⟡Loosen Up A Bit!⟡ Neji Huyga OneShot

This one's for Shadowlife18 ^_^ Hope you and everyone else likes it!

Created by XoxAriesKittenxoX on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Information before Reading:


Name: Amaya Hatsurine

Age: 15

Appearance: She has short blonde hair. Her bangs fall into one of her eyes which are a light grey. Her hair has one random long peice in the front which is three inches longer than the rest. It curls inwards towards her neck. Her hair is kind of guy short. She's 5'6. Her bust size is moderatley large. She usually wears a long sleeve white top. Over this she wears a dark green vest and over that a dark purple coat. She also wears short shorts with this outfit. Her socks go up too two inches below her shorts and she wears boots that add an inch and go up to her knee. The boots are black and tie.

Personality:She's a very stubborn individual. She tends to be a little protective of her friends. She has a bit of an anger problem and snaps at people alot. She's immensely irresponsible and can be childish at times. She can be serious if its completely neccessary. She likes having fun and finds fighting fun.

Who you want as your date: Neji Hyuuga
How you know(or met) him/her: They met during school and later again when She became close with Hinata.
Where you want the date to be: N/A
Mood: Playful, teasing, sweet or alse a little irritated.
List of you friends: Hinata hyuuga, Temari, Shikamaru.


The Story:⟡Loosen Up A Bit!⟡

“Sound Ninja!” You called out.

“Uhh..Umm….The Scream?!”Temari blurted out.

The two of you stared intently at the wiggling Rock Lee, as he attempted to act out god knew what, yes you were all playing the wonderful game that is charades! You and Temari were really getting into it, heck you two were overtaking the game with all our guesses, Hinata and Shikamaru were just sitting there watching the intensity blaze in both your eyes. If it was one thing you all learned from this game, was that Rock Lee…was a terrible actor!

“Oh for god’s sake Lee!” you snapped, getting a bit annoyed, you and Temari had been guessing for almost ten minutes now! The five of you were in the Hyuga residence, the real reason why you all were there was to plan a surprise party for Neji (he was on a mission so you didn’t have to worry about him walking in on the plans), but somehow it turned into a game of charades. Lee started to wiggle again, “Worm?” Temari asked, he shook his head, “For crying out loud, it’s Orochimaru” Shikamaru said from the sides. “Yes! Shikamaru got it!” Lee said giving him thumbs up. You and Temari stared at him with an annoyed expression on, “Really? Orochimaru?” you asked shaking your head. Hinata rubbed the back of her head, “I guess charades is out of the questions then” she said in her soft voice. “Tell me about it, come to think of it, can you actually imagine Neji playing charades?” Shikamaru joked. You all stopped and stared off into the distance, each of you thinking about what Neji would be like playing this game. You all sweatdropped, realising that Neji would probably refuse to play!

“Hum, Hinata-Chan, what do you think Neji would enjoy?” Temari asked the Hyuga cousin. She thought for a moment, “To be honest…Neji-kun doesn’t really do anything for fun…he’s almost always training” Hinata said rubbing the back of her head. You took a seat next to Hinata, you met Neji a while back through Hinata and you met Hinata back at the academy!

“Oh Neji…why do you have to be so difficult to plan for…” you said sarcastically.

“I apologize?” a voice came from left of you, everyone turned to see a confused looking Neji standing at the door way.

“Brother!” Hinata called out, she was just as surprised as the rest of you to see him back already.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on a mission?” You asked. Neji looked over at you and raised an eyebrow, “Yes, but the issue got resolved so we got orders to just head back home. What are you all doing here?” he asked. “Can’t friends hang out at other friends’ houses?” You said teasingly with a slight chuckle. He only looked more confused, then it dawned on him. “Is this about my birthday?” he asked, everyone went silent. Neji sighed and shook his head, “I don’t want anything for my birthday, no parties no nothing” he said in a stern voice, this annoyed you, “But why?” you asked, showing him your irritation. “Just because” he said, turning his head away. “Because why!?” you asked, getting a bit more agitted. “Because I don’t like parties” he said calmly, he turned and left. Your cheeks were flustered, He always does this! He never goes to any social events that doesn’t have some business purpose or something like that to it…Arrgh! Why!? I swear Neji….One day...I’ll get you to a party and you’re going to have the time of your life! I mean come on, were just celebrating your birth, it’s not like there’s going to be people you don’t know, it’s just going to be your friends…is there anything wrong with that?,,,, You raged in your mind, everyone seemed to take a few steps back, sensing your growing frustration.

“Amaya-Chan” Temari called out, her voice broke through your on-going rage fest. “Hu?” you snapped out of it and turned to her. “Don’t worry about it, he’s probably not that comfortable being the center of attention” Shikamaru finished, you sighed heavily, “I guess your right…” you muttered, crossing your arms across your chest. Still…you couldn’t help but wish Neji would open up more.

