The Dragon's Keeper (Draco Malfoy) 2

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I lounged my legs out on the bench, saving the extra spot for Harry as he was in the bathroom. The Gryffindor table was nearly full now as all the other students sat down with their schoolmates. The noise of all the students echoed loudly, their voices bouncing off the walls creating an oddly comfortable atmosphere.

Nearly head-less Nick floated by giving a kind greeting to me before going on about to greet others.

“Hermione.” I said excitedly, staring as the first years were walking in the hall. Their little hats and cloaks were too adorable! “Hermione,” I repeated, trying to catch her attention.


“Hermione?” I turned my gaze from the small adorable children. “Why aren’t you answering-?”

“Shhh!” She hissed, forcing me to stare at where she was looking at.

My gaze followed hers to see where Ron and Lavender were chatting happily, standing closely by great archway. A chuckle left me as I found her jealously too sweet. Her reaction to my chuckle turned grave as she tore her napkin in half. Her eyes screamed, ‘it’s not funny.’

“Hey there, thanks for saving me a seat June-bug!” Harry arrived, scooting my legs over. He sat down grinning before noticing our two separate emotions. I covered my mouth with the back of my hand, trying to conceal the fit of giggles.

“What’s going on?” He asked suspiciously.

June here,” she said darkly, “is laughing at nothing. She’s a silly, silly, girl.”

“Is that so?” His brow perched, almost disappearing under his long hair. I couldn’t look at anyone without smiling madly.

“Tehe…oh yeah, you know me. Too many frogs, I can’t handle the sugar.” I managed to say, before snorting like a pig. Mione shook her head, eyes flashing at Ron’s arrival.

“Hello, Harry. June…Hermione. “Lavender’s voice seemed to tinkle as she spoke. Her cheerful grin had a tint of smugness, infuriating Hermione even more. The napkin she held was now ripped into two neat pieces.

“Nice to see you Lavender, how was your summer?” I asked, giving her my best smile. She immediately brightened and held onto Ron’s arm.

“It was lovely. Patil and I went to the Muggle Park, Disney World. There are so many muggles there that I could hardly breathe correctly. They walk around nearly side by side because of how small the place is!”

“Really? I didn’t go there this summer but I would love to go.”

“It’s just a cheerful place to be. All the baby muggles giggle and cry and their parents wear the strangest clothes!”

“Oh I went to America as well-OUCH!” I yelped, clutching my shin. “What was that for?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Mione said casually, taking a sip from her cup. “I hope your turrets are alright though.”

“Sure…thanks for asking.”

When Lavender wasn’t watching, she kicked me again, this time mouthing that I should tell Brown to get lost.

I mouthed a NO. I was definitely not as despicable to her as Hermione would have wanted me to be. I’m a nice person Mione! Nice!

Threatening to kick me again, I shook in defeat. “Hey Lavender, I’m sure Dumbledore is about to have the first years be placed into their rightful houses. You should probably sit down before he does.” I mentioned politely.

Brown’s eyes showed surprise, her teeth now hidden under the strained smile, “I’m sure I could wait, Ronnie and I have SO much to catch up on.” Emphasis: ME and RONNIE.

“It’s okay Lavender. I’ll just talk to you later.” Ron agreed, giving a quick peck to her cheek. He sat down with Hermione, oblivious to the electricity between her and Brown. I swear if I had to touch Hermione on the arm I would be electrocuted dead on the spot.

Lavender gasped as if betrayed. She turned on her heel, nose stuck up and arms crossed firmly together.

“Wait, Lavender why-“

“Don’t speak to me RONALD Weasly!” She yelled furiously, alerting Seamus and Neville to look back at us. Their gazes followed her until she sat down. Then they flipped their attention to me in question.

Ron stared owlishly, “Did I do something wrong?”

Harry grinned, shaking his head. He vaguely noted, “You’re a love machine.”

