The Strnage Boys: Ch 41

well here it is....hope its good

Created by TheLostBoysLoverForever on Tuesday, November 08, 2011

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Love is suppose to feel great, nice and make you feel warm but I, I feel cold. Love is not my thing...honestly. I hate to say this but love hates me and me alone. Everyone has a partner but I want both, Sammy and Marko. I can’t have both, that’s wrong and hurtful to them plus Marko would probably kill Sammy...and that’s bad!!!

I screamed while grabbing my sort of long/short hair. I stared into my bedroom mirror I saw purple and blue under my eye lid, I saw a pale face and a damaged image of myself. I look terrible.

I have not been out of my house to see anyone in two weeks, I have not sleep, only a couple hours here and there, token pills to kill my pain and I have eaten very little do to the fact it comes back up.

I am on my way to my death yet I don’t mine.
I heard a knock at my door.

Who could it be? I thought as I shuffled over to the window and pulled the curtains to see the gang: David, Sarah, Paul, Brooke, Marko and Dwayne. They stood there slightly chatting as they waited for me to open my door. I saw Dwayne look down at me, in to my eyes as I thought don’t tell them I am here Please as I saw him nod back with a slight smile. Oh thank you Dwayne I may not know you and we don’t talk but I love you right now!

It’s not that I am mad at the gang; I just can’t be around anyone without feeling hurt, and like a third wheel. I don’t belong in Edger, Allen and Sam’s group and I don’t belong in David’s biker Vampire gang either. Maybe I should move, I heard Toronto has beautiful- I was cut off with a knock and a “Hello Milly? You home?...We can smell you...” David adds as I stared at the door. “That’s cool David that you know what I smell like and all that fancy snozzberries” I muttered low as I stood there than smiled.

“Okay come on in boys and girls” I grinned as the talking came to a halt. And Bingo was his name-o

“We...can’t...” David answered as I grinned “Well then. Good Day!”

“But we want to see you” Brooke whined

See me? After what you have done! You left me for Paul! You ditched me for a stoner! A vampire..A MURDER!!

“Well that’s too fucking bad! If you were ‘human’ you could just waltz in right now...but you’re not. Now isn’t that right Brooke!?”

I went quite on the other end as I smirk.

“Sucks to be a vampire doesn’t it? You can’t come into your-use to be- house, can’t see the sun rise, you have to murder innocent people...disgrace to humanity” I finished as my head began to pound all of a sudden. “Fuck” I whispered as I become dizzy and leaned against the wall. Everything became vertigo; I slowly slide to the floor as I faintly heard “Milly! Milly! MILLY!!”

“Come in” I whispered as I closed my eyes. I could hear footsteps that but they are loud to my ears. I shut my eyes tight as I clapped my hands over my ears.

“BE QUITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screeched as my body gave up....

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