8: Blue Eyed Beauty (Inuyasha Love Story)

Sorry for not updating sooner! I decided I was going to get out at least one of all my stories, and I was doing one-shots for people! Enjoy the chapter!

Created by soulcrutch225 on Sunday, October 09, 2011

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After a month and a half, I finally arrived back at Kaede’s village. I felt like my heart was slowly dying, after what happened with Inuyasha. My sisters were at the village, along with everyone else, and I told them what was going to happen. They were going to go back to the present and I would enroll them in school again. Periodically they may come back and see Shippo and Kohaku whenever they were in the village, but I would be there constantly until I found my parents.

“Aoime, are you sure you want to do this? I know Inuyasha isn’t the brightest guy, but he’s easy to change! What did he do, anyway?” Kagome asked as she, Sango, and I were packing while the men were away.

“So he didn’t tell you. I didn’t think he would. I found him with Kikyo. They were having a very passionate moment until I came, and then I found out that he’d been stringing me along for so long. They’d been meeting for five months in the same place, and I was just his ‘mistress’. Then I ran, and Inuyasha pursued me. I insulted him, and I said something about Kikyo. He slapped me and I told him that if she really loved him, she never would’ve been able to hate him, like I couldn’t. After that I ran into Sesshomaru and Rin, and now I’m back here,” I explained as Sango and Kagome both held me. They were good friends; no matter what Inuyasha did to me, at least I’d always have them.

“He’s such a jerk! I’m going to kill him the next time I see him!” Sango boldly declared.

“No, I still love the idiot. I don’t think it should be your duty to hate him because of what went on between us. I guess we just weren’t meant to be…” I sighed sadly. I’d been pretty depressed since then, and I couldn’t find anything to cheer me up. We all decided that sleep would be a good thing to do at that point, an drifted into the dimensions that were our dreams.

The next morning I ate breakfast, and I was leaving to go into the well. My sisters had already gone through it, and I was stepping inside the outer wall when a hand stopped me.

“Don’t go, Aoime. I-I’m sorry!” Inuyasha pleaded.

“I have to, Inuyasha. I’ll be back, but I’m not going to visit you. I don’t think Kikyo would like that very much!” I hissed with venom in my voice. He flinched.

“Look, I’ve never been able to choose who I want, and it’s all so damn confusing to me! I love you, Aoime; and I can’t say that I don’t love Kikyo, but I know for certain my feelings toward you!” he yelled, gripping my arm tightly.

“It wasn’t that I thought you didn’t love me that hurt, Inuyasha. It was the fact that you kept me going along with every lie you told me, and then went off in the night to another woman. I’m sorry, but this is best for both of us. If you won’t make up your mind, I will for you,” I said, glaring at him before pushing his hand off me and sliding down the well.

“What took you so long, sister?” Saya asked curiously. She was becoming less and less shy now, but she was still a meek little creature.

“Nothing, just a small delay,” I sighed, worn out by the drama of my complicated life.

I found myself not returning as often as I wanted originally in the following weeks. I didn’t want to face Inuyasha. I missed my parents more than ever, because even with my sisters, Kagome, and Sango to help me through everything I felt lonelier than ever.

I was in a forest looking for my parents when I heard a menacing chuckle. Six men were surrounding me, and they looked like bandits. Of course they were no match for me, but I saw what one of them wore around his neck: A Sacred Jewel Shard.

“Young lady, we like that pretty little sword of yours. Would you mind handing it over?” he said in a rough, gravelly tone.

“I don’t really think I will, sir. You see, I’m rather attached to my sword, as well as all my belongings.” I had a scarf over my ears because the cold stung them, and my tail was huddled up against my legs inside my kimono for warmth. The men didn’t know I was a half-demon.

“So polite, are we? If only you knew what we are going to do to you…” he chuckled once again, and I took notice of the two men behind me, slowly trying to catch me. I dodged and knocked them out. My scarf fell to my neck, and the men realized that I was not mortal. Three more charged at me, but I soon rendered them unconscious as well. All that was left was the leader, who was trying to retreat.

“And where do you think you’re going? I won’t let you off that easily!” I yelled smugly as I appeared in front of him. With a swipe of my hand he had joined his comrades in a VERY peaceful slumber. I collected his jewel shard and left the men to wake up sometime later alone. I had to get the shard to Kagome, so that Naraku couldn’t gain possession of it.

“Kagome! I have something for you! Kagome!” I yelled al throughout the village, trying to find her. I knew she was there somewhere, I just didn’t know where.

“What are you yelling about? I was trying to-” I heard a painfully familiar voice speak from high up in a tree. He must have been sleeping.

