A ThunderCat in a Ninja world ThunderCats and Naruto crossover story Chapter 5 Client Tazuna

Bara, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura meet Tazuna, a bridge builder from the Land of Waves and escort him back to his homeland. Bara, Liona, Leoparda and Celia are my characters. Mistoffelees and Elvira III are Timcanpy14's characters.

Created by pokemonfan100 on Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Bara hid behind a tree, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura also hid behind a tree. The mission they got is to find a lost and runaway pet named Tora, who ran away from his owner, Lady Shijimi. Bara remained silent as she kept her amber eyes on the target.

"How far away is the target?" Kakashi asked.

"Five meters and closing! So... How much longer are we gonna wait?!" said Naruto.

"I'm in position." said Sasuke.

"So am I." Sakura added.

"Same here." Bara replied.

"All right!" replied Kakashi.

"Go!" said Kakashi.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Bara aimed for the target. "Hai-yaaah!" said Naruto. He got the target.
"Gotcha!" said Naruto. "Meee-ooow!!!" "Remember. Our quarry has a ribbon on its right ear that says
"Tora".... Make sure there's no mistake." Kakashi spoke. "Target confirmed." Sasuke reported. Tora scratched Naruto with its claws. "Good! Then "Mission: Finding the missing pet".... is accomplished!"
Kakashi replied. "Here, Naruto. Why don't I carry Tora?" Bara spoke to Naruto. "Sure." Naruto replied as he handed Tora to Bara, Tora calmed down in Bara's arms and purred. "Wow, Tora calmed down."
said Naruto. "That's because Cat is a cat and cats get along with each other." Sakura replied. "Sakura, will you stop calling me Cat! My name is Bara and second, I'm a ThunderCat FYI." Bara replied. Bara really didn't like it when Sakura keeps calling her Cat instead of her name. Sakura, on the other hand, sees Bara as a rival for Sasuke like with Ino. Bara isn't really after Sasuke at all.

Squad Seven stood as Lady Shijimi smothered Tora with a big hug and Bara sees Tora's reaction to Lady Shijimi's love. "I can see why Tora ran away, because of his owner. I feel sorry for him." Bara thought. "Poor Tora... Good little kitty-kitty... I was so worried about you, I could have died!" said Lady Shijimi. "Thank goodness Lion-O, Liona and Mistoffelees aren't like that with Snarf, Celia and Elvira III." Bara thought. "Oh, man!!! What a nightmare. How does that poor, dum bcat, put up with it?" Naruto thought. "With that look to forward to at home, can you blame him for running away?" Sakura thought.

"Now, the next assignment for Kakashi's team seven will be... hmm... To babysit for the council of elders.... To run errands to the neighboring village.... To help dig sweet potatoes..." The Third Hokage read the list. "No way! No thank-you! Boring! Give us something different to do. Something important! Something amazing!" said Naruto. Bara looked at Naruto with a sweatdrop behind her behind. "...... He's got a point." Sasuke thought. "Oh... ...He is such a pain!!!" Sakura thought. "Sigh... Be grateful for what you can get!" Kakashi thought. "No one can change Naruto's personality, he is who he is." Bara thought. Iruka and the Third Hokage explained to Naruto the ranks of the shinobi, from the academy, Genin, Chunin, Jonin to Hokage. So Hiruzen decided to give them a C-rank mission. "Who is it? Some great lord? The Daimyo!? A princess!?" said Naruto. "Compose yourself. I'll perform the introductions straightaway." Hiruzen spoke. "Please invite him in..." he added. The slide door opened and Bara turned to see a old man coming in. "What's going on here?" said the man. "They look like a bunch of wet-nosed kids." he added. "Especially.... the midget. He's got the face of an imbecile. It's a joke right? You kids aren't really ninja, are you?" the man added. "Especially the strange girl there. Is she really a cat?" he added. Bara didn't say anything. "Ha-ha! Who'd you mean? Which midget? Which imbeci...?!" said Naruto as he turned to Sasuke, Sakura and Bara, then he noticed that he knew what the old man is talking about. Bara, on the other hand, she sensed something about this old man, he is hiding something from Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. "He is hiding something from us, something that he doesn't want us to know about." Bara thought. "I'll kill him!!!!" said Naruto. "Wrong. No killing the old man you've been assigned to protect." Kakashi told him. "I am Tazuna. A bridge builder of ultimate renown.. Until I am safely back in my own country, where I'll be completing my next bridge, you'll all be expected to protect me... even if it costs you your lives!" Tazuna introdunced himself to the squad.

