X.The Substitute.X (Usui Takumi One Shot for MikaYukiko)

First Lime-ish one shot~ Hope you like it~ I honestly enjoyed typing this a lot

Created by ShindakoX on Saturday, November 12, 2011

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My body was pinned up against the wall of the dressing room of Maid latte. The blonde let his bangs hang low, covering his eyes and as he leaned closer; resting his jaw on my exposed shoulder.

He had my arms locked in his hands, holding them firmly against the wall behind me. Just feeling his warm breath near the shell of my ear sent shivers down my spine, my mind fogging up. "This is what you wanted right Mika?" He teased, forcing me to turn my head as he nipped my neck.

"S-stop Usui!" I froze as I felt his hand lowering the strap of my maid uniform. Both my hands were secured against the wall with his right, while his left began to roam between my bust and waist. “You’re not doing anything to stop me…” he whispered into my ear, his hot breath against it.

I couldn’t think properly with him just teasing me like this! It’s not I liked what he was doing, it’s just um improper! Nuzzling the side of his face against mine, I felt heat rising to my cheeks as he moved closer eventually sealing off any space between our bodies.


All this happened, when my cousin Misaki was given a forced vacation...

“While I’m gone, you as the vice president of Seika have my authority to control all those that go against the rules or disturb the girls! Also, you’ll have to be dealing with my three regulars, all you have to do is kick them out if you see them ok? Though I don’t think the managers will let you do that so just ignore them or something. Also make sure Takumi behaves and doesn’t break anymore hearts. Furthermore…”

I swear this was the longest good bye I’ve ever received. I just smiled sweetly as my cousin continued to pass on to me her daily duties. My lips twitched as she rambled on, I hated being told what to do. Misaki took a deep breath and placed her hand gently on my shoulder.

“Mika… I honestly didn’t want to take this vacation but the manager forced me too. Sorry if I’m giving you too much responsibilities. You’re the only one I trust to do these-“We both heard the gate to our house screech and we both gave the surprise visitor a glare, my cousin especially.

“Don’t you trust me too Misaki? After all we are close friends… with benefits.” Usui made sure to deepen his voice when he said the last part as he stared into Misaki’s eyes. I hated this pervert as much as she did; I never liked him hanging around her too much.

The raven haired girl let out a small growl and went over towards him. “Listen here Usui, I don’t want you giving anyone especially Mika and while I’m gone alright?” she warned as she jabbed her index finger at his chest. Giving her a playful smile he went near her face as he asked. “Won’t you take me with you? I’ll have no one to play with while you’re gone.”

As I looked away from the two I just rolled my eyes, how does she put up with that blonde every single day? He’s always following her, saying perverted things to her, making sure she’s safe, defending her from her enemies, saying sweet things… No! I am not falling for that pervert! There is just no way!

As a taxi parked by our house, Misaki shoved Usui to the side as she got inside. Before it left she looked out the window, waving at me. “Take care Mika! Please take care of things while I’m gone!”

With that, she was driven away as I stood alone by the gate. I let out a huff as I looked at my watch. It was almost time to go to school. I checked my shoulder bag, making sure everything was inside before I left. While I walked I heard footsteps behind me, when I turned my head no one was there. I just shrugged it off as I continued my way to school.

As I walked into Seika High, I got several stares from the students. Even while I walked to class, they just kept staring at me and whispering to one another. As I took my seat I was greeted by both Sakura and Shizuko. “Hey Mika, feeling a bit lonely without Misaki around?” The cheery girl asked as she sat on my desk.

“No I’m doing fine; people keep staring at me though. It’s really getting irritating.” I responded, peeking at the boys behind her who looked at me while they talked to one another. Shizuko crossed her arms as she glanced at them. “They’re just surprised you aren’t with Misaki that’s all. Shizuko and I are the only ones in class who knows about her forced vacation.” She stated.

“THE PRESIDENT’S ON VACATION?!” I titled my head, surprised that the students heard that. I saw one of the male students rush towards the entrance of the classroom. “Hey the president’s on vacation!” he shouted. I heard several voices cheering outside before I sighed. They were definitely happy about her gone for a while.

News about my cousin spread like wildfire; it reached the ears of almost all the students of Seika. As I predicted when she told me that she would be away; the school had reverted to the Dark Age.

The girls were utterly terrified as the boys ran wild. Some ran through the halls, food fights began in most classrooms, fist fights ensued and some even tried to push the girls out of their classrooms. “Aren’t you going to do something Mika?” Sakura asked as she hid behind me as we walked through the chaotic halls.

I looked around and cringed, as I pushed the two girls away as two boys ran past us yelling something about freedom. I pushed my sleeves up and tossed my bag to Shizuko like a boss. “You sure you can handle it?” the bespectacled girl asked. I just gave a nod before I walked off, ready to install discipline back to this school.

“Hey knock it off guys!” I scolded as I approached a bunch of them scaring the girls. One of them turned towards me while the girls walked away with haste. “Huh? Oh it’s the Vice-president~ Come on guys we have to go or else~” He teased as he neared me. His companions followed, evil sneers on their faces. “What are you going to do Vice President? Lecture us to death?” another jeered.

“I’m giving you one last chance, get back to your classes or else.” I warned.

They just chuckled as they got closer. But suddenly froze as their eyes widened before turning around and running into their classes. “Well, guess I showed them.” I said as I placed my hand on my waist.