“What did I do?” He asked again, looking at each of our amused faces.

He nudged Hermione roughly, “What did I do?”

“Bugger off Ron.”

“But-why? What did I do?!”

Harry cracked a smile, before being forced by me to look to the front of the dining hall.

“Look! He’s just adorable!” I giggled, pointing at the little boy in his cloak and hat near Mrs. Potts. “Look at those red cheeks and hair. He looks just like Ron!”

Ron stared incredulously at me, muttering a few words, before taking his own glance at the little ginger. His brows furrowed in disbelief at the comparison. “What? No, I was much more handsome.” He scoffed, pounding his chest once. “I’m the only ginger who could pull the hair off.”

“Oh really,” Chimed two similarly sounding boys. “Were we not good looking chaps?”

“No.” Ron said indignantly. “You both have floppy ears.”

“By George, I think he’s joking!” Fred feigned shock.

“And I thought we we’re jokesters.” George laughed, wrapping his arm casually over his twin’s shoulder. “I guess our little brother is following our path. Wait til mum hears about this.”

“Oh boy…” Hermione grinned, shaking her head.

“She’ll have a fit!” They laughed at the same time.

“I love your family Ron. It’s so diverse!” I cried, almost doubling over in laughter.

“You don’t have to be with them every day.” He complained. The twins grinned smugly, obviously knowing their place in my heart. They would sit as jesters in my kingdom.

They bent over and kissed either side of my cheek simultaneously. “You’re our favorite little June-bug.”

Ron guffawed. “Did you know that these two clowns used to sleep with matching blankets and if one didn’t have it, they won’t sleep?”

“Really now? That’s so cute!” Harry burst of laughing again.

“You really want to start telling secrets?” George asked threateningly. “Because…”

We have plenty to talk about you.” They warned in unison.

“…I can never have a bloody thing for myself.” Ron scoffed.

They nodded their heads smugly.

“Anyway, it’s good to see you all. Including you Hermione.” Fred continued. “You are a much better house guest than that girlfriend of his.”

“Hey! Don’t speak about her like that. She was very nice to-“

“Don’t even try to defend her.” George waved his hand in dismissal. “Even mum has her doubts.”

“She did leave quite a mess in the summer.” Harry added. “It’s like she moved in overnight. Her clothes were probably in your drawers when you weren’t looking.”

“She nearly broke my wand under her huge-“

“Guys! Stop! This isn’t cool.” Ron growled. “She’s my girlfriend so just stop it.”

“Sorry.” Mione mumbled her face half with regret and sorrow. She couldn’t help but feel jealous over him. Harry nudged me, showing how he’s noticed Hermione’s jealously. And if HARRY knew, that must mean Ron was as daft as a man could get.

Suddenly, mountainous piles of food appeared in front of us. Nearly salivating at the plates of food that magically filled the golden plates, my stomach flipped in excitement knowing what’s coming. I just adored the food here. No matter how much I grew accustomed to the muggle food in America, I could never replace my love for the Hogwarts brand.

“It’s dinner! Aw yes, I’m starved!” Fred cried, dragging George back to their 7th year friends. “We’ll see you after dinner children!” They both called, pushing each other as they ran.

“Stupid brothers…” Ron muttered, taking his fork out of the napkin. His eyes brightened at the full turkey. “Man, I’m starving! I could eat a whole griffin if I wanted.”

“You always say that, Ron.” Harry teased. “Maybe you should actually go eat one.”

“Oh!” I gasped, a memory popped into my head. “I should have brought you the PHO challenge.”

They blinked blankly. “What?” Completely random thought, June.

I sweat dropped, weaving a hand through my hair. My thoughts floundered around before I could make them into words. “It’s this sort of noodle in a bowl…that muggles eat to keep warm.”

“Ew, that doesn’t sound appetizing at all. PHO? It sounds so bland!” His face contorted in a grimace.

