[. Absolutely Nothing Alike .] Shizuo Heiwajima/OC

Chapter 2 fresh out of the brain oven. :o Summary: A fifteen year old girl starts out a new year as a second year. She attends Raira Academy with the renowned Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. While being a lone-wolf she is, she encounter many adventures in which she'll either face alone, or with a new friend.

Created by KotsuBakii on Friday, October 14, 2011

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[. Absolutely Nothing Alike .] Shizuo Heiwajima/OC

Chapter 2: Words Cannot Describe How Confused I am Right Now.


It’s the weekend guys, and I’m super happy because the first week of school ended. Seems really fast huh? I mean, it’s only natural that time should fly by so fast when you’re constantly on your toes twenty-four seven. Sheesh, couldn’t even get a breakthis week. I’ve been hounded by Shizuo during class demanding how I knew the “flea” that was Izaya. I honestly don’t know, he just sort of grabbed me out of nowhere on the first day of school to save me from Shizuo’s wrath. What’s great about this though, I’m on friendly terms with Shizuo! I think. Not sure of that either, but let’s just be safe to assume that I’m not the next person he’s going to smash into pieces. Phew. So, wanna hear something I discovered, but totally dreaded? Izaya Orihara goes to Raira Academy with Jun, Shizuo, and I. OHLAWD. I’m sorry to say that if I won’t make it alive guys, I seriously am sorry.

Just the other day while I was going to eat lunch with Jun, with Shizuo tagging along behind us (I guess he sort of took a liking to us). Then, out of nowhere, we see Izaya “the flea” Orihara sitting on the bench where we usually ate smirking at us. Ohhhh yeah, I think you guys can assume what went down. For the ones without the vivid imaginations, Shizuo did the usual war cry, and headed straight into battle. What ended up being destroyed was the bench (naturally, since that was the first thing Shizuo picked up), the nearby water fountain, two destroyed trees, and a statue of the school’s founder with his head on the floor. Ahh…did I also mention that there were also a couple of craters in the ground? Heh heh, whoops. Shizuo (being Shizuo) broke two ribs and his right arm. Izaya you ask? Nada, not evenonescratch on it. He should seriously consider joining our school’s gymnastics team or something, because he’s super agile. Even more than me, and I’m a girl that’s supposed to be good at sports.

Since it’s the weekend, I don’t have to do anything or whatnot because it’s the end of the first week and I have no friends to hang out with! Yay! Oh yeah, Jun’s visiting her relatives with her family for the weekend, leaving me sad and lonely~. Not that I am or anything, you know. I can keep myself occupied.

I turn on the computer to check my email and to read the news. While reading my mailbox, I see that I got an interesting email from someone. Something about “dollars”. What the heck was that? So, being the curious human I am, I open it. There, in the email, was an invite that asked if I wanted to join a gang called “dollars”. It also stated that I didn’t need to do anything special, and that I only needed to create a log in name for myself along with a password. There was a default one provided and all I had to do was change it. Eh, what the heck. It can’t hurt to try, and maybe I can make some new friends on it I guess. I clicked the link and went to the webpage. Apparently, the password for the website is “Baccano”. What kind of weird word is that. “Baccano”…sounds like “baka”. Heh. I humor myself, hoorah!

So after entertaining myself for a while (which I’m a master at), I create my log in credentials (which I will not state you account stealing thieves! Kidding!).Once I get into the website, I’m quickly overwhelmed by the numbers of members there are. Oh man, I hope this isn’t some drug-selling crack gang or one of those wannabe gangs. Since there’s nothing else to do for the meantime, I might as well explore. I check the forums, the website’s ‘ about me’, and the finally the chat. I enter the chat and see my name: JakunenHiro (lonely hero). Also in the chat, were three other people: Setton, Kanra, and Taro Tanaka. Huh, weird names. It’d be weird if I just entered without saying anything, especially when they can see my username. Before I can say hello, however, Kanra addresses me.

