Could It Be (A Mindless Behavior Love Story) Chapter 8: It had to happen

Created by mikaylalovesprince on Saturday, October 29, 2011

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Faith's POV

We just 7 minutes in heaven me and Roc kissed for the whole 7 minutes WOW. Prodigy and Jennifer came out smiling like crazy I'm pretty sure they're a couple now. Now that the game is over we're finally at the hotel. Race you in the hotel Mikayla said. Everyone started running and Mikayla won after a head to head with Roc. Second place gets a kiss from me I said and kissed Roc on his lips. And first place gets a kiss from me Princeton said and kissed Mikayla then they started making out. Eww Ray Ray said and covered his eyes. There are people standing here Mara said. Come on let’s get checked in and then ask were we can meet Heaven Mikayla said. Babe who is Heaven Princeton said. She's my sister I said. Oh Princeton said. *10 minutes later* Me and the girls are unpacked we're ready gosh those boys take so long sometimes I swear. *knock on the door* Finally you guys get here I said opening the door. So where are we going Prodigy asked. Chuckie Cheese Woohoo Mikayla said. Ohhhh that's my favorite Ray Ray said. You guys are weird Roc said. No your weird Mikayla said. Hey no calling my boyfriend weird you weirdo I said hitting Mikayla. Faith you’re the weird one Princeton said. Roc who were you calling weird Mara said. You and your boyfriend Roc said. *Prodigy and Jennifer bust out laughing* What are yall laughing at yall the weirdest ones everyone said then it broke into this big argument. LETS JUST GO TO CHUCKIE CHESSE TO MEET MY SISTER AND COUSINS SO THE BOYS CAN GO TO SOUND CHECK AND GET READY FOR THE CONCERT I screamed. Everyone got quiet and ran to the limo. *At Chuckie Cheese* Hey YALL Heaven Screamed. Then my cousin Aaliyah came over and hugged Roc Royal. Little girl you better get your fresh little behind off my boyfriend I said. What I just wanna have some fun with him LiLi said. Umm Uh Okaayy Roc said with this weird look on his face. Then Symphonie walked over to Prod. Well Prod do you see your Mrs. Right anywhere Symphonie asked. Yeah I think she's standing right next to me Prod said. JENNIFER Symphonie screamed. I was talking about me. Oh that’s cool but I really like Jennifer Prodigy said. Wow he really burst your bubble I said and everyone but Symphonie and Prodigy laughed. Well anyway I’m Symphonie Symphonie said. And I’m Aaliyah but you can call me LiLi Aaliayah said batting her eyelashes at my boyfriend. Hey I don’t know if you guys remember me but I’m (GCO) ASIA the boys screamed and hugged her. You guys are squishing me Asia said. Sorry we just missed you little buddy. Then Princeton went over for another hug dang yall smothering her Mikayla said. Speak for yourself. I’m loving this Asia said. You little Pervs stay away from my cousin what yall like younger chicks like that now eww I said. That’s not even right don’t play like that Ray Ray said. One word Willow I said. That was one girl Ray Ray said. Don’t bring up that ugly bald headed monkey Mara screamed. Aww Mara be nice that’s rude I think she’s pretty Mikayla said. Mikayla don’t take this personal but your blind if you think she’s pretty. You guys are mean Mikayla said. So Prod what about your little brother Jo Jo Heaven said. What about him Prod asked. She likes him I whispered in Prod’s ear. Faith your not a good whisperer Heaven said. Are you serious Prod said. I don’t joke when it comes to Jo Jo Heaven said then everyone burst out laughing.