“You’re too close minded. I tried it before with Hagrid. It isn’t that bad.” Harry idly unwrapped his napkin. “Have you ever tried the hot dog? I would think your father had made you try it before.”

“Oh stop, now you’re making me lose my appetite. Father would never try to poison his own flesh and blood.” Ron groaned, trying concentrate of wizard food. “Muggle food sounds disgusting.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, giving me that look. ‘How is he so daft?’

I sent her my own look, ‘Why do you love him if he’s so daft?’

She sent me a dirty look before stabbing her fork into a piece of chicken.

I merely stuck my tongue out with my eyes crossed together. She did the same curving her mouth in a hooked like manner.

“Hah!” I touched my nose with my tongue.

She did the same as well as waggling her eyebrows in a wave.

We continued our little war until we couldn’t stop laughing as well as ignoring Harry’s attempt to shush us.

“June, Mione! Stop!”

“Hahaha, why?” I laughed, twisting my face into another expression. Hermione didn’t reciprocate this time and instead, looked down, hiding her reddening face.


“Because you look like an idiot.” A dull voice resonated in the room, freezing my expression. My once funny face became one of humiliation as I finally noticed the silence from all the students. Snape stared with an annoyed glare, his hands clasped firmly together.

“Oh,” I said sheepishly, shrinking into my seat. “My bad…”

Chuckles and laughter filled the hall again. Harry and Ron burst into a fit of laughter, turning red from the lack of air. I huffed, trying to calm the flare of heat from my neck. I looked up for a moment only to see Draco staring smugly at me. I couldn’t even give him a good nasty look without blushing.

The bustling students quieted down again, their attention glued to Dumbledore as he waited patiently. It didn’t take long for anyone to notice how powerful his presence was as he garnered such great respect from all of us. When he knew he had our full attention he spoke.

“Young wizards…young witches…we have here our new first years and are very lucky to have them here.” He gestured to the hoard of younglings, cowering behind each other. “Before we feast we shall begin the Sorting! Please hold all applause until the very last student has been sorted.”

“Gregory Corriandor-Hufflepuff!”

“Flora Potts-RavenClaw!”

“Toby Cheaves-Slytherin!”

“Marlene Bartholomew-Gryffindor!”

“Emily Walters-“


The very last student sat down, enveloped with high fives and pats on the back. The little first year was sat down with the Slytherin table, his innocent face mismatched from their normal grouchy faces.

I frowned, hating when I saw them go off to that bloody table. They turn good children into wanna be Draco Malfoy’s and Pansy Parkinson’s.

“Poor kid.” I said under my breath. Poor poor kid.

“That was quite a long sorting.” Harry commented, wiping his mouth with his napkin. “You would think that there’d be fewer enrollments because of you know who running around.”

“I guess parents are sending their children in to learn a few tricks before times get harder.”

“Mum wouldn’t let us skip school for anything less than a broken bone or a case of the measles.” Ron frowned, still picking at his food.

“My parents have no idea what’s going on. They’re clueless as to what is happening.” Mione said.

“At least you have parents.” Harry and I muttered. We automatically looked at each other, knowing the full extent of the miseries of dead parents.

“…You’d always have a family with us.” Hermione reassured, rubbing my hand gently.

“Yeah, who’s more of a brother to you than me?” Ron asked rhetorically “That’s right, no one would dare come near you knowing I’m here.” Ron said proudly, puffing out his chest.

“Even if a death eater attacks her,” Harry asked.

Especially when a death eater comes. I would then smite that bloody reaper with my wand and show just how courageous, I, your older brother is!” He held his wand with a confidence, its point midway in the air.

We couldn’t contain our snickers because he was creating such a wily scene. Seamus started chuckling at him too, raising his glass to me in toast. I toasted him back, cheeks still flushed from laughter.

“Ello dear brother, having a nice day dream are you?” Fred came along, rubbing his stomach contently. “I could have just sworn I heard you say courageous. Then I thought, ‘hm, my little brother Ron Weasly as courageous?’ What a bloody card you’re playing!”