“I’m looking for Kagome. I’m sorry I bothered you,” I said stiffly before running down the path I had been following.

I couldn’t find her for a long time, and by the time I did it was very late. She told me to just stay in the village that night since I had to go home the next morning anyway (I promised Saya and Mitachi I’d come home in three days, and I’d been gone for two.).

Later in the night, I was disturbed. I awoke to find myself over someone’s shoulder, and I was tied up and gagged. How had I not noticed this?

“Okay, seeing as you don’t want to settle this willingly, I’m going to make you. Now I’ll start; I did cheat on you with Kikyo, but you need to understand that I didn’t know who I wanted yet. I figured trial and error was the best way,” Inuyasha said looking at me sadly as I was propped against a tree.

“Dammit, why can’t you just leave me alone? I don’t care what your reasons were, cheating is wrong! Don’t you realize how much it hurt me to see that, Inuyasha? Now you’re going to torture me by making me think about it even more?” I accused once I’d worked my gag out of my mouth. I just chewed through it, since I had pretty sharp teeth.

“I just want things to go back to the way they were before…” he sighed like a guilty puppy. He really was a guilty puppy, but he couldn’t win me over with just a pretty little face.

“Yeah, because things were so much better when you were seeing Kikyo and I didn’t know it! Going behind my back doesn’t make cheating any better; it just makes you a lying asshole!” I yelled at him, stressing on the ropes that held me hostage.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Aoime. I want to be with you, but I don’t know if it’s right. I mean, Kikyo died because of me; how am I supposed to turn her away now?” He was really clueless, wasn’t he? I guessed he just never listened to a word I said.

“I told you already; if she really loved you, she never would have tried to kill you even to protect the Sacred Jewel. Just like I could never hurt you like that, and I could never hate you even if you betrayed me. I don’t want to love you anymore; I wish I could hate you, but I can’t, dammit! I want to be able to curse your name and think horribly of you, but I still love you! Why did I ever have to meet you? Why couldn’t I just keep living with Mesu and Kagome being mean to me?” I cried as I broke through my bonds and started beating at his chest. I was sobbing hard, and he stood there almost in shock as I pelted his chest with punches.

“If you love me that much, why did you leave?” he asked, the harshness in his tone evident.

“That’s why I left! I couldn’t stand seeing you loving another woman, while I helplessly loved you! I saw no need for me to be around, because you had Kikyo! I’m no competition for her when it comes down to who you love more!” I screamed. Why was he so blind? Was I just really stupid, or was he? At that point I couldn’t exactly tell the difference.

“I don’t love Kikyo more than you. I love you stupid, and I never wanted you to leave me. That didn’t stop you though, now did it?” he pouted grumpily. I then continued to beat his torso again.

“Oh, and you think I wanted you to cheat on me? That didn’t stop you, now did it?” I started beating harder and harder with each word. “Baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka!!!”

“That was different, I can’t help what happened!”

“No, you could! You just never feel like obligating yourself to try! You never saw me confessing my undying love to another man, did you? I just don’t want you to hurt me like this! Love isn’t supposed to be about doing what you want with whom you want! It’s about making sacrifices and standing by your lover’s side, not running off with other people!” I stopped punching him. I just stood there, staring back at him with an accusing glare and painful tears gliding down my cheeks.

“Well, I guess I’m not very good at following the rules! I’m sorry, what else can I say?” he asked as if I really couldn’t refute.

“Say that you’ll never see Kikyo like that again. Say that you’ll never cheat on me again. Say that you actually care about our relationship. Say that you’ll never hurt me again. Even better, mean everything that you say to me, because so far you haven’t!” I shouted and started to walk away furiously. As I was storming away from him, Inuyasha grabbed my arm and twisted me around to meet his lips. I gave in after a minute of fighting, because I couldn’t take it anymore. Why was he such an ass? He couldn’t just let me be angry with him? No, instead he kisses me reminding me how much I couldn’t hate him.

“I can’t say any of those things, because now my words mean nothing to you. I can show you those things if I have a second chance, though. Please, Aoime; I love you and I never wanted this to happen. I-I’ll stop seeing Kikyo, and I’ll be more considerate towards you. Just please don’t leave me again!” It was his turn to cry a little, though I couldn’t really see him with his face buried into my neck. I did feel the wet tears, however. All I could do was embrace him back as tightly as I could, and whisper that I would stay.

“I can give you one more chance, Inuyasha. If you waste it, I’mleaving for good. There will be no thrid or fourth chances.Please don’t let me down, my heart can’t take it anymore!” I sobbed with him, and we both went home to my sisters the next day.

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