she put her arm on my lower back where the giant slash was and I just saw it with my own eyes Yuki's Arm had glowed an Amber colour and healed my wound during that hug she pulled away from the hug and took a fighting stance "hn. Still looking after yumi i see, So you were telling the truth when you said you'd risk youre life for her i see" Fugaku said in a transformation technique "Lets get this over and done with so I can go back to our shelter" Yuki stated the Uchiha's began attacking Yuki as she hit their chakra points paralyzing them "EVIL! I TOLD YOU!" an Uchiha yelled "SHE IS SHE JUST PUT US IN A NEAR DEATH STATE! HEEELP!" another idiot yelled "Sasuke, Itachi, Mikoto! RUUN! FUGAKU WILL BE ENRAGED IF HE FOUNDS OU YOU WERE HURT!" Fugaku' transformation screamed "You.Are.Idiots." Yuki stated evily walking to past me and helping me up "I'm Sorry you got hurt Yumi. I should've just let them take me in exchange for your safety." Yuki hugged me checking the wound and smiling noticing it was healed.


Yuki was cleaning our little cottage she somehow managed to make when we heard footsteps running towards our door and bam! Sasuke had slammed open the door "Sasuke?" Yuki said confused "Wheres Yumi?!" he screamed "Supposed to be asleep in her room why?!" Yuki asked worried "uhh..well" He stopped Yuki's eyes narrowed and she ran into my room to find i wasn't in there she checked the entire cottage then used our Twinstincts to sense if I was around in the forest...But nothing "Those...Bastards." she cussed running out the door and into the compound to find me tied to a Cross about to be hung "Oooopps, she found out rather quickly." a man said "Then quickly kill her!" Fugaku ordered they were about to cut the rope when Yuki stood infront of it and they slashed her instead then in a flashed she had got me untied and in her arms safely at the back of the crowd "You Protect her too much...When youre dead she'll be free." Fugaku said smirking "Idiots...When I'm Dead I'll Still be watching over her and if i see you even attempt to kill her i don't care how strong she is i'll find a way to kill you myself!" Yuki growled I gasped *She really cares this much!* "Pathetic!"

FlashBack 3

I watched as an Uchiha had a sword coming a rapid speed to my 5 year old sleeping figure when another sword clashed with it *Yuki!* i thought seeing yuki tired as ever holding a sword to protect me "Leave!" Yuki growled and surprisingly the man left. "That's It, Yumi wake up!" Yuki sounded raged "yeah?" i asked softly and innocently as she fake smiled "Come on, we are visiting the Hokage." she said grabbing my hand "Pack your things and change into a comfortable outfit please." I agreed hesitantly to see Yuki growl and wind pass my face "I'm Done!" My young figure yelled as Yuki nodded and slung her backpack over her shoulders "Lets go." That was the night we left Uchiha Clan forever when Yuki found out about their massacre she was happy and loud again but when she found out Mikoto was another one killed she was silent again and never slept since. This must've been the reason why.

Present Time.

Yuki woke up and yawned

Yumi: "Nice sleep?" I asked while Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke looked at me waiting for my answer

Yuki: "Wouldn't call it a sleep. More like a Nightmare." she growled standing up and dusting herself off

Yumi: "Could I tell them?" i asked worried

Yuki: "When I'm gone." Yuki mentioned storming out of the room and when I was sure she couldn't hear us i started

Yumi: "My FULL Name is Yumi Orimi Uchiha."

Sasuke smirked while Naruto and Kakashi gasped

Sasuke: "You sound familiar...I'm sure i knew you." he said thinking


Yumi: "Sister made a wise decision for a 5 year old to leave the clan and become wondering Ninja's..."

Kakashi: "Then...Why did you leave?"

Yuki Walked in when he started the sentence and she halted completely

Yuki: "Don't." she said growling as she looked at the ground her hair covering her face

Yumi: "Why not?!" i argued

Yuki: "Because!"

Yumi: "You have always protected me! why can't i grow up for once and at least tell them what happened!" i protested as a amber teardrop hit the floor and became solid

Yuki: "Please...Not at the moment...My mood is at the very lowest it could get." Yuki pleaded i was dreaded to see her in such a state

Yumi: "Kakashi could I tell you tomorrow?"

Kakashi: "yeah."


Kakashi : "Yumi! Stop procastinating and tell us!" Kakashi yelled while everyone sat at the table even Yuki who Sakura forced to come

Yumi: "yuki?" she nodded slightly

Yumi: "I don't remember much but I'll say all I remember."

