Ch15 - Don't be afraid of me...

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I had to double my steps to catch up with Angelique. While the tour guide took us into one of the fancy, ancient rooms, Angelique and I slipped away from the group. She opened the door that said “Staff Only”, and motioned me to go in. I sensed her following me down the narrow hallway. We moved rather fast, for I had no time to glance at the paintings. Suddenly, she stopped before a beautiful painting of herself, and King Louis VII.

For a moment, I wondered if she was thinking about him, but removing my ideas, she took a deep breath, and lifted the picture from the wall. Behind it was a small hole. One would think that it would be impossible to hide anything there, but her tiny hand fit in just fine. She pulled out a small box, and handed it to me.

- What is it? – I wondered.

- Open it. – She whispered.

And so I did. Its hidden treasure was a huge, gorgeous ring. It was no doubt gold, and all the small stones must have worth a lot. What caught my attention immediately was the large D in the middle.

I was puzzled. No one in the court I am aware of had a name that started with a “D”. So whose ring was this? Not Angelique’s, that for sure.

- Take it. – She pulled it on my finger. It was a perfect fit. – It was meant for you.

For the rest of the day, no matter how hard I’ve tried, she would not tell me what this ring was, and why it had my initial on it.

Finally, she turned to me, and held my hand between her petite ones.

- Darlin’, please stop asking questions. – She leaned closer – let’s just say that this is the key to my heart. And it was destined to be yours.

Suddenly, I forgot all about the ring, and the tour, her past, the castle, the people around us. Everything – but her. Her stunning lips… the soft way she could whisper to me like no one else could; her tiny figure that lights mine on fire; her full breasts that did funny things to my insides… I couldn’t keep myself away from her any longer. I let my head drop closer to hers, my free hand curled around her waist… her eyes were shinning with desire, inviting me in…

- Now that’s one pretty couple everyone! – Frank yelled, and started clapping. Suddenly everyone else around us applauded, and Angelique pulled away from me. She curtsied to them with a luminous smile, causing a louder applause.

Still smiling, she grabbed my hand, and pulled me toward the car.

- Where to, lady Edwards?

- I shall take you to Klaus, now. – She cheered, and took the driver’s side.

On our way, I’ve tried to memorize the corners we turned, and the length we traveled, but Angelique was driving like a maniac. The woman knew no speed limit, or stop sign, as we flashed through Paris.

Finally, we arrived in front of a large, old fashioned building. It looked luxurious from the outside, but my stomach was in knots as I saw the guard in front. Angelique put on her loveliest smile, and walked up to the man. She covered his ear, and whispered in it. Even though I’ve heard it, it was in French. The man bowed, and opened the door for us.

- Merci beaucoup monsieur! – And she walked past the man.

We appeared in a tall room. Angelique headed toward the elevator, and pressed 9. We didn’t talk on the way, but I was getting anxious as we headed up.

The doors opened to a dazzling room. Even though I was a little bit nervous, I would have died before I admitted it to her. She walked behind an oak desk, and opened the top jar. She started sorting through letters, and I decided to go on a little mission on my own.

I have found a box on a coffee table with the following: ArrĂȘte-moi si tu peux, ma ange.

- Hey, doll! – I yelled, and she appeared by my side, taking the box from me.

She opened it carefully, and found a phone, with a message on it. It was in French, but I recognized Klaus’ voice.

After the message was over, Angelique threw the phone against a wall so hard, it shattered into tiny pieces. I have never seen her turn, but man, she was still a vision. Instead of black, her eyes turned white with rage; her shinny skin was practically glowing in the sunlight.

I was almost too late to leap…


It all happened so quickly, I could not possibly keep it from coming. I felt my muscles tense, my breathing grew heavier. I tried to breathe, but the air would not fill my lungs… my head was pounding but my mind seemed too weak to take control… I felt anger burn in my veins, lighting me on fire as it transferred the fury to every single cell in my body…

I was not to see crystal clear anymore…the flames were licking my skin… it felt like I was burning alive… I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth together… and finally let my instincts take over…

I snapped.


I did not see this coming, but thankfully, my reaction time has increased over time. I jumped on her before she could do the same to me, but with completely different intentions. I pinned both of her arms behind her back, and pushed her petite body against the cold, wooden floor. I really had to hold on, for I did not want her to harm herself – which she looked completely capable of at the moment.

I leaned closer, and kept whispering in her ear. For I was running out of ideas, I sang an old lullaby to her. Silly, but it seemed to be working. Slowly, her struggling lessened, and by the time I was on the second verse, she completely stopped. Instead, her brilliant eyes closed, and she seemed to drift off to sleep – but I knew that was not the case. She was listening.

When the song was over, I experimentally let go of the lock I kept her in. she turned to face me, and slowly placed her arms around my shoulders. She watched my face while doing so, to see if I’d lean away.

- Please don’t be afraid… - she whispered, and I could see tears forming in her silver eyes.

I shook my head. The last thing on my mind was to lean away from her. She smiled, as a teardrop ran down her cheek.

- That was beautiful. – Her eyes were gleaming at me – thank you.

And then she pulled my face down to meet hers.

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