“Anyways, I have to help the old man with some repairs…Mom’s been nagging him to fix the roof…and I got pulled in to help…what a drag…” Shikamaru sighed as he stood up reluctantly. “I’ll head off too, I’m supposed to meet Kankuro and Gaara for dinner” Temari announced, you, Hinata and Lee bid them all good bye. Lee sat down, staring at you intently, at first you thought he was just doing one of those stares where your stating at something but you don’t realize it because your mind is drifting elsewhere, then it just really creepy. “What?” you asked Lee, he didn’t answer. Hinata had left a few moments ago to get some snacks for you all to eat, when she returned Lee, lifted his gaze from you and to Hinata, “Hinata-Chan…is Neji still here?” he asked. “Umm, no he just left a few minutes ago to meet Sasuke for some training” she said, Lee nodded, then returned his gaze to you, you flinched and shifted away from him a bit, “What now?” you asked.

“Amaya-Cha…What are your feelings towards Neji-sama?” Lee asked out of the blue. You stared at him dumbfounded for a moment, slowly but surely, your cheeks became pink; when you realised that you were blushing you quickly turned your head. “Your reaction tells me that you have feelings for him!” Lee blurted out.

“Shhh!! Not so loud!” you scolded, you gave a small pout, it was true, you have had feelings for him for quite some time now but you never really showed them to anyone.

“Why do you ask” you said.

“Because…I know Neji’s secret…” he said, this sparked your curiosity, Neji’s secret? You waited somewhat patiently for lee continue. “Amaya-Chan… Neji….he has feelings for you too!” it took a few minutes for his words to sink in, when they did, they hit hard! “H….He….He….He…Has….” you stuttered terribly, Lee nodded, knowing exactly what you were trying to say, “Indeed, he has had feelings for you for quite some time, but you know him!” Lee nodded again. Hinata listened onto the conversation, she too seemed a bit surprised, she didn’t even know about Neji’s feelings towards you and she lives with him! Hinata clasped her hands onto yours and gave you a big grin, “Amaya-Chan! This is such great news!” she said, obviously excited for you. You just stayed there, staring off into space, letting Lee’s words play over and over for a few minutes. “Amaya-chan?” Hinata asked after a few moments of you not speaking, no answer, “Amaya-chan?” she asked again. “I think she is broken…” Lee said poking your head with his index finger several times, after about the sixth or seventh poke you snapped out of it, “Cut it out Lee!” you barked at him. Your cheeks were pink, Lee smiled one of his big toothy grins and Hinata giggled. “At least she’s not broken” Lee chuckled, giving one of his infamous thumbs up!

“Oh! Oh! I have an idea!” Lee blurted out, raising his hand as if he were in school waiting for a teacher to call on him to answer. “Yes Lee?” you asked, “Neji likes to train right? And he said he doesn’t like parties…so….WHY DON’T YOU ASK NEJI TO TRAIN ON HIS BIRTHDAY!? IT’LL BE LIKE A TRAINING DATE!” Lee called out, a huge twinkle overtook his eyes as he gazed off into the distance quite dramatically, it was obvious that he was poroud of his little idea. “That’s not a bad idea, Amaya-Chan, it’ll be a good opportunity for you and Neji-Sama to spend time together” Hinata smiled at you.

You fiddled with your fingers for a moment blushing as you contemplated this idea.

Well…on the one hand…I’ll have some time alone with Neji…but…it’s not a date…It’ll be nice if it was a real date….mmh…but it is better than nothing….maybe I should, maybe he’ll ask me out on an actual date after! You reencouraged yourself, a bright smile plastered itself onto your face, Lee noted your reaction and knew that his idea was a ‘GO’.

“You should ask him tomorrow! Well…probably after lunch, because team Gai is meeting up to discuss some training days!” Lee informed you both, you nodded, a fiery sparkle ignited in your eyes as you stood up. “Right!” you smiled.

The Next Day

You were up a bit earlier than usual today because today was the day you were going to ask Neji out…or rather…ask him to train…you figured it would be best not to say the word ‘date’….not just yet…either way it was a big deal for you! This was going to be the first time in months since you got to have some one on one time with Neji! You finished tiding up and getting ready for the day, once you took a final, quick scan around your apartment you nodded in satisfaction and headed out the door.

Humm…Now…where did Lee say Neji was going to be today? You thought, trying to recall Lee’s words, truth be told you were a bit too caught up in your thoughts and the idea of you and Neji dating that you zoned out some of the stuff Lee was telling you, you sort of half heard what he was saying about today but at the same time you didn’t hear. You were sure you’d bump into Neji sooner or later, plus…it wouldn’t hurt to ask some of the other shinobi’s if they’d seen him! You wondered around the village for about an hour, you ran into Naruto, Kiba, Sakura, Ino, even Shino! But not Neji!