“Don’t joke Fred. He’s merely trying to be as courageous as his brothers. He looks up to us!” George joined in, standing behind Ron. “Mentally and physically!”

“I’m almost your height!” He argued furiously.

Almost little one. That’s an important word to remember.”

Then a memory popped into my head. “Oh, Hermione! You’re supposed to teach me the confundo charm! I asked you earlier didn’t I?” I said, taking out my wand.

The boys were chatting or probably arguing about something as Hermione taught me the spell. She told me to wave my hand in a certain way before casting it as well as making sure to steady my voice. The more emotion I put into the spell the more likely it’ll last on the person.

“You should try it out on Harry.” She whispered, head tilted to his direction.

I smiled slyly, inconspicuously drawing my wand out. Harry was facing Dean now, his back to me.

“Harry.” I tapped his shoulder.

“What?” He turned around.


“Hey June! Did-?”


I gasped, dropping my wand to cover my mouth in horror. Harry watched in awe, pointing between him, Cyril, and me.

“Oh my gosh, Cyril are you okay?”

He wasn’t supposed to surprise me like that! Oh my gosh I’m going to be in such trouble!

“Were you just about to put a spell on me?!” Harry yelled. Ron and his brothers were watching us mildly interested and partially embarrassed by our screaming. Hermione took out a book in search of a counter spell.

“Are you okay Cyril?!”

“Cyril…cereal. Who are you?” The brown haired boy asked. “Why are you calling me cereal?”

“Oh…” I practically cried. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to confuse you.”

“My name’s Cereal?”

“No, it’s Cyril…Cyril, should I have you go to the hospital wing?” Harry asked concerned.

“And who are you? Where are we? Why are there so many people here? Who is that woman?”

A few teachers were standing over their table, watching the commotion. I silently cursed myself for having done something so stupid! And to someone so nice! Cyril as the sweetest boy ever and I just made his mind a confused mess.

“Is there something the matter here?” Professor McGonagall asked. Her fragile like body stood firm behind us.

Cyril pointed at her and then back at himself. “Are you my mother?”

“I see someone has used the Confundo spell on him.” She said scornfully. “Although it usually isn’t a harmful spell, it would seem that you’ve used too much passion in it. I will have to send you, Mr. Meade to the hospital wing just for good measure.”

“…I didn’t understand a thing you’ve said mum.” He blinked innocently.

She gave him a sympathetic look. “Who did this to you Mr. Meade? Did the twins have something to do with this?”

“Why are we first to blame?” Fred asked, ‘offended’ by the accusation.

“Yeah, we didn’t do anything Ms. G.”

“I did it m’am.” I confessed. One hand cupped my elbow in a sheepish manner as I stood before her. “It was an accident but I did it.”

“Honesty is good Miss. Summerbee. However honest you may be though, I will have to punish you. Please see me after dinner and we will discuss your punishment.”

“Yes Prof. McGonagall.”

“Good...come on Cyril. I’ll have a prefect keep an eye on you.”

“I don’t need someone perfect to keep an eye on me mum. I’m just cereal.”

“Oh dear…” She tsked, taking him by the arm.

Professor McGonagall led Cyril away, asking the other Gryffindor prefect to escort him to the wing.

“I feel so bad.” I breathed, feeling solemn and melodramatic. I collapsed into my seat, looking downcast at my hands.

“You’re a beast.” George said. “You just rocked that prefect’s mind.”

“I don’t think he’ll be able to do his duties today. Perhaps they’ll make you do it Junie.”

“They haven’t chosen all the prefects yet for Gryffindor you know. They’re still deciding between a handful of students.”

“I hope they don’t give it to me. Being prefect means I have to roam the halls and send sneaky students to bed. How can I do that when I usually sneak off at night?”

