To Obtain Your Heart's Desire... (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story) 2: Curious Hinata

Created by LadyAmayaHiroshi on Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Today was yet another beautiful day in Konoha. The birds were singing, a light breeze swept through the trees and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It surely was a wonderful day to just be lying around doing absolutely nothing at all. But, unfortunately for me I had to go on a mission with Team 7. We had to go on yet another D-ranked mission, which really pissed off Naruto.

“Naruto, do you remember last time when we went on a C-ranked mission which eventually turned into a B-ranked one. Kakashi-sensei got injured, Sakura thought Sasuke had died and you got poisoned. Do you really want a repeat of that because I sure as hell don’t.” I yelled at him.

“I have to agree with Amaya for once. We don’t want anyone to get hurt like last time.” Sakura spoke as she looked at Sasuke.

I just rolled my eyes. Stupid girl, even if I was the same age as her, I still acted far more mature. All she ever thought about was ‘Sasuke this’ and ‘Sasuke that’, all day long. Sakura couldn’t really fight very well, either. Sure, she had great chakra control and knowledge, but she was useless on the battlefield. I remember one time when Kakashi made us spar with each other. She was so focused on beating me and impressing Sasuke that she didn’t even see me move. I took her down in a single move. Talk about useless.

“Now, now guys. Don’t start getting into fights, just calm down everyone.” Spoke my sister.

Shiko was also a part of our team, kind of like a co-sensei. Her main job was to help Kakashi train Naruto and Sasuke, while keeping a watchful eye on Sasuke and I. But she wasn’t there just for us; she was also there for Kakashi. They were married now and had been married for 6 years. Shiko was 18 at the time and Kakashi was 20. It’s funny because they were both in the same team as each other and were taught by the Fourth Hokage. Back then Kakashi loved Shiko but Shiko was completely oblivious to him. And now look at them.

Our mission for today was to help a little old lady out with her chores around her house. Naruto was in charge of walking the old lady’s dog, Sakura had to clean her dishes while Sasuke and I were stuck pulling out the weeds in her herb garden. Kakashi had gone with Naruto to make sure nothing bad had happened to him while Shiko was sitting in a tree keeping a watchful eye on us. The mission was soon complete and we all headed back to our homes.

“Alright guys, Shiko and I will go hand in our report for this mission. You guys can go home and don’t forget we had training tomorrow at 7 a.m. sharp.” With that Kakashi and Shiko disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naruto asked if I wanted to go with him to Ichiraku’s but I said no. Sasuke said something about training and quickly disappeared as well. Sakura soon followed. All that was left was me.

I sighed deeply and looked around, pondering on what I should do next. Just then, I spotted Hinata Hyuuga, the only female friend from that academy I had. I loved her like a sister.

“Hey Hinata, what are you up to?”

She looked up and smiled shyly. “Oh, hello Amaya. How are you?”

I was one of the very people who actually heard Hinata speak with stuttering. She was comfortable around me, comfortable enough to know whom she liked.

“Good. And you?”

“Same. Hey, I was just heading home from a mission. Do you want to come over my house, Amaya?” She asked with a pleading look in her eye. How could I ever say no to some like her?

“…of course, Hinata. I would love to but only if it’s okay with your father.”

“No, you know my father loves having you over.”

The Hyuuga Compound was big but not as big as the Hiroshi Compound. They had a beautiful garden with a small pond and another area for training. The compound was bustling with live. Maids ran around everywhere carry various things. I wandered what all the fuss was about.

“Hey Hinata, why is everyone so busy?”

“Oh, it’s Neji’s birthday in a few days. We’re having a party for him.”

We passed the training field and spotted Hinata’s father and Neji training. Fascinated, Hinata and I decided to sit back and watch. Neji truly was a child prodigy. It surprised me that Neji had not reached Jounin level already. The boy was a year older than me and he was just a Genin.

“Hey Amaya”

“Yes Hinata”

“… Do you like anyone? I mean… is there anyone that you are interested in.”

I thought about it for a moment.

“I never really thought about it before.”

“But IF you were interested in someone, who would it be?”

“Let me think about that for a moment.” Silence.

“I would have to say Neji. If ever I had the slightest interest 
in any boy, it would be Neji. Why did you ask?”

"Oh, no reason

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