cross academy part 5

i'm back, and i got lazy to try to do in quiz mode so i taked story mode well if you don't remember what happened in part 4 go read it 'cause i'm not gonna do recaps many dosen't like recaps so i will not do it. well let's start :)

Created by YuukiCrossKuran on Thursday, November 03, 2011

''Hello my name is Matthew but you can call me Matt'' he said and winked at youDaimen glared at him ''hello'' you said calmly to him '' not gonna say what your name is?'' ''__, nice to meet you'' you said and he smirked ''what a lovely name'' he said and his fangirls where glaring at you ''Matt come now'' said a guyand looked at you, he then smiled at you and started walking away and you were blushing bright pink, ''fine, fine, i'm coming....'' he said and looked at you and smiled ''i see you later'' he said and walked away

you looked at them while they left to get to class. '' wonder who that guy was.....'' you thought, ''oh well, i should get to my dorm before it gets to late'' you said to yourself, ''You must be the new class student, right?'' a guy asked behind you, you turned around to see who it was, it was a guy with long light purple hair and redish/purple/pink eyes ''Yes, that's right'' you said then another guy with dark short purple hair and dark redish/purple/pink eyes ''So you are the new student....My name is Noda Asplund'' the short haired guy said, ''My name is Gin Soma'' said the long haired guy, ''Hello nice to meet you both, my name is ___ Hanto'' you said and smiled. ''Cute name'' Gin said and smiled and Noda smiled too, you blushed and said ''Thanks, that's very nice of you Gin'' and you smiled again back at them both. ''Between, what are you both doing outside right now shouldn't you both be in the dorms or?'' you asked ''No, we are prefects, we patrol outside on night, and we are three who's prefects but Sena is sick so she got to rest today'' Noda said ''Oh, ok....hope she will get better soon then'' you said and smiled and looked up in the sky ''Well, i should head back.... i'm not allowed to be outside on the night....sadly...'' you said and looked back at them ''yeah, you should head back, should we come with you?'' Gin said ''No, it's fine, Bye'' you said and turned around and waved at them ''Ok, bye'' Gin said ''bye, see you later'' Noda said ''Yeah'' you said and smiled to them and they smiled back. you left and walked back to the dorms and into the room and saw your friend Emilia already asleep, you smiled but when you looked at your bed you saw a black cat with green eyes and wondered how it could get in, the windows, everything was locked so it couldn't get in here and Emilia couldn't possibly have taken it in and then falling asleep in her bed. The black cat looked at you with it's green eyes and you thought it was really cute so you walked to your bed and sat down and petted it. you had petted it for 5 minutes and then you started to feel sleepy and you looked down at the cat and you heard someone say in your head ''Have a nice sleep ___'' and then everything became a blur and you pass out.
i have to stop here, it didn't happen much i know.... but i will try to update soon again.

Gin Soma


Noda Asplund



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