(Bakugan Naruto Crossover) My Little Ninja Brawler (Spectra Love Story. Sasuke Sister): CH 2


Created by animexgirl001 on Monday, December 05, 2011

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~No one's POV~

The next morning everyone woke up with questioning looks as they saw the room they were in but then the events from yesterday hit them like a bomb. All of them did their usual routines, getting ready for what the day awaits them. Crystal got started with breakfast as soon as she was done drying her hair from her shower. "I still can't believe I'm home in a way." She smiled softly, looking out the window, watching some birds fly by. "I don't understand how you gained two more bakugans." Leonidas said, looking at the two bakugans that stood behind him. "All we know is that the ground under us collapse and the next thing we know we ended up with her." Lumagrowl said, turning back to Dharak. "Alright so Dharak is the dragon like creature and you are Lumagrowl, right?" She questioned, pointing to each one as she guessed their names. "Yes." Lumagrowl answered, floating behind Crystal along with the others as she went to the kitchen. "Morning Keith." She greeted, entering the kitchen. Keith looked up from the stove to her and returned her greeting with a 'morning' before turning back to the bacon on the pan. "So this is where you ended up?" She asked, starting to make some toast. "Yeah, I was just taking a walk, the ground opened and swallowed me up, when I woke up I was in a forest with two more bakugans along with Helios. I have been living in the caves in the monuments for the past 2 and a half weeks actually. I only came to that field when I saw a bright light and to my surprise it was you guys that I saw." He told her. 'And I was more than happy to see you.' He added silently, still not wanting to reveal his true feelings, yet. Keith placed the bacon on a big plate, setting it in the middle of the table along with Luna's plate of buttered toast. "Hm...I actually miss your bacon." Ace smiled, sitting down at the table waiting for the others to come. "I just hope Mira doesn't take our disappearances to hard." Crystal sighed, sitting down in between Ace and Keith. "So what's the plan of the day?" Ace asked, leaning back in his chair. "Well first we have to have a brawl. 'Cause someone agreed to a certain blonde!" Crystal said, shouting the last part so that Shun would hear. "Hehe, just trying to get it over with." Shun smirked, walking into the kitchen. "So which two are going to brawl?" Shun asked, sitting in the chair. "I was thinking about a tag team brawl. Me and Keith against you and Ace." She told them, watching them think about it. "Alright, since that evens the playing field a bit since we have to ventus a pyrus and a darkus." Shun said, earning nods of agreement from everyone.

"You guys do know that you have to explain the whole thing about Bakugan all over again to everyone." Sasuke said, walking into the kitchen. "Everyone?" Crystal face fell, not liking the thought of it. "Yes, knowing that idiot he's going to invite all his friends." Sasuke said, picking a slice of toast. "Remind to kill that baka." I sneered, placing a slice of bacon in my mouth. Shun started eating some toast with Keith while Ace went straight for the bacon like a hungry lion that hasn't eaten for days. "Trust me, we all do." Sasuke swallowed his piece of food. "So how does this brawl work?" Sasuke questioned, grabbing two slices of toast, and 5 slices of bacon. "Well usually you would battle til your life gauge is out which is usually two to three battles but today it's going to be what ever team wins three battles wins the brawl." Crystal explained, eating another strip of bacon. "Hm..." Sasuke nodded his head, swallowing the last of his food.

After they were all done eating they set out for the training field, well more of ran there since they decided to make it a race. "No ninja skills Shun." Ace chuckled, running to try and catch up with Sasuke who was in the lead with Keith not far behind, and Crystal who followed maybe a feet or two behind him. Shun just smirked and passed him without any trouble, the two kept on passing and getting even with each other throughout the whole race to the field. In the end Sasuke ended up in first, Keith was second, Shun was third, Ace in forth, and fifth was Crystal. "There you are! We were going to come to your house and drag you here!" Naruto grinned, pointing at them. "Uh no. You were going to drag them here." Neji corrected him, looking at each one of the brawlers. "Oh shut up." Naruto stuck his tongue out at him, turning back to the others. "Either way! This is Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru, Shino, Tenten, Lee, and Neji. The old-ish looking people are Kakashi-sensei, Kurenai-sensei, Asuma-sensei, and Gai-sensei." Naruto introduced, pointing at each person as he said their name. "Old?!?" Gai shouted, being held back by the scruff of his neck by Kakashi who just sighed. "Now, now, now, I wouldn't say old." Crystal chuckled, standing on one side of the field with Keith. Shun and Ace stood about 10-14 yards away from them one the other side, facing them. "What are they doing?" Tenten asked, tilting her head to the side. "Hn. Brawling." Sasuke answered her question. "Huh? They're going to fight? What?" Ino asked in her annoying high pitch fan girl voice. "Alright! First one team to win three battles wins!" Ace shouted, putting his gauntlet on along with the other three brawlers. Keith placed his mask on after his gauntlet, indicating that he was ready. "Gauntlet power strike!"

