My Girl....Friend? Chapter 5 (Diggy Simmons Love Story)

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Created by FreshRockstar101 on Monday, October 10, 2011

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Ello Mates!! lol soo i haven't updated in forevvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrr!! But imma try to make this one wayyyyyyyy long.. Lol i doing and watching Cradle To The Grave!! One of my fav. movies!!

Omg Guess what I have a Bannnnneeeeeeerrrrr!!!! :)


This awesome banner was made by KeahLOVE.. Check her profile out!! :))

Lets get this party starteddddd!! :


Diggy POV.

I woke up having to pee. Looking at the clock it was 3 a.m. "Damn Bladder" i thought to myself.. It was pitch black dark and I didn't wanna wake up Jess and Jas.. AND i definitely don't wanna wake up Jasmine mama.. I was snuck in here successfully but that don't mean i will successfully stay..

**Out of the bathroom**

I walked past the bed to take my spot on my floor, but then i did a double take.. There was only one figure in the bed and it definitely belonged to Jasmine.. I peeped out the window and saw Jessica sitting by pool in one if the plush lounge chair. I creeped down the stairs and outside.. When i stepped out the lights turned on brighter than they were at first.. I flinched..

"They're motion lights. They get brighter when they detect movement" She laughed..

"Well i aint wanna get busted.. " I laughed "We snuck me in.. Im not tryna get busted while here"

She nodded..

"Whats the matter?" i asked

"Just thinking"


"Me and you……."

"ok… " i walked towards her "What about me and you?"

She shook her head no "Nothing.. It will bring back the past"

"The past has been great!" I chuckled..

"Not the past you know.." She shook her head no once again, but with more force.

"What happened?"

Tears formed in her eyes.. 'Damn.. You made her cry.. Great going Jack ass" i thought t o myself

"Don't cry'" I whispered .. Only making her cry harder..

"It's not fair!!" She cried hard..

I picked her up.. Wrapping her legs around my waist..

"And an-and I just cant get over it.. even when i try SO hard" She sobbed..

"I can help you get over it…. Just tell me" I pleaded..

"I-I-I ca-can't.. " She buried her head in my neck

"Thats okay.. I understand.." ..Even though i really didn't shit just took a turn for the worst.. and i don't even now how..

I laid on the chair.. With her on top of me.. She cried into my chest.. Her sobbing grew shorter until only her heavy breathing was heard.. She was sleep.. I knew that would be impossible for me. So i just sat underneath the stars thinking about what the hell just happened



Jasmine POV..

You're a Jerk played on my phone… Waking me up.. ughhhhhhhhh.. Its Justin's ringtone, go figure right! Perfect ringtone for him.. So hopefully its justin either texting or calling me because if it Selena Then you Don't wanna hear wants going to get said.. I turned looking at my clock.. 6:45.. What the hell is wrong with him.. I picked up the phone..Yup he was calling. I slid the bar that said answer on my Iphone 4..

"Hello" I said groggily

"Hey Sleepy head" He chuckled..

"What the hell are you all happy for.. Its 6:45 in the morning!" i groaned

"Well you told me to call you, sooooooo.. "

"Yeah i know, but not this early jackass.."

"Well your up now, so get dressed.. .. Be there in a hours and thirty..".. he laughed.. I could just hear his smile. I was totally happy he got my sense of humor. Because I did not feel like telling him i was just playing when i called him a jackass.

"Okay.." i yawned.. about to turn over and go back to sleep..


"Okay..Okay…. I'm up.. I'm up" i said

"Get up.. Forreal.." he replied.. I just know he's giving that 1,000 watt smile

"Haha! You know me to well !" I smiled

"Yeah.. Well enough to know that you are still not up.."

I busted up laughing..

"Yup i knew it.."

"Okay but i'm really up right now'" i said standing

"I know.. So get dressed.. And i willl there at 8:15"

"Okay Mr.Precise..Where we going?"

"Not telling.. Get dressed.. Bye Jazzy" He said about to hang up. I could tell he didn't want to

"Hey wait"


"You know Nobody has called me that, but you..?"


"Because i won't let them" I admitted

"Yeah thats my nickname for you.." He said putting emphasis on the 'my'

"I know.."

Long weird Silence..

"Well I - I um gotta go get ready.. See ya when you get here.. Do you need directions?"

"No, i know where your house is.. "

"Okay bye Biebs"

"Bye Jazzy"

I hung up the phone. and Did a little dance around my room.. Then i noticed that Jessica and Diggy weren't in the room.. Hmmmm… I peeked out the window.. "Are they stupid!" I whisper shouted running downstairs quickly , but quietly..

"Hey Babes.. Up early i see" My mom said from her bedroom..

"Oh..Uhhh…Yeahh.. "

She cocked an eyebrow.. "Whats wrong?"

"Dang mom you need to go fix your hair.. "

"Whatever girl.. But since its bothering you, i'll go take my scarf off my head.." She laughed turning towards the bathroom.. I dashed out the patio door..

"Get up!' I whisper yelled stomping my feet..

Jessica was the first to wake up..

"Are yall trying to get caught.." i asked shaking Diggy.

"Oh shoot!" Jessica exclaimed

"Yeah oh shoot.. You know my mom is cool and everything, but having a boy spend the night is a No,No"

"Get up Diggy!" Jessica yelled.. You woulda thought he was dead!

"What!" he groaned

"Get yo ass up!" I laughed pushing him off the chair..

"Hey i'm tired of all these girls beating me up" He joked..

"Well my mom is up.. So Diggy just go around the house and ring the doorbell.. "

"Iight " he replied..

"Imma walk him around.." Jessica told me.

"okay What ever is fine with me".. I needed to get dressed anyway.. I dashed upstairs and into my bedroom.. My mama will get the door.


Jessica POV

As soon as we got out of Jasmines eyesight Diggy engulfed me in a hug

"Are you ok?" He whispered in my ear..

"Yeah.. Thanks for being there for me.."

"Don't thank me.. Its what i'm here for." He said squeezing me tighter.. In his arms i felt safe and protected..

I didn't even know I was crying until Diggy wiped tears off of my cheeks..

"Don't Cry .. You're gonna blow my cover.." He chuckled..

"Okay" I sniffed, smiling..

He smiled back at me.. His lips were like 6 centimeters away..

"Well um... U better go ring the door bell.. " i said breaking our silence

"Yeah.." he agreed clearing his throat

We parted ways and i ran upstairs.. Alicia will get the door..

I busted into Jasmines room. I heard the shower going and singing coming from the bathroom.. Hmm i wonder she's going?


Not done but theres gonna be like two more parts to this chapter, I getting back into my writing grove.. I will update Tomorrow too!!

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