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Created by TheBandPerryFan4life on Friday, November 04, 2011

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The next morning I woke up crying as realization of what my boyfriend Chase did to me last night. He had raped me just because I was talking to another guy that wasn't him or any of his friends. It finally had gotten through to my head that I had to break up with him. I couldn't take it any more. I couldn't tak the tears, the abuse, and the yelling anymore. Then before I could do anything I got up and ran across the hall to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. I then thought the worse. I didn't want to be pregnant at seventeen especially if Chase was the father. I then took out a pregnancy test out of the bottom of the cabinet and did it and then waited for the results. once the result showed up positive I ran to my room and got ready for school with tears running down my face. Once I was done getting ready I wiped the tears from my eyes and headed down stairs to see my brother getting his backpack on.
"Morning Sweetie" My dad said.
"Morning dear" My mom said
"Morning. Um Mason can you drive me to school?" I asked my older twin brother
"Of Course sis. Don't I always?" Mason said. I then smiled a small smile and nodded.
"Can we go now? I need to do something before school." I said. Mason then nodded and left with me following behind. We then got into his car and headed to school.
"So why did you want to get to school so early?" asked Mason curiouly.
"I n-need t-to talk t-to Chase" I said nervously.
"Courtney how much longer are you going to stay with him! You need to break up with him!" yelled my brother Mason.
"I'm g-going to" I said
"Did you want me to stay with you when you talk to him?" asked Mason
"N-no I w-want to do t-this on my o-own" I said.
"Okay sis but please be careful." Mason said.
"I will" I said and hugged my brother. The rest of the ride to school was silent. Once we got to school I got out of my brothers car and headed to my locker. Once I was at my locker I had just finished getting my book and was about to head to class but once I turned around I bumped ito someone's chest. I looked and saw it was my boyfriend Chase with his friends.
"Hey baby" Chase said and kissed me roughly. I tried pushing him away but he just put his arms around my waist tightly and continued to kiss me. Once He released my lips he started kissing my neck.
"Chase p-please stop. We n-need to talk." I said.
"About what?" asked Chase.
"Can we talk in p-private?" I asked
"Whatever you need to talk tbout with me you can say infront of my brotherand our friends." Chase said.
"C-Chase I-I want t-to break up" I said.
"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" Chase yelled at me.
"You're not going to let her break up with you bro are you?" Aiden said
"Stay out o-of t-this A-Aiden" I said.
Chase then slapped me and slammed me against my locker and grabbed me tightly against the shoulders.
"You are not breaking up with me! You belong to me!" Chase said.
"Please Chase! I can't take it anymore! I'm done!" I yelled.
"Well I'm not! You're my girlfriend and it will stay that way until we're married!" yelled Chase
"I will never marry you! I hate you!" I yelled
"Ooh ouch Chase. That was harsh. What you going to do to her?" Blake said.
"I'm going to teach her a lesson." Chase said. Chase then relased his tight grip from m shoulders and grabbed me by the throat and threw me to the floor. Chase was about to kick me.
"Please Chase don't! You'll hurt the baby!" I yelled. Chase then stood their shocked with his brother and his friends. Chase's expression soon changed to anger though and grabbed me by the hair. I then screamed in pain cause of his tight grip.
"You slut whose is it! Who did you sleep with!" yelled Chase.
"Maybe she slept with one of thos Black Veil Bride dudes" Blake said.
"Did you!" yelled Chase
"No. It's yours Chase!" I said.
"Looks like your gonna be a dad and I'm gonna be a uncle bro" Aiden said.
"No you're not cause I don't want you or Chase in this baby's life" I said.
Chase then grabbed me by the throat
"You are not leaving me! You also don't tell me what to do!" yelled Chase. Chase then pushed me into his brother Aiden's arms.
"Since you have all your classes with her Aiden watch her and make sure she doesn't try anything" said Chase.
Chase then walked off follollowed by Blake and Blaise. Aiden then took me by the arm and dragged me to my classes all day. It was finally the last class of the day which was creative writing which I loved. I loved it because not only could I express myself throught writing but my brother was in my class as well which meant Aiden couldn't really do anything to me. Class was almost over and the bell was about to ring when out teacher stopped us.
"Everyone your homework for tonight is two write two poems. One about something you fear and one about something you love." Mrs.Bradly said.
The bell then rang and I rushed out the door before Aiden could stop me and headed to my locker. I then got what I needed from my locker and was about to head outside when I turned around to come face to face with my brother.
"What happend?!" yellsed Mason.
"I-I tried to break up with Chase. Really I did Mason but he wouldn't let me. He said I belong to him." I said
"Courtney this is going to get out of hand soon! You're going to get hurt worse if you don't break up with him now!" yelled Mason.
"Mason there's something I need to tell you." I said
"What is it?" ask Mason
"Remember when I told you Chase raped me." I said
"Yeah. Why" asked Mason
"H-he got m-me pregnant" I said tears starting to run down my face. Mason then stomped angrily out of the school with me following behind him. I then saw him go over to CHase and and his friends and punch Chase.
"How dare you! How dare you get my sister pregnant!" Yelled Mason
"She's my girlfriend I can do whatever I want with her!" yelled Chase.
"You stay away from her! My sister and you are through! SHe doesn't need to to date an asshole of a boyfriend like you! Stay away from her and her baby or you'll reget it!" Mason yeeled and then ook me by my hand and took me to his car and drived us home. Once we were home we headed upto my room and did our homework. Once we were done I got up and hugged Mason.
"Thanks for today Mason" I said
"Your welcome sis. Don't worry I'll protect you from Chase and his friend and when I can't my friend Sky will protect you." Mason said and then kissed my forehead and left my room.
Ashley's POV
I was watching Courtney all day yoday and couldn't believe it that bastard raped her and got her pregant. I had to claim her as mine soon. Once I claimed her the baby inside her would be mine. I need to to protect her. I need to let her know I'm here for her.
End Ashley's Pov
Normal POV
I was sittiing in my room when I heard someone knock on my window. I looked and saw Ashley. I then went over and opend it and he came in.
"What are you doing here?" I asked
"I needed to see you." said Ashley
"Why?" I asked
"I have the need to protect you. I feel attracted to you" Ashley said
"I do to but we can't be together." I said
"Ashley then came over and cupped my face in his hands.
"Why not?" Ashley asked
"You're older then me and our love is forbidden" I said
"I don't care I want you, I need you, you're my soul mate" Ashley said
"I don't k-know what t-to say" I said shocked
"Say you'll stay with me and be with me forever" Ashley said
"I don't know Ash I want to to be with you and trust you but I feel as if you're hiding something from me" I said
"You're right I am. I'm a vampire Courtney and so are the rest of Black Veil Brides" Ashley said
I then started to back away but Ashley grabbed me by the arm and pulled me so I was up against his chest
"Please don't hurt me" I said
"Why would I hurt my soulmate" Ashley said.
"You won't hurt me?" I asked
"No all I want to do is protect you and be with you forever. Will you let me?" asked Ash
"Stangely Yes" I said. Next thing I knew Ashley kissed me passionately. Once he released me I smiled and he smiled back and kissed me once more. I then relased myself and went to get changed for bed. Once I was done getting changed I saw Ashley sitting on my cover. I then got under my cover and Ashley layed down and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Will you stay?" I asked
"If you want me to" said Ashley
"Yes please" I said
"Then I will" Ashley said and kissed my neck. I then fell asleep in the arms of my savior.
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