"Gate card set! Bakugan brawl! Ventus Dharak stand!" Crystal threw the gate down, watching a green light spread throughout the field as the card disappeared. The green ball with white designs flew into the field from Crystal throwing it. The ball glowed and grew into a dragon lie creature. "Grawwwww!" It roared, swinging it's tail back and forth, awaiting orders. "Bakugan brawl! Ventus Storm Skyress stand!" Shun shouted, throwing Skyress. "Finally!" She shouted, as she came down from the thunder clouds that gathered. "Bakugan brawl! Pyrus Serpenoid stand!" Spectra announced, throwing his bakugan in. "Heh my turn! Bakugan brawl! Darkus Percival stand!" Ace smirked, tossing his in. All the bakugans took their true forms, Serpenoid being a snake like creature, Percival being a mix between a knight with a dragon, and Skyress being a bird with beautiful long tails.

Bakugan Gauntlet: Storm Skyress 600 G (I'm making them a bit higher/lower than usual so that it's kinda even). Percival 650 G. Serpenoid 500 G. Dharak 650 (The normal G is 900 and if you ask me that is really unfair).

"WOW! I WANT ONE!" Naruto shouted, waving his arms around like a mad man. "So those little tiny ball like things that follow you are those creatures?!?" Gai shouted, eyes wide and mouth dropping to the ground. "Yep." I answered the question as if it was nothing. "Ability activate! Lightning Talons!" Shun raised his gauntlet up as the blue ball on the ability card glowed a greenish color. Skyress spread her wings out wide, flying around above all the other bakugans, making thunder clouds gather and lightning shooting down at the two opposing bakugans.

Gauntlet: Skyress increase to 1000 Gs. Serpenoid and Dharak decrease to 300 Gs and 450 Gs.

"That's not fair! They're going to lose! And they already had a disadvantage in the beginning!" Ino shouted, making Crystal roll her eyes. (Alright I'm going to make up some cards since the wiki says the card's name but not what it does ^_^') "Not so fast! Ability activate! Violent Wind!" Crystal countered, holding up her gauntlet, activating the card.

Gauntlet: Skyress decrease to 600 Gs. Serpenoid and Dharak increase to 500 Gs and 650 Gs.

"Darkness burst cancels your abilities and restores all bakugans G-power to its' base G-power." Crystal smirked, watching Shun sneer at her. "Well try this! Double ability activate! Tri-Gunner plus Night Explorer!" Ace sneered, holding up his gauntlet. Percival's head on its shoulder opened its mouth and gathered energy that formed into a purple like substance along with Percival's main head. "Fire!" Ace commanded, pointing at the two bakugans.

Gauntlet: Percival increase to 950 Gs. Serpenoid and Dharak decrease to 200 Gs and 350 Gs. Serpenoid and Dharak defeated.

But that's not fair!" Ino shrilled. "Yes it is." Crystal sighed, picking up the fallen bakugan that rolled to her feet in it's ball form. The other two caught theirs since it flew into their open palms. "You just got lucky." Crystal sneered, placing Dharak in her shoulder. "You did your best, rest a bit." She told it, petting it's head with her finger. "So that's 0-1, two more and we win." Ace high fived Shun who just smirked. "Don't get cocky." Spectra scowled, pulling out another bakugan. "Bakugan brawl! Pyrus Griffon stand!" He growled, tossing the bakugan in. The bakugan was a lion with a red mane and red horn coming out from the middle of its head along with red bat like wings from it's back. "RARRGH!" It roared, glaring down it's opponents brawlers. "Lumagrowl lets go!" Crystal shouted, chucking the bakugan in. "I won't let you down mistress!" It snarled, snapping its teeth. "Storm Skyress descend!" Shun shouted, watching as she descended from some thunder clouds. "Go Percival!" Ace smirked, watching his stand.
Gauntlet: Lumagrowl 700 Gs. Skyress 600 Gs. Percival 650 Gs. Griffon 550 Gs.
"No holding back! Gate card open!" She commanded, making a slashing like motion with her hand. The ground glowed green as the area around the bakugan turned black with weird symbols in them. "Wind Shackles! This gate card prevents the opponent from using any abilities." She smirked, holding up two ability cards, watching the two enemy bakugan struggle to get free from the chains that erupted from the gate card, wrapping themselves around them. "I told you I wasn't going to hold back! Double ability activate! Lightning Chains plus Thunder Zapper!" She grinned, watching Lumagrowl hold its tail up high, chains coming out form them, wrapping themselves around the two struggling bakugans that were already wrapped in chains. Electricity like substances ran down the chains, zapping the enemy bakugan.
Gauntlet: Lumagrowl increase to 900 Gs. Skyress decrease to 300 Gs and Skyress defeated. Percival decrease to 350 Gs and Percival defeated.
"I'm sorry Shun." She apologized, turning back into a ball, landing at Shun's feet. "It's alright, you did your best." He told her, placing her on his shoulder. "Grr, you're going to pay for that. Gate card set. Bakugan brawl! Hydranoid Stand!" Ace growled, rolling the bakugan in. "You're all going down." He snarled, waiting for the others. "He's scary." Naruto whimpered, hiding behind Kakashi. Crystal just scowled and tossed in Dharak once more followed by Spectra