Everyone besides Yuki ssmiled big as Yuki clenched her fist

Yumi: "In the Uchiha clan their was a legacy that said a mother with a curse will give born to the first girl twins of the Uchiha clan, All thought to be Mother for her curse mark...the rumors were true when mom gave birth to me and Yuki the village despised her but she protested saying "You don't choose your kids." they agreed and decided to hate us instead and my mother and father were two of the people in the clan who hated us the most. Yuki being Strong, Intelligent and brave she learned how to speak, fight and build a cottage at the age of 1, building us a cottage in the woods where we could train and learn without distrubtions but that was a wrong idea. The Clan tried assassinating us in our sleep but Yuki would always save me...That iss why she never sleeps." That was the first part Yuki was already shaking from anger

Yuki: "Those Bastards! Tried killing Yumi every night for years!" Yuki whispered loud enough for everyone to hear

Yumi: "They didn't only target me!" I protested

Yuki: "hn. They went for you to get to me, hense why you were targeted" Yuki said her voice dripping with poison

Yumi: "Carrying on. We were forced to train more and become more and more observant of our surronding and we had better senses and soon learnt to communicate with any animal...We learnt many things by our secret teacher one of the 3 people who had accepted me and yuki...I'd rather not say his name but then I think it was 2 years before our escape they had alot of people burn down our cottage while I was sleeping but of course Yuki doesn't sleep so she managed to get us out safely, after they attacked us for the 300th time I was severily injured and Yuki stopped the entire fight just to get me too safety when we ran into the man who hated us the most's family excluding him, his wife saved us and accepted us too while we found out one of her sons was our sensei so I was happy. they cared for us when we didn't notice ourselves softining and letting our guard down more often this cause a major injury to me and Yuki...That day we never saw them again...Then when we were 5 I was in acoma for a year due to that accident and Yuki was my carer when the day I was supposed to wake up and feel things again I was nearly killed but Yuki saved me once more and we left the village. I didn't know we were leaving until Yuki told me of course but ever since then we were put into the Bingo book to be killed and became wondering ninja's" After a finished Sakura and Naruto gave me a deathly hug

Naruto: "Your PAST IS HORRIBLE!"


they gave me tighter hugs and I saw Yuki stand up obviously angry

Naruto: "We didn't forget about you!" he went to hug her but stopped when Yuki pushed him away

Yuki: "I'm sorry Naruto but I have trust issues and you giving my sister a bone crushing hug doesn't help me at all..." she said

Yumi: "Sister, he is allowed to hug me! He could be healing me for all you know! you did the same thing that night!"

Yuki gasped and regained her emotionless face

Yuki: "Turns out we aren't so much alike...I'll be going now, thankyou Kakashi and you team for helping Yumi learn different emotions but I'm afraid I can't open up that easily with the past still haunting me. Tsunami thankyou for the care once I'm finished helping out this country i'm setting off again." Yuki stated bowing and walking out the door.

Sakura: "She doesn't mean it!" she said in udder denial

Yumi: "Yuki doesn't lie." i stated

Kakashi: "She is just being over protective of you. Your entire life all she has done is protect you from getting killed of even touched by someone she doesn't trust."

Sasuke: "Who were these people who hated you. like the family who cared for you?"

I smirked and giggled

Yumi: "You wouldn't like it though!" i sung happily

SSakura: "Who was it?!"

Yumi: "shhhhh... It was Sasuke's family."

Sasuke went red

Sasuke: "Thinking it was only a coincidence you were twin girls from the Uchiha clan with the same names as them...not suspecting you too ACTUALLY be them you know" sasuke said nervously

Kakashi: "That means Sasuke's father hated you two the most?"
Sasuke growled at that

Sasuke: "......It was....wasn't it?" he asked calmly

i nodded and stood up

Inari: "I'm going to find Yuki! How can she know NO emotion but sadness, lonliness, sorrow and anger?! even I have a happy side!"
he said smirking

Yuki was leaning on the door the hole time sighing

Sakura: "I heard a sigh! from the door?"

Yumi: "Uhhh....Yuki is leaning on the door....."

Naruto being the idiot he is decided to open it expecting her to fall but he ended up falling ontop of her

Yuki: "Naruto. Get off of me NOW" she ordered Naruto reacted quickly and jumped off of her apologising while she dusted her clothing

Yuki: "Faking emotions are hard thats for sure." she said while dusting off her clothing

Sasuke: "Y-Yuki?" Sasuke stuttered

Yuki looked at him with her eyes showing nothing but protection

Sasuke: "Why don't you sleep?" he asked i facepalmed myself

Yumi: "I told you why!"