Mikayla’s POV

So we just got of Chuckie Cheese and Heaven and them are staying with us for tonight yay. So guys lets get ready for tonight Symphonie said. Okay Symphonie can you give me a make over for tonight I asked sure she said. So what do you guys wanna do until the concert we've got an hour Faith said. Watch So Random Miss Piggy episode Jennifer said. Okay we all said. I can't wait to ee my boo Roc Royal LiLi said. Look he's mine your 9 back off Faith said. Okay Okay I'll back off LiLi said. *An hour later* TIME TO GO Heaven and Jennifer said. Okay we're coming I said. We left for the limo. *At the concert * Having fun at the concert. The boys are preforming Girls Talkin Bout. Princeton winks during the performance wow he makes my heart beat fast. Hey girl I hear a familiar voice say. Hey I said I turned around and it's Anna. What's up chica wanna meet my cousin Faith and best friend Mara I said. Sure she said. Hey this is my friend Anna I've been talking about Mara I said. Hey nice to meet you Mara said. Okay now for Faith I said. Faith this is my friend Anna I said. Hey Anna Faith said. *After concert* Guys you did great Faith said. Yeah you really did Jennifer said. Yall was the bomb Mara said. That was hot Asia said. Hey that was Amazing Heaven said. Everyone did great especially you Prodigy Symphonie said. Then Prod and Jen looked a little uncomfteratable. NO NO Roc did the best LiLi said. Hey guys where's Princeton I asked. I don't know did you check the dressing room Roc said. No thanks Roc I said. No problem Roc said. I walked to the boys dressing room and I see it. PRINCETON KISSING ANNA. I just couldn't take it I have to get out of here I can't take this. I ran to the tour bus I don't want to be bothered right now.f I took a bunch of Princeton's clothes luckily I carry my lucky lighter. I lit as many of his clothes on fire as I could hold. he's lucky I just hid Burrito and didn't burn him.

Roc Royal's Pov

Nobody else noticed but I did Mikayla ran to the tour bus crying? I followed after her. Faith babe i'll right back I whispered in her ear before I left. When I got to the bus I saw some of Princeton's clothes burning in front of it. I got a bucket of water and put them out no saving those clothes so I threw them out. I got to the girls bunk to see Mikayla on her bunk crying holding her polar teddy bear Nolee (a/n she's really real.) Can I come in I said softly. Oh Roc *sniff* *wipes eyes* I didn't see you there she said with tear still in her eyes. What's wrong I asked nothing she said looking down. Mikayla don't you lie to me I said. She looked up at me. Roc I walked in on PRINCETON kissing another girl she said. It's okay Mikayla he's a jerk you can do better I said giving her a kiss on the forehead and a hug to comfort her. Thanks Roc she said. You’re like a sister to me no problem I said. But Roc he doesn’t know that I saw him so don’t tell him O know cus I have a plan she said. Okay but tell me the plan I said. Okay everyone’s in on it *whispers plan in my ear* she said. Woah she’s an evil generous who knew? We get back and tell everyone what happened and the plan.

Princeton’s POV

I can’t believe I kissed Anna and did nothing to try to stop her for 15 minutes I mean it’s all my fault not hers she didn’t know about me and Kayla. I feel like a bad person and I feel so guilty. How could I hurt Mikayla like that? I came out of the dressing room and was greeted by everyone but it looked like Roc was looking at me in disappointment. Hey cheat Mikayla said. WHAT I yelled. I said Hi babe Mikayla said. We should walk back to the tour bus now I said. We ran out the back of the concert hall so we weren’t caught by a bunch of fans. We got to the tour bus and I still feel really guilty. Hey guys let’s play a game Jennifer said. Yeah I think we should play guess the song LiLi said. Okay guess this song Cheat it, Cheat it, Cheat it Cheat it Ray Ray said. Wait WHAT I said. It’s beat it Princeton what’s wrong with you tonight Mara said. Oh nothing I just don’t feel to good I think I’m going to go to bed early I lied. Good night cheater I thought I heard everyone say I’m going crazy with guilt. When I got to my bunk I saw Burrito was missing and there was a note on my bed (This is what it said.) Dear Princeton, I saw what you did. You broke my heart. I know you’ve been hearing the word cheater a lot no you’re not going crazy it’s all part of my plan. Since I can’t trust you we’re done. Ps If you were wondering I took Burrito he’s somewhere safe with me. Wow I feel like a jerk. So I went to the chill zone to apologize, but she wasn’t in there. Where’s Mikayla I asked. She doesn’t want to talk to you Roc Royal said. I ignored him. She’s in our room crying her eyes out thanks to you I don’t know what’s going on but you better fix it Faith said.


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