“Yes you did Mika...” I jumped as I turned and saw Usui awfully close to me. I pushed him away from shock and glared at him. “What are you doing here?!” I asked. He just tilted his head and pointed at his uniform. “I study here.” He replied smugly. Rolling my eyes I turned away from. “Aren’t you supposed to be stalking my cousin or breaking hearts?” He just shrugged and walk towards me. “Well, she specifically told me to take care of you.” I shook my head. “No, she said to not give me any trouble.”

He just smiled and leaned against the wall. “I didn’t give you any trouble, I saved you didn’t I?” I rolled my eyes again. “I don’t need you saving me, I can handle myself alright?” With that I left him alone in the halls. I heard footsteps behind me get closer and as I was about to turn around I was pinned against the wall.

“U-Usui what are you doing?!” I questioned angrily as he held my arms above my head. He didn’t say a word as he pressed himself against me, making my cheeks turn red. I struggled to free my arms, his grip tightening as he lowered his head to connect his forehead with mine. I couldn’t say anything as I looked at his bright eyes. His hot breath brushed itself on my lips, making my legs tremble. “This is how you get raped unless you’re careful.”

I snapped out of it as I heard that and immediately stepped on his foot, releasing him from his hold. “Get away from you pervert!” I yelled as I ran away from him.

Who did he think he was?! He can’t just come up to me and do that! I’m definitely telling Misaki to kick his butt when she comes back. Thinking deeply while I walked down the halls, I didn’t notice the group of students from earlier spot me as I walked past their class.

I suddenly felt someone grab my arm; I instinctively pulled him over me and stepped on his chest. “Don’t EVER do that to me again.” His companions gulped as they made their way back inside, giggles were heard as they were slightly embarrassed. They probably thought Misaki was the only one who knew Aikido; thank goodness I proved them wrong.

I spent the rest of the day patrolling the entire school, making sure none of the students ran rampant. As the day passed by, my presence became well known. I made sure they knew that the vice president wasn’t a push over. I smiled happily as I heard some students whisper “Behave dude it’s the vice president!”

I had proven my dominance, WITHOUT that blonde’s help. Hmph, they probably thought that way when I threatened them the first time.

When school ended, I received several praises from my friends, congratulating me on defending the school from vandalism, improper behavior and delinquents. I just gave them a triumphant smile before I walked off alone towards my part time job.

“MISAKI-CHAN~!!!” I heard three voices, say. As I peeked from the curtains of the kitchen I saw three students from Seika giggling as they searched for my cousin. “Well you’ll have to go entertain them Mika since Misaki’s on vacation~” The manager cooed. I twitched as she pushed me outside.

“Oi Mika-chan! Where’s your lovely cousin~?” Remembering her words clearly I did as I was told, getting me suspended for a week…

I grumbled as I took out my regular clothes from my locker, before slamming it closed. “Hey Mika.” Usui’s face was the first thing I saw, hidden behind the open locker. “What the hell Usui?! This is the girl’s dressing room!” He just wagged his finger in front of me and smiled. “But Misaki always let’s me in here, besides… I’m getting awfully bored.”

“I’m not Misaki so don’t think I’ll do what she does to you!” I yelled as I turned around. Only later would I regret what I said. All this time I secretly thought that Misaki had submitted to Usui’s advances (according to her diary). I was proven wrong… in the worst way possible. “Oh really now?”

“Usui stop it now!”


My body felt limp, I hadn’t had any boy this close to me before. Besides this is wrong, I shouldn’t have my sister’s worst enemy against me! “Please let me go…” I asked softly. The only response I got was his lips lingering near mine. “Well Misaki isn’t around…”

“That doesn’t mean I’m her substitute!” My outburst hadn’t affected him as he soon captured my lips. I was so angry; I didn’t like being judged as her substitute. I loved my cousin but I sometimes… sometimes I wished I was her. She was popular in school, she had someone chasing after her, she was respected, and she has her mother… I’m honestly jealous but I want to be liked for being me, Mika, not her!

I bit his lower lip, not in a sensual way. He pulled back immediately and touched his lip with his free hand.

Adjusting the strap on my uniform I walked away from him, but before I could even reach my locker he grabbed my arm. “Hey, don’t be mad Mika. You acted a lot like her, so I thought that I could treat you the same as her.” I turned to look at him and glared. “I’m not Misaki. We share similarities but that doesn’t make me her clone. I’m my own person and substituting me for her while she’s gone is the most stupid thing anyone can do!”

Why did I feel hurt by what he did? Thinking he could just use me like that? I didn’t like being compared to her all the time; it just fuels the jealousy I secretly felt. Usui slid his hand down my arm until it reached my hand. “I’m not using you as Misaki’s replacement. I just had the wrong idea on how to approach you. After all, if I tried talking to you while Misaki was around she’d pummel me that’s for sure.”

He wanted to approach me? But he never even noticed me before. “What’re you getting at Usui?” I asked suspiciously. He rolled his eyes and sighed and pulled my closer. “Your cousin and I are just close friends; I’ve always eyed you whenever you two were together.” A blush formed on my cheeks. Did he just confess?!

“I-I don’t believe you Usui!” He just smiled and held my waist as he spoke in a whisper. “Do you want me to prove how I feel about you again?”


“I know you want me~”

“Shut up Usui!”

“It’s Takumi, Mika-chan~”

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