“Now you can’t get caught.” Harry said bluntly. “But what do you usually do at night?”

“Nothing, of anyone’s concern.” I keeping my secret and I will never let it go!

The candles in the air flickered down, and the plates of empty scraps disappeared. ‘Time for my punishment’, I thought sadly.

“Alright, we’ll see you sometime.” The twins left, meeting up with some other 7th year friends. The first years were escorted out, led away by their prefects. The head boy was busy trying to fix a hexed boy from the Slytherin table.

“The Gryffindor yearlings don’t have a prefect to lead them.” Hermione noted. “Cyril and Tommy are at the hospital wing.” I groaned realizing her implement.

“I guess…I’m up for it.” Standing up I bid farewell to my friends.

“Bye June, I’ll see you tonight.” Mione said.

I walked swiftly to the part of the table where the kids sat. They watched everything with confusion and interest. “Alright, first years, follow me to your quarters and don’t get left behind.”

They followed me frantically, almost with every step. I was bumped into a couple of times by their curious manners and clumsy feet.

I took them up the stairs, making sure that every single student was following me the whole way. The fat lady painting saw us coming and immediately put on her strict face.



“You may enter.”

“Thanks. So first years,” I waved my hands over them to shush them. “The boy’s dorms will be to the left and girls to the right. There will be no sneaking off at night or someone will find you. Specifically a werewolf or some dementors.” They gasped, already scared.

“I’m kidding.” I laughed. “But do not sneak around or I will find you. Or a nasty Slytherin will find you. Or a snarky Hufflepuff will find you….”

They all entered their dorms swiftly, not taking light to my joking. Once they were all inside, I closed the painting, saying a quick farewell to the fat lady. I had to see Professor McGonagall now and I was late. Anytime a student is late for her meetings, she would punish them with more than she intended before!

I ran to her class, noticing she wasn’t in. I sighed in relief, perhaps she was still with Cyril.

“Miss Summerbee.” I guess not.

“Here,” I said lamely.

“I see that. I also see that you are late. May I know as to why you are late?”

“I was leading the first years into their dorms m’am. They were just sitting in the dining hall, confused as baby birds.”

“And you led them all just now?” She asked, impressed.


“That is very good working Miss. Summerbee. Then what I had in plan will work in both yours and the school’s favor.”

“What is it?”

“You are now a prefect, Miss. Summerbee. Your academics are up to par as one and you show great deference to the staff and students. I would say this isn’t much a punishment rather a promotion.” She paused. “Actually, I may have you as a prefect for the night duties everyday with Draco as punishment for Mr. Meade.”

I titled my head. “Why is he being punished?”

“He hexed a first year in ‘good natured fun’.” She said disapprovingly. “Sometimes that boy…he needs to grow up.”


“He is as we speak in Prof. Dumbledore’s office. Go to his quarters and tell him of his duties. You shall both begin tonight.”

“Yes m’am.” I bowed curtly, scampering off to Prof. Dumbledore’s office. I felt like I’ve been running all day today. And just my luck, his office was on the far side of the school. It couldn’t hurt to have some sort of transportation in this school.

I stopped short of the gargoyle statue, resting myself by its feet. Wiping the sweat from my brow, I waited for Draco to emerge.

Idly, I pulled out my wand. I thought back in memory, remembering the specific details of how Olivander gave it to me. I smiled gently. This wand had a rare dragon heart string entwined with a unicorn’s hair. The way he made it seemed so much more magical and desirable than any other wand in the shop.


The sibilance of the statue turning startled me, making me hop off the gargoyle. Draco walked out of the room, an annoyed expression pulled at his face. He turned to me, a sneer already ready. “What are you doing here Summerbee?”

“I have prefect duties with you tonight.” I explained.

“I see, for turning old Cyril into a bumbling brain less idiot right? Good for you.”

“I didn’t mean to hex him” I sighed exasperated. “And he isn’t an idiot; he’s much smarter than you.”