Where in gods name can this boy be? You thought, placing your hand on your hip, you stood there watching people pass by, trying to see if you could spot him, you had such a serious look on your face too. “Looking for someone?” a voice called out behind you, you yelped and turned around only to find Neji raising an eyebrow at you. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” you said, that got a chuckle out of him. You blushed a bit and pouted, “So, who were you looking for?” he asked again, looking out into the crowd as if going to help you search for someone. “No one, can’t a girl people watch?” you asked in a teasing tone, Neji smiled and raised an eyebrow at you, “Nope” he replied. What’s this?...a playful side?... you noted. “Well…if you must know…I was looking for you” you said smiling a bit, “Oh? Well I guess I found you before you could find me hum?” he replied. You gave him a playful small push, “Shush” you chuckled.

Neji waited to hear what you wanted from him, “I was just wondering…” you said. “Yes?”

“You busy tomorrow? If not…want to train together? It’s been a while since we have anyways!” you blurted out quite fast too. “Sure, hum…meet me by the usual training grounds in the forest tomorrow at noon.” Neji agreed, you nodded and waved good bye to him as he left to go about his business. You smiled to yourself, you got your day with him! A few minutes passed and you realised that you would be completely alone with him! A bit of pink found it’s way through your cheeks, What am I so worried about? Were just going to train and have a good holsem time together…there’s nothing to worry about! You gave yourself a little pep talk, and it worked, you suddenly didn’t feel that nervous anymore.

The Next day: Neji’s Birthday and your training ‘date’ with him!

You were up early this morning as well, Temari had slept over so she was sleeping in your guest room, she knew you had to go out today, plus you didn’t mind if she stayed in your apartment while you were gone, you trusted her so you had no worries about coming home to the place being completely wrecked. You finished all your chores and got ready, today instead of wearing your green vest and purple coat over, you decided to just wear your white long sleeved shirt with your short shorts and your long socks that went just two inches below your shorts. You have yourself one last check in the mirror and then bolted out the door.

“Hey Amaya!” Lee called out, waving wildly at you, you chuckled and waved back. “Have fun with neji today!!” he called out, you shot him a: Would you keep it down! Look, did he want the whole dang village to know you and Neji were off training together today? You shook your head and continued on your way, it didn’t take you long before you got there, only to find Neji already there, warming up. Your face went instantly red when you saw him, today of all days he decided to train with his shirt off! You tunred your head quickly, hiding the pink in your cheeks. “Do you always train with your shirt off?” you asked, Neji looked up at you and gave a small chuckle, “No, today is rather warm though…” he said, “Tch! That’s no excuse!” you said teasingly. “Oh?” he said. “Mhum, at least warn a girl that your going to go shirtless!” you said playfully, turning your head back to him, your cheeks had gone back to normal, but just with a slight touch of pink in them still. “I did not know that this would bother you so much” Neji said, looking a bit offended. You laughed, “Gosh Neji, don’t take things so seriously! I was only joking” you stuck your tongue out at him, he blinked a few times and a small smile tugged at his face. “You know, today I’ve decided to give you a birthday gift” you said, he looked at you with a raised eyebrow, “Didn’t I say I didn’t want anything?” he asked, “Oh I know, I just thought you’d like lessons on how to be less serious” you giggled, dashing over to him, brining your fist over as if going to punch him. Neji’s reflexes were all too good, he immediately blocked out punch and held your fist in his hand for a moment, “I can be less serious!” he said defensively. “Nope! I don’t think you have a single goofy bone in your body!” you teased, ducking down low, evading an overhead kick from him, you took the opportunity on being crunched down to get lower and swing a kick at his legs, he jumped up; you quickly raised up and swing a few more punches his way. All of which he blocked or dodged; “I’m fun to be around…” he said, you giggled, “Yup, fun as playing with a piece of gum!” you teased, Neji stopped and stared at you for a moment, he looked hurt. Did…he really just took that to heart? You thought, feeling a bit bad now, “Neji, you know I was kidding right?” you said, looking a bit concerned.

“Um…Right…Of course” he said, realising that you really were only kidding. You smiled, you could see he was having some conflict with himself, it was so cute to see him like this! Just this cute lost expression that you rarely got to see, what a treat!

“Neji” you said, breaking though his deep thoughts.