Sasuke: "ANYMORE! they are killed...the why don't you
sleep anymore?"

Yuki: "Zabuza. He tried killing us before...we were attacked a day before we met you and days before that non-stop attacks, I don't have time to sleep anymore"

Naruto: "We are here!"


Yumi: "We are lucky if only thugs attack us though..."

Sakura: "Whats the longest you've slept?"

Yuki: "Honestly....? 2 hours."

Yumi: "24 hours for me!"

Kakashi: "That is a giant difference in sleep. You'll drain your energy by not sleeping. When you wake up after a long night of sleep you'll feel refreshed"

Yuki: "If I don't wake up?"

Naruto: "what do you mean?"

Yuki: "Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, Inari, Tazuna, Tsunami and Yumi know exactly what i mean. How do you not?"

Sasuke: "You won't be mudered in your sleep..."

Yuki: "How can I asure of Yumi's safety?"

Kakashi: "we are here!"

yuki: "Could you defeat 10 jonin?"

Naruto: "Why your highest number of group attacks? and rank!"

yumi: "Naruto! shut it! Those are our most frequent and lowest rank and attackers we get! unless 7 thugs are avalible for death!"

Sakura: "10 Jonin?!"

Yuki: "I'm going to practise. I'll be back tomorrow morning"


I decided to go to bed thinking about life without yuki...Would I die?

Yuki's p.o.v

I was leaning on the windowsil watching Yumi sleep when i felt 10 chakra of jonin from behind the bush

Yuki: "Yumi. Wake up." i said to her simply as she lazily got up

Yumi: "WHAT?!" she snapped waking up Sakura by accident and most likely the entire household

Yuki: "We have company."

going back to sleep

. way to tug the heart strings Yumi

Jonin: "She's bailing on you! like everyone else did! Face it your
hated by everyone even by your own sister the one you'd die for and what? she'd snap at you for warning her about us and yelling at you. I say you just give her up making it easy."

Yuki: "Giving her up would make things easier wouldn't it? No more fighting off gang more being snapped at...."

Yumi: *oh no! please don't give me up!*

Yuki: "but you should know something"

jonin 2: "die!"

they all attacked and Naruto ran in the room accompinied by Sasuke and Kakashi all armed when the saw me howering over 10 unconsious jonin's

Yuki: "I never take the easy way out." i said looking down at the bodies

Kakashi: "Those are 10 JONIN!"

Sasuke: "So you weren't lying"

Yumi: "I told you she never lies" Yumi mumbled in her sleep

Sakura: "Never take the easy way out! You left your clan because it was easier that way!"

I took a deep breath trying not to kill Sakura right here right now but that would make me a monster...I don't want to be known as a monster anymore

Yuki: "You are right. I took the easy way out back then, for Yumi's
safety i'd break my own rules to keep her alive, hell I'd probably murder the fire nations lord to protect her. But hopefully that isn't needed..."

Everyone looked at me in shock then Naruto's fist clenched and he punched right smack dab in the face making me fly into a tree I stumbled up and wiped the blood from my mouth

Yuki: "Nice shot. Exactly why I never trust someone." I stated proving my point right there with Naruto's help


Yuki: "protecting Yumi will make me happy. I'll be following my lifes desire. The last time i left Yumi to protect herself...she was nearly killed."


Yuki: "My life desire is to protect those important to me. Yumi is the only one i truely care about, others must find another way into my rock and cold heart." i walked into the room and grabbed my bags

Yuki: "But i agree completely. If i leave Yumi then I wont have such a desire to protect her and let her grow on her own." I did a real smile towards Naruto

Yuki: "You seem to have quite an affect on people....Make an excellent hokage one day." and with that i disappeared

3rd person

Everyone watched as Yuki grabbed her things and disappeared

Yumi: "She...Is...Actually...gone..."

Yumi started to cry really badly too

Yumi: "I know we didn't meet to long ago, but I already consider your team as close friends of mine. Which is why i ask permission to cry?"

Kakashi: "You don't need our permission to cry."

Yumi nodded and began crying her eyes out

Yumi: *Yuki! COME BACK PLEASE I NEED YOUU!* i thought communicating with her

Yuki *This is the only way we'll talk. But I'll only give advice to you nothing more."

Yumi: "I can still talk to you...That makes me happy." she says

Sasuke: "Twinstincts! you can communicate her through mind! ASK HER WHERE SHE IS!"