“Che, stupid…” He scoffed, pushing his way past me.

He took a few long strides down the hallway before looking over his shoulder. “Are you coming or what?”

“Oh!” I caught up with him. “Where are we going?”

“We’re making sure students aren’t sneaking around.” He snapped, rubbing his arm gently. “That’s what prefects do.”

“Ah.” I followed him, not wanting to start an argument.

“Stupid girl…this is going to a long night.” He muttered under his breath.

And a long night it was. We spent our first hour, patrolling the deserted hallways. Only Filch and his cat walked those lone passages and sometimes he’d just talk to himself about the weather. Besides him, no one seemed to be sneaking around tonight. Or that was how it seemed.

“So what exactly did you do that got you trouble?” I asked out of boredom, officially breaking the silence.

“…I hexed that ginger first year for drinking from my cup. He was a stupid mudblood. Two words: Petrificus Totalus and he became as stiff as a board.”

“You stunned him?” I gasped, disgusted. “You’re horrible! He’s just a child!”

“So what? Do you have a thing for red heads Summerbee?”

“No. I have a soft spot for children. They need good guidance to be good people.”

“You’re daft. The world isn’t meant for weaklings.” His pale face contained no sarcasm. He really meant what he said.

“Do you think you’re a weakling?” I asked cautiously. I didn’t mean for it to be an insult. It was out of curiosity as to why he would even think he was weak.

“How dare you call me weak?” His eyes narrowed in rage. He stopped us mid-step, shoving me sharply. “Call me weak again, and I will personally see you punished.”

I stumbled backwards, catching myself form hitting the stone walls. My temper flared up at his superior expression.

“Now who’s weak?”

Reaching into my robes, I gripped my wand, debating whether to use it or not. I knew better. I definitely did. However smart and steady my mind was, I had to admit the full extent of how this blonde boy could push my buttons.

“Are you afraid of me June-bug?” He taunted with my nickname, stepping forward. “I dare you to just try and hex me. Try it. Raise that wand and HEX me.”

My thoughts thrashed in frantic movements, nearly splitting my head from frustration. My hand gripped my wand even tighter.

“So you are a weakling.” He concluded. “I expected much more from you. But then again, how could I think you’d be strong when your parents weren’t even strong enough to fend themselves-“

“Damn you Malfoy!” I hissed, taking out my wand. I raised it in offense, just about to curse him for mentioning my family again. Draco quickly reacted, grabbing my forearms from any movement.

“Let go you ferret!” I growled, violently trying to rip my arms away.

“Stay quiet or we’ll get caught.” He whispered, shaking me for good measure.

Angered to no end, I tugged my arm with all my strength, pulling his body towards me. He merely grunted by the exertion of power but remained steady with his grip. I tugged again and again; unaware of how close he was now.

“Are you trying to tell me something Summerbee?” He muttered smugly. His sudden breath blew in my face.

My eyes widened at the close proximity of our faces. His grey eyes bore down on me, watching the slow rise of heat in my cheeks.

“I can take a hint.”

“NO.” I hissed, trying to rip myself away again. “Let go let go, let go.”

“Okay.” He smirked, letting go completely.


My breathing came out in puffs, surprising me of how much his presence must have stunted me. Draco stood with his arms crossed; the same usual smirk adorned his face.

What was going on here?

“Hey, you two! What are you two still doing up? Prefect duties are over.” Filch limped over, pointing a finger at us. “Get to bed before I report you.”

“Yes sir.” Draco said mockingly. “We were just on our way.”

“Good. Now go on. Hurry!”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow June-bug. Sleep well.” He smirked and walked away like some great celebrity on the red carpet.

“Stop gawking and get going!”

I glared lightly at the old man. He continued down the hallway, muttering about late night meetings and love.

I did not have any feelings for that Malfoy idiot.

And love was as opposite to how I felt, as Malfoy and I were as people.

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