CrAzY iN lOvE {Gamzee}

Okay i had to do this My friend is moving away so I asked her what she wanted for a gift and because she knows about this thing i'm doing she said gamzee going crazy for love~

Created by XxMoonStuck124xX on Friday, November 18, 2011


You couldn't believe this.....Gamzee killing?
yes Killing..... first Nepeta, Equius, then Tavros
Gamzee suddenly turns to you and smiles. No that isn't his smile...
"G-Gamzee w-why would you do this?"
"WHY? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SILLY!!!'' his loud voice scared you even more than before if that was even possible, he moved closer and you backed up even more because you where scared so much you wheren't really paying attention to your feet and fell backwards landing on your bum Gamzee looked at you then dropped his club and pinned on the floor you let out a shocked yelp.
"____ i love you...." You looked away only to see Tavros lying on the floor dead you let out a gasp and closed your eyes, only to have Gamzee grab your chin and make you face him.. " ARE YOU LISTENING?!! I SAID I MOTHERFUCKIN LOVE YOU " you stayed quiet and kept your eyes closed "open your eyes ____" No you couldn't bare to look at him "I SAID OPEN YOUR EYES!!" In fear of him killing you open your eyes, doing so his frown turned into a smile his broken smile......
"Thats better hey _______"
"Y-y-yes? g-g-gamzee?"

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