---Maybe,Just Maybe,I'm a Kid.---Chapter 4

^_^ Here it is...:D Finally,an update!You're lucky that I'm sick..Or else I would be outside shopping and partying!So blegh!*sticks tounge out*

Created by mewfunnygal on Friday, November 11, 2011

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The six kids sat in one room.Sanzo,Goygo and Hakkai were all downstairs and were probably drinking."So,Goku..Do you have any idea where Nataku is?"Yaya asked."....Who's that?"Goku asked.Thy stared at him,in pure shock."G-Goku...don't you remember Nataku..?Your best..friend?"yaya asked,standing up and moving closer to Goku,a worried look on her face."No...I..Don't..Should I..?I don't remember anything that involves a guy named...Nataku."Goku said,raising an eyebrow at her.Yaya covered her mouth,covering her open mouth."Yo guys..?Who is Nataku?"Goku asked,sitting up on the bed."He's..."Amu started,but Nagihiko dove and covered her mouth."I-It doesn't matter!Goku?Could you please go and check on Sanzo,Goygo and Hakkai?I'm hungry...And we need to make sure hteir up for getting some food."Nagihiko explained."Oh,Ok!"Gku ogt up and ran out of the room,stomping downstairs."What was that for?"Amu asked."You guys...this is Goku's dimension.Remember,how he said he couldn't remember anything from back before the cage?Well,I think,since he is in his world..he forgot everyone,and everything from before the cage."Nagihiko explained.Their eyes widened to the size of saucers."What..?But..No way!"Yaya said,disbelief clear in her voice.Nagihiko nodded."So in conclusion,we must refrain from speaking of Nataku or before the cage.Got it?"Nagihiko asked.They all nodded.The door opened a moment later,Goku smiling at them."Guys!Time for dinner!"He cheered.They nodded,and followed him downstairs,each having disbelief on their mind.
Voila!~It is done~For now~Next Chapter coming soon~

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