Yumi: *where are you?!*

Yuki: *What part of I'll only give advice and hello's don't you

Yumi: "Only Hello's and advice"

Naruto: "Sorry Yuki, that lecture wasn't supposed to get you too
leave...Hi though" Naruto said to Yumi while yumi repeated it to Yuki

Yuki: *He made me realise the truth...I Thank him but I will visit the village, just looking totally different, I wont look exactly the same.*

Yumi: *How do I know if it is you?!*

Yuki: *My Last name will be Uchiha. I'd rather not have it that but for your sake of course.*

>>After the mission and 11 months later in yumi's p.o.v>>

It has been 11 months without Yuki by my side protecting me and I know live in the Hidden Leaf Village I am dating Kiba...he is a cutie but i don't think Yuki will like him, Yuki is a neko but hide her ears with her hair and her tail in forced into her pants the same with me i already told Kiba and he doesn't care at all.

Naruto: "Hey Yummy!" that was my nickname that Naruto gave me

Yumi: "hmm?"

Naruto: "Lets TRAIN!"

Yumi: "YAY!"

When we were traveling Yuki was trying to contact me

Yuki: *hi...* she was evenn more cold and emotionless now

Yumi: *WE HAVEN'T CONTACTED IN 6 MONTHS!* i yekked mentally

Yuki *whatever. Surprises await* was all she said before blocking
my comments

A black bird landing on my shoulder and a dodged Naruto'ss clones


he stopped fighting and i needed to go to the Hokage's office with Sasuke


I was with Sasuke at the hokages office waiting

Hokage: "Sasuke, Yumi, good you are here, we found another Uchiha."


Yumi: "Yuki.." i mumbled so noone heard

Hokage: "She'll be arriving soon."

Sasuke: "Another girl.....great more fangrils."

Yumi: "I'm sure this one wont like you as much as you think."

Sasuke: "How can you be sure!"

Yumi: "I'm almost positive things between you two wont start off
straight away."

then I heard a knock on the door


Kakashi walked in super happy

Kakashi: "we have her! finnaly have her!" he cheered while the girl
rolled her eyes

Girl: "Tsunade...You look exactly the same, just older and scarier...No you look completely different" she said in a bored tone
acting excited

Tsunade: "You look nothing like you should."

Girl: "duhh"

Sasuke: "Why are you speaking to the Hokage like that?"

girl: "hn. I only respect those stronger than me."

Yumi: "OMG! IT IS YOU!" i glomped Yuki in a deathly hug making her loose balance

Tsunade: "Seems you know her very well! [grins] unfortunately her name is now Uzuki and she isn't the same at all."

Yuki/Usuki: *My new name is Uzuki, I had to change it cuz i was getting annoyed by the attacks...Though i still was attacked so I changed my style of clothing.*

Yumi: "You look so different...Yu-I mean Uzuki...I remember us looking alot alike before but we look opposites.."

Sasuke: "Uzuki Uchiha. never heard of her before."

Yuki/Uzuki: "Good. I don't want the other one known until she is forgotten"

Yumi: "I like the other one!"

Yuki/Uzuki: "Unfortunately that girl is dead now, her having to NOT protect you was the end of her....No more reason of living."


Uzuki: "Basically"

Yumi: "I'm sorry...Forgiveness?"

Uzuki: "I have never forgaven someone. But i have no reason to be mad at you."

Yumi: "Even now you're still protecting me!"

Uzuki: "I have no choice if i want to fulfill my dream."

Sasuke: "Yuki?"

Uzuki/Yumi: "NO SHIT SHERLOCK!" except uzuki said it emotionlessly while Yumi yelled it

Sasuke: "You look so different...Almost like an older version of your kid form. just different eye colour."

Yumi: "I agree, Why didn't I grow up to look like you?!"

Uzuki: "Cuz i never changed."

Yumi: "Uzuki...after this time you haven't changed one bit?"

Uzuki: "no."

Sasuke: "Still an annoying little girl, anger problems, trust issues,

Uzuki: "better than a over sized duck-butt with a emo lifestyle, cocky, pricky, dipshit"

Yumi: *Her swearing and attitude has increase dramatically...* Yumi thought worried as her glared eviled at Sasuke as did his

Yumi/Tsunade: "This is going to be harder than i thought."

sauke.jpgNew Yuki who is now known as Uzuki but she will tell everyone her real name when they all 'forget' about Yuki so she'll reveal herself and BAM! more drama!
amfkla.pngAs you can see...Totally different looks now! Kiba picked a good one :D

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