Alpha's Mate, My Ass! [2]

Hey everyone! Sorry for the short first chapterr! This one will be longer and it will be more I guess you could say intense! The first person to make a banner for me, will get a huge shoutout and an shoutout every chapter! Sorry, I aslo kinda jumped around alot from character to character when they met.

Created by DavidLuhsYou on Sunday, November 27, 2011

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*Amber's POV*

What seemed like forever, we finally landed about 3:45 in the morning.I was so tired I fell asleep in the car on the way to our new house, I felt myself being lifted and carried up stairs. I guess we arrived at our new house, I was set gently on a bed, and a few seconds later I heard yelling. Something about how Nick was way to generous and kind to me, then more yelling and then shortly after a door slamed. I knew Joe had left, but I was to tired to get up and go find Nick. I drifted off into a deep sleep.
Until, Nick started jumping on my bed screaming, "Amber, Amber, Amber! It's the first day of school!"
"Uggh, Nick out of my room!" I tried to scream through my pillow.
"Fine, meet me in the kitchen in twenty five minutes!" He replied closing the door.
I had to practicly pull myself out of bed, hell by the time I moved the hair out of my face, my mouth hit the floor. This place was amazing! My walls were painted a light shade of blue, with lime green stripes. The closet doors are white, and I even have my own bathroom! I just thought it would be some dump, where Joe can hit us somemore.
Realizing I just wasted ten minutes, gawking at our house, I quickly grabbed my grey skinny jeans, black Converse, and a Superman t-shirt. Thankfully it was long sleaved to cover my bruises,and I used foundation to cover up my face.Hurrying to put them on, then I ran down the stairs. Nick was staring at me his face was clearly saying 'your late'. Ahh, what do I care? I just ran down grabbed the bacon he cooked and forced myself to eat as fast as I could.
In case you didn't get my attitude, I like to flirt with the guys, don't get me wrong, but try anything and I'll gladly kick your ass. I never let anyone really get close to me, I'm always afraid I'll get hurt in the long run. But, I normally don't tell Nick that, He'll get worried.
After I ate I kissed him on the cheek and ran to my car. 2008 Mustang GT Convertable, I drove to school and went to the office to pick up my schedule and get a tour around.
They asked me to wait till all thehalls cleared, then they would call up someone to give me a tour. About five minutes later, I heard them call someone over the speakers, "Mason Rodriguez, please come to the office. I need you to give a tour to a new student."
A few more minutes passed before this cute boy walked in, I never really looked at him so I actually didn't know if he was cute. Haha, oh well! We walked in complete scilence, until he spoke heavenly words.

*Mason's POV*

I was called to the office to tour around some new girl. I walked down the hall aseveryone was in class, when I walked in the double doors, a scent hit me. It was amazing, like Jasmine mixed with Strawberries. I looked up to this pretty blonde girl, wearing grey jeans and a long sleve t-shirt? Hmm, I wonder why. It's like 100 degrees here, it only gets cold starting in November. Oh well.
We started walking in scilence until I simply said, "Um, hi. My name's Mason."
She hesitated, then spoke with words of an angel. "Hi, Mason. I'm Amber!"
Then it hit me, 'Amber', what if she was my mate? Is that the smell? I still haven't really looked at her face, so it could still be possible. I could feel her looking at me as I fidgeted nervously, so I took a deep breath and decided to pull her to a empty hallway. My parents said that when you first see your mate, the desire and lust is so strong you might just do it right there. But, if she hasn't changed yet, she might not feel that way, and it would only be me.
I took another deep breath and I looked up, only for my heart to stop. Because, I found these ice blue eyes staring right back at me. Then I knew right there, she was 'the one'. After I got over how beautiful her eyes were, I looked at the rest of her. Then it hit me, what my parents were talking about.
I closed my eyes knowing that they turned gold, I tried to control the urge. I just couldn't, so I ended up grabbing both of her hands, pinning them above her head, her back against the lockers. She let out a whine when she hit the lockers, I couldn't fight it enough to stop and check on her. My breath hitched, and I pulled my face next to hers...

*Amber's POV*

He told me his name, and I told him mine. He started fidgeting, so I looked at him. He started walking to a deserted hall, so I followed. When he stopped, he leaned against a wall, a took a deep breath. I wonder what's wrong? He looked at me and his eyes were the most amazing thing I had ever seen. They were gold with flecks of green in them, he squeezed them tightly. Before I knew it he had me against the lockers with my hands above my head, and his face close to mine by my ear. His breath hitched and his breathing on my face, almost made me shiver. Almost. He is extremely sexy and, hell I think he knows that.

*Mason's POV*

I could feel her almost shiver, that would've made me go insane. Maybe it's a very good thing she didn't. I simply let her go and all I could do say was, "Go back this hall, take a left and go to the class six doors down on the right." It came out hoarse, and I was struggling for breath. I walked out the back doors, waited a few mintutes and ran to the forest. I changed and ran to my house, as fast as I could.

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