Undercover Bad Boy an MB (Princeton Love Story)

lol idk why but i picture princeton as a bad boy in this story!

Created by mzjuliet13 on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Main Charaters
MB (they are like 18 now)
And Angelia(Angel)Collins
"yo prince man, you gotta stop doing all the stuff you do! it's not good for your image"
Ray ray said in concern voice "what? Drinking? Smoking? Using Profanity? "Having sex?Psst! Why? it's who I Am!" I said taking another puff of my cigarette (sp?) "but it's not who you really are!" "oh yeah? then who am I really?" i said flicking my cigarette "You are Jacob Alexander Perez, Born April 21stIn LA Cali. You Love reading, and learning new things everyday" "Yeah thats who i used to be!" "and you still are that person Deep Inside!" "look ray ray! why you so worried about me?! Huh?!" "because you my boy and i care about you!" "well do me a favor and Care Less!" I said while walking back into the hotel. What does that boy mean "Its not who i really am!" What I do is the real me! That young nieve boy who i oncewas isdead! A new me lives now. I pulled out my phone and strolled through my contacts.. mostly full of girls and decided to call one up. "Hey Crystle.. yeah its me Prince.. yeah hey do you wanna come over to the hotel where i'm at and you know... hang?..... yeah.. aiight see ya in 5 minutes" then i hung up to see Prodigy behind me. "Oh Shit!" I yelled out because he scared the hell out of me "Damn Man you just scared the crap out of me!" i said "sorry but uhh.. who's comming over?" he asked looking down to my phone and back up to me "no one.. just a friend" "one of your females?" "maybe.." "ugh! can't you go in Roc's room tonite! i don't feel like moving out so you and you girl can get it on!" "how about i just get my own room for tonight" "good I dea but.. prince when are you gonna find a girlfriend? an official girl you can be faithful to?" "the day i fall for a girl is the day the moon turns purple! And that'll never happen" "dude.. you are the only one still single!" "not true i've been in plenty of relationships!" "yeah only for sex!" "sureee what ever prod but like I said I would never fall for-" I stopped my train of thought when i saw this curly-haired cute girl walked in. I kept gazing at her. Prodigy followed my eyes and finally saw who i was staring at "no way prince! she looks too innocent for you!" "i know i know but.. she fine as hell! she must be new here! i wondered who she is" "idk why don't you go ask her!" "okay i will!" i said then i walked up to her and flashed my famous sexy smile at her. she smiled back. "whats up.. how you doing? my name is princeton.. and you are?" she moved a curl from out of her face and said "well princeton.. My name is Angelia but everyone calls me Angel" for short "well you are beautiful like an angel" i said stroaking her face. thats when i heard someone clear their throat. It was crystle "i could have sworn you calledme to hang out with you!" she said. I turned around and slapped her ass hard and pulled her closer to me and kissed her roughly "calm down.. here's the key to my room.. go upstairs and get sexy for me" i said to her. she smiled and took the key "don't take too long" she said while she walked away "I won't" i said then i turned back to angelia "so as i was saying" "you know what.. I'ma just go" then she walked away "Damn!" I yelled "Damn man" prodigy said walking up to me "why in the hell you didnt tell me crystle was behind me?!" "I was but i thought this would be really funny.. and i was right!" he said bursting into laughter. "not funny man.. you screwed up my chances with Angelia" "oohhh soo her name is angelia" "angel for short" "ohh..soo can i have this one?" "no! this oneis all mine!" "then which one of your girls can i get?!" ".... you can have crystle when i'm done with her" "no way i don't want your remains.. let me get Rachel!" "which one? Big brest rachel or dumb brunett rachel?" "Big brest" "okay she all yours.. now will you excuse me.. i gotta sexy ass female waiting for me in my suite" "aw okay man i'm finna go up to the room" then he searched around for his room key "... you gave her my room key didn't you?" ".... yes! but dude.. I owe you one! thanks bye!" i said running up to my room.
Who in the hell that bastard think he is? he thought he could just play me like that?!... Calm down Angel.. he isn't worth it.. even though he is dangerously cute then i felt someone run pass me..was that princeton dude!.. I bet he's going to see his girlfriend. But i ignored him and went to my room.. "143" hmm here i am! I walked in my room and settled in. As i was unpacking, i kept thinking of that princeton boy, Idk why but he is in all my thoughts.. too bad he's taken. When i got done packing i cut on the tv and started watching tv. Over i the next room, i heard a couple having sex, they were way too loud! I started to bang on the wall "HEY! I'M WATCHING TV!! KEEP IT DOWN!!!". I don't even know if they heard me, hell i wouldn't have heard me either by the way that girl is screaming "ugh!" i groaned then i turned up the volume on my tv. That didn't work so i got up and went next door to give them a peice of my mind!.. eh uh.. i just hope they don't come to the door naked. I banged on the door "HEY! OPEN UP!! THIS IS A COMPLAINT!!" i yelled then from the other side of the door i heard someone said "wtf?! a complaint?!" then Princeton open the door, he was only in his boxers. He had a banging ass body! "sweet mother of jesus" i thought to myself "Angel?" he said breaking my train of thoughts "oh! huh! oh! mm yeahh hey can you guys keep it down? ya'll alittle too loud" then he smirked and said "yea.. we can tone it waaay down!.. unless you wanna join" "ugh! bye princeton!" then i walked away and went back to my room.
When me and Crystle was done.. we just layed there. She was laying on my chest and i was on my back, arms behand my head and i was just thinking. I was thinking about what ray ray said and what prodigy said. I know That i changed, and i don't care! I will never go back to the way i was. And when I do.. the moon will have to be green! but other than that, I'm staying this way! Its who i am! and know one can change me. but then Angel slowly crepted into my mind. Her face kept popping up in my mind. I can't get her out of my head, I mean she is beautiful!.... OH NO! i can't be falling for a girl i just met! It's not in my nature!, sleep it off prince, just sleep it off. I soon found myself sleep

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