“Lesson one. The art of sarcasm” you gave him a wink, he raised an eyebrow again, curious as to what you were talking about. “ Oh my dear Neji, have you forgotten? My gift to you is that of loosening up” you smirked, “Y-You’re serious?” he asked, you nodded slowly. Right then you leaped to him, lunging some kicks and punches his way “Sarcasm…is a fine art indeed young one, pretend Naruto used his multi shadow clone justsu on you, you could say: ‘Multi shadow clone, haven’t seen that one before!”’ you said while attacking Neji; Neji blocked and struck back “I see…But, why-” he was about to ask.


“No back talk!” you said, striking him on the head playfully. Neji clasped his head and rubbed where you hit. You giggled and took another stance. “Sarcasm is a way of life for some people, if you\re not careful you could believe a sarcastic remark. You don’t want to be that guy do you?” You said the last bit in a grunt as you tossed a few shurikens his way. Neji stayed quite; the two of you continued your spar for a good twenty minutes. Both of you stood about a meter away from each other, you were panting a little, boy did you need to catch up on training!

“It looks like this match is over” Neji said with a devilish yet oh so sexy smirk on.

“Tch! In your dreams Hyuga!” you smirked back, you muster up some energy and the two of you clashed again, each blocking and dodging each-others moves. The battle was taking it’s tole on you though, you could feel your energy level going down and you were almost at your limit. You summoned the last bit of strength you had and took one last swing at Neji but he caught your fist in his hand and tackled you to the ground, pinning you down with your wrists on either side of your head. You stared up into his nearly white eyes, trying to catch your breath. He stared back down at you, breathing normally. The two of you stared at each other for some time, you really had no complaints about him pinning you like this, but once it sunk in what was happening, your cheeks went pink. Suddenly Neji’s face started getting closer and closer to yours, you were about to protest; but something came over you and your eyes started to close the closer his lips got to yours. You could feel his hot breath on your face and then the warmth of his lips caressing yours for a moment, you lifted your head up slightly and he lowered his lips completely on yours, locking you in a surprisingly fiery kiss. You relaxed immediately, kissing him back with just as much fire; you felt his hands tighten its grip on your wrist, which made you gasp a little, you defiantly didn’t expect this from Neji! He slid his tongue into your mouth as soon as you gasped, making you moan softly into the kiss, you were taken back by Neji’s…aggressiveness. You found your tongue battling his for dominance but he quickly claimed to be the winner. The kiss was becoming more and more passionate with each passing second. But sadly, he started to pull away slowly, lifting himself up so that he was hovering higher above you. You stared up again with bliss filled eyes, “N…Neji?” you asked, you knew he liked you but this…you didn’t expect him to be so forward…so aggressive…so…passionate, you weren’t complaining that’s for sure! It just took you by surprise is all. “Amaya-Chan..I’m…Sorry…I don’t know what came over me...I…” he hesitated, the ‘proper’ Neji was shining though again, you smiled up at him, he was about to get off you but you grabbed his arm and pulled him back down (remember, he’s shirtless ;P). “Don’t be…” You whispered and gently pulled him back down into a deep, sweet kiss, he didn’t struggle, or protest, he fell naturally into the kiss and kissed you back just as sweet. He pulled away again but only a few inches this time, “happy birthday” you whispered to him, moving some of his long dark brown hair from his face to behind his ear. He smiled down at you.

“OH NO WAY!!!!!” A familiar voice called out. The two of you looked over sharply, to find none other than Rock lee and Naruto staring at you both with bright, sparking eyes.

“BAAAKKKAA!!!” You yelled, Neji immediately got off you, knowing very well what you were about to do. You leaped up and whacked both Lee and Naruto upside their heads, leaving a huge bump at the center of their heads! Neji stood up and walked over to you, he grabbed your hand (and his shirt) and headed off.

“The nerve of those two! I mean couldn’t they have oh I don’t know backed off or went the other way!?” you ranted, Neji chuckled, he usually seemed to get a kick out of your rants.

“Amaya-Chan…How about we go on a real date? Tonight at eight” he said. You stopped your rant and blushed a bit as you looked at him. “Okay!” you smiled happily. Neji leaned over and kissed your lips once more sweetly. “I’ll pick you up at eight then” he smiled and headed off. You kissed him back and nodded, a slightly blush still playing across your cheek.

Your night with Neji went beautifully! He took you to this fancy restaurant, at his expense! And to your surprise he opened up a lot more! He was laughing and cracking jokes all night long with you (Most of which were making fun of Lee and Naruto ;P But hey, it was a start!) You didn’t even have to give him the rest of his lesson! The night ended with him walking you home, hand in hand and him giving you one final, soft, romantic kiss before departing for the night, the two of you made plans to train together the next day and then after your training, another dinner date!


Fin! Hope you all enjoyed And sorry it's taking so long to get through all these one shots :P I'm getting there, I'm getting there! Rate or Message please! ;P

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