Kanra:Hello there Hiro! Your username is awfully weird, don’t you think?

JakunenHiro:Huh? Oh…yeah I just came up with it a while ago. Quite new here.

Setton:Hello Hiro. Are you new here? If you need any help just feel free to ask!

Taro Tanaka:Yeah, what Setton said! We want to make everybody feel as welcomed as anybody else.

JakunenHiro:Oh. Well, thank you guys! ^^

Kanra:So Hiro tell us about yourself~ and don’t hold out too~!

Taro Tanaka:Don’t scare him now Kanra, let the guy get some space!

Setton:Clearly you both are scaring him.

JakunenHiro:Well, actually I’m a girl. Sorry to not mention it before…:o.

Setton:OH! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, assumptions always get me.

Kanra:Yeah, I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to, but your screen name was just…more manly than feminine.

Taro Tanaka:Haha, you said it Kanra.

Taro Tanaka:Usually the girls that come in here are like, “FloweryPetals” or “SilvermistRose”. Something along those lines.

Kanra:Don’t worry about it, it just means you’re unique when it comes to stuff like this~


JakunenHiro:Well, I wasn’t really meaning to stick with this name, it just came to me out of thin air.

JakunenHiro:If you guys want, I can change it!L

Setton:No, no! It’s fine don’t worry about it!

Kanra:From the looks of it, you don’t socialize often, do you?

Taro Tanaka:Kanra! That’s an incredibly rude thing to say!

Setton:Yeah Kanra! Don’t jump to conclusions like that!

JakunenHiro:It’s alright guys…and he is right. Thisis my first time chatting with other people online. I’m not really a social junkie.

JakunenHiro:I’m just…me, and I find that good enough.

Setton:That’s true, everybody just wants to be someone else that’s better.

Taro Tanaka:I like your point of view Hiro, really inspires me!

Kanra:Huh, so you’re what your name really is? A lonely hero?

JakunenHiro:No. Well, half. I am lonely, except for the one person I care about,but I’m no hero.

Kanra:So then you admit to being lonely? Sucks for you~

JakunenHiro:…Uhm…I have to go now. Sorry guys, I’ll see you sometime later!


Setton:Bye Hiro!

Taro Tanaka:Bye Hiro. Have a nice day!

I exit the website and sigh. Oh man, what that Kanra guys said was right. I really am lonely. That conversation with Kanra also didn’t do much on my self esteem or ego. It just made me feel worse. Seeing as how I almost spent the whole day inside the house, I decided to go and get some fresh air. Grabbing some money and slinging my bag over my shoulder, I head out the door to go buy some food (junk food particularly).

As I’m walking down the street with my hoodie on, I notice a group of suspicious characters lurking around. I slow my pace down and grip my pockets harder. Hopefully they don’t try to pick a fight, that’d be the worse thing to encounter right now. So, continuing on my way I walk past them. As soon as I think I’m a good distance away from them, I turn around and they’re…gone? Confused, I turned back around and continued on my path. Not really watching where I was going, I bumped into someone and all I heard was an ‘oof’. I look up from the ground and my eyes meet the three suspicious characters, eyeing me as if I were their next meal. Panicking, I back up slowly and trip on my feet, causing me to fall down on the ground.

“Well, well, well. Look what we’ve got here boys, it’s a pretty lady. Hey pretty lady, what cha doin’ out at these hours? You lookin’ for some fun tonight?” The middle boy says. Clearly he’s the leader of the three since the other two flank him at his right and left. They’re all wearing yellow andseemed to be in a gang from the looks of it.

“No, I-I’m not! Leave me alone and go away! I have stuff to do!” I yell as I slowly get back on my feet. Even though it seemed brave to stand up to them, I was actually super terrified. I don’t know what these goons are capable of, and I don’t want to stick around to find out! As soon as I get up, I try to sprint past them, but the two sidekicks grab me before I can get an inch past them.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa little lady! Why you in such a rush to get outta here? I just wanna have some fun-“

“Don’t touch me!”

