This Will Be Fun{A Black Butler Pluto Oneshot}

Created by sailorj14 on Friday, October 07, 2011

Hey everybody! I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting My Blood Red Lover chapters! I've been really busy with school. But I made this oneshot in my spare time! I hope you like it!
Eleanor's POV
I grabbed the giant pile of blankets and strolled out of the room, into the many hallways of the Phantomhive manor. It was my first day working for master Ciel and I was trying not to mess it up.
"Eleanor, look out!" My train of thought ended when I colided with someone. The pile of blankets flew into the air while I flew to the ground. i slowly opened my eyes. They widened as I saw a very handsome silver haired man on top of me. Oh and that's not all; this silver haired handsomeman was naked. I layed there in shock as the man licked my face.
"Pluto!" Mine and the man's heads turned to see the butler, Sebastian. The man instantly jumped off of me and into Sebastian's arms.
"I'm terribly sorry for that, Eleanor. This is our dog Pluto," he explained. I started at him dumbfoundly.
How can this gorgeous man be a dog?!
"I-it's ok," Ireplied standing back up.
"Eleanor, I have a task for you."
"Ok, what is it?"
"You will watch him while I tend to the young master." Before I could answer Sebastian shoved Pluto to me. He clung onto my and licked my face.
"Sebastian wait I-"But he was already gone. I looked at the man/dog before me. He was really handsome. Pluto looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I giggled and patted his head.
This will be fun.
Hope you liked it! ^_^

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