☼Daddy,Daddy!☼ 【g e r m a n y 】

Created by UniversePepperland on Friday, October 14, 2011

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Ludwig blinked when he saw his german shepherd with a bow on his head "What the?" he asked quietly,following the giggles coming from his daughter's bedroom. As soon he peeked inside,his face went pale.

"MADALENA!WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!"he shouted,widening his eyes even more.

"Oh,hi daddy!" his four years old daughter said,holding a plastic teacup "Did you saw Mrs.Bow?She just left!"

Mrs.Bow?Who was-


His two other dogs also had names: the golden retriever was Mrs.Fancy, because of the jewelry around his neck and the doberman was Mrs.Hat because of the purple beach hat on his head and matching purple sunglasses.

"Liebling,why do you do this to your poor daddy?"

She pouted "Sowwy..." she sniffed and Ludwig tensed up "I-I just wanted to pwaaayy!!" she cried,rubbing her eyes.Ludwig quickly gathered the girl on his arms "Oh,shhh...daddy is sorry,don't cry my kleine Bär(1).Please.."

She pouted,wiping her eyes "Awe you still mad at me"? she whispered quietly,sniffing once more.

"No,I'm not mad anymore liebling. What can daddy do to show that?"

---Hours Later---

"I'm home!"____ shouted, blinking when none answered then her eyes turned towards her daughter bedroom "Maddie,what are you-"she widened her eyes at the sight.

There was Ludwig.

With two pink bows making pigtails on his hair.

Holding a plastic teacup.

"Hi mommy!!"

Madalena said, sipping her imaginary tea "Daddy is Mrs.Grumpy!!"

Ludwig groaned when his wife snickered,blushing a fiery red.

"Oh...it fits him so much!!"


kleine Bär- little bear <3

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