Bara packed the things she only needs. She packed the sword, bolo whip, nunchunks, daggers, the book, the bag of tricks, the charms, compass,rose hair clip, green ribbon and the Thunderian shilling into her bag. "All right! Road trip!!" said Naruto. "What are you babbling about?" said Sakura. Bara smiled at Naruto, she is the only one who is Naruto's best friend. "This'll be the first time I've been been outside of the village!" said Naruto. "Am I really expected to place my life in the hands of this fool?" Tazuna asked Kakashi. "Sigh. Thee's no call for concern. I'm an elite ninja, and I'll be along too..." Kakashi replied. Tazuna turned his eyes to Bara. "You there." he spoke. Bara turned her eyes from the pages of her book to Tazuna, closing the book. "Yes Bridge builder Tazuna?" Bara replied.
"What are you? Some kind of cat?" he asked. "My name is Bara and I'm a ThunderCat. And do not call me Cat like Sakura calls me." Bara replied calmly. "Bara's really sensitive when people don't know about ThunderCats and she doesn't like it when Sakura calls her Cat instead of her name. Then again, she can't blame people for that." Kakashi thought as he looked at his adopted daughter.

"Kakashi-sensei." Bara spoke to him. "Yes Bara?" Kakashi answered. "Tazuna is hiding something, something he doesn't want us to know about." Bara told him. "I know, Bara. He'll reveal that later."
Kakashi replied. Bara nodded her head. Bara sensed someone watching the group, she looked up and saw no one there. "...." Bara didn't say anything.

Bara noticed a puddle as she walked, Kakashi also noticed the puddle as well. Bara sensed someone
rising from the puddle and looked back, she saw two people, they launched their assault andthey got Kakashi with their chains! Bara got her nunchunks out and ready to guard Tazuna. Bara saw one of the brothers coming at her, she jumped into a tree and waited for one of the brothers to run under the tree and then she striked! She hitted the youngest brother with her foot and the second she hitted him with her nunchunks. She sees Naruto just standing there, frozen on the spot, unable to move. She saw two of them coming at Naruto. "Naruto!" Bara spoke. Both Sasuke and Bara fought them andSakura guarded Tazuna until Kakashi got them both.

After tying them to a tree, Kakashi spoke to Tazuna. It turns that a billionaire is after Tazuna named Gato, Bara saw the wound on Naruto's hand, from the Demon Brothers. He had stabbed his hand with a kunai knife and vowing to protect Tazuna with his life. "Here, Naruto. I'll treat the wound." Bara told Naruto. "With what Cat?" Sakura asked her. "For the last time Sakura, stop calling me Cat! My name is Bara! Not Cat!" Bara told Sakura. Bara took out her medical kit and started to treat Naruto's wound, the wound started to heal itself. She placed a bandage around his hand. "There you go Naruto." Bara replied. "Thanks Bara!" Naruto replied. "You're welcome Naruto." Bara replied.

Bara looked at the photos in the locket, both photos of the group and Leoparda, her mother. She saw her godparents Panthro and Liona as well besides Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, Mistoffelees, WilyKat, WilyKit, Snarf, Celia and Elvira III in the photo as well while sitting down in the boat with Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Tazuna. Sakura has thinking of Bara's reactions every time she says
Cat to her, a little bit too mean to Bara. She'll have to apologize to Bara when she has the chance later.

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