That creeper would not back off, I swear! His ‘homies’ still had me in their grasp, while the leader was trying to sweet talk me. The leader of the three grabbed my chin and tilted it so that I was looking at him directly in the eyes.

“S’cuse me? Did you just tell me what to do? Do you knowwhoIam? I’m Horada, the leader of the Yellow Scarves gang here in Ikebukuro. You shouldn’t scream like that lil’ lady. It’ll only just aggravate me more,” he says as he smirks that nasty smile of his.

I don’t know what to do in this situation because I’ve never been encountered like this before! Oh man, oh man! I’m in full panic mode. I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. Before you know it, the two goons are on the floor with bloody noses and black eyes. Horada’s backed up against a wall, looking beat up and broken. All of this happened in one flash, and I don’t know how.

I look around and see the two Yellow Scarves on the ground next to each other. Horada’s missing, but I soon find him against the wall. He’s being held at the scruff of the neck by someone. That someone just so happened to be Shizuo Heiwajima. How’d he get here? How’d he know where I was? Most importantly, how’d he know I was in trouble? Snapping back to reality, I quickly yell, “Shizuo!” Shizuo turns around and raises his eyebrow. He’s fuming and I can tell because the veins are popping out on his temple and his eyes look murderous. Shizuo turns back around and addresses Horada, and all I can hear is:

“I swear, if you ever, ever, EVER try to play around with Sora like that, I’ll rip you to pieces you filthy scumbag!” After saying that, Shizuo drops Horada, and Horada scurries away like a cowardly animal defeated. Shizuo’s still fuming, and he slowly turns to me.

Oh man, Shizuo’s really mad…hopefully he doesn’t take it out on me!

“Are you alright Sora?” He asks, his voice calming down to a low-tone.

“O-oh. Uh, yeah. I’m alright.”

“You sure? Did they…do anything…?” When he says this, his tone is curious and half-angry. All I know is that I don’t want to mention anything about almost being Horada’s next play thing.

“No, no they didn’t. It’s fine Shizuo. I’m fine. Don’t worry about it, and…thank you…foryou know, coming to my aid.” As soon as those words come out of my mouth, I turn my head to hide the burning sensation in my cheeks.

“It’s fine. I was in the area anyways, and I heard screams. It’s only natural to go check it out. Who knew it’d turn out to be you. Besides, what are you doing out so late anyways? This time isn’t safe for people like you.”

People like me? What did he mean by, “people like you”. Is he insinuating that I can’t take care of myself, or that I can’t handle thugs and fight my own fights? In other words, he’s insulting my pride. That’s not cool, not cool at all.

“Excuse me? Shizuo, even though I’m not as strong as you, nor as feared, I can stand my own ground.”

“…I didn’t mean it like that. I…I just didn’t want to see you hurt, that’s all.”

Oh. Crap. I just mistaken what he said. Don’t I feel stupid now.

Wait, wait, wait. This is all confusing now. How did I end up spending hours on online chat room, then going to get groceries, then running into a gang, and finally being saved by Shizuo? This is super confusing. I don’t get this. These…chain of events. They don’t make any sense! Hang on, I gotta clear my head.

A/N: I’m terribly sorry for the long wait for the update. School’s been harsh on me since the stupid counselors decided to give me all of my core classes in the first term, therefore causing me to stress my lazy butt off. Don’t worry though, next term is beginning next week so I should be able to update more often. Terribly sorry, again. Also, before you go, please rate and review! I want to try to improve my writing, which would be beneficial to you: the readers!

A/N 2: I’ve also found that if I were to set a limit, then reviews could come in easier I suppose. So here it is, in order for the readers to unlock level three (chapter three) they must venture unto the Fields of Ratings, while the daring adventurers face the malicious dragon (me, the author) at Constructive Criticism Mountain! Har har har, like my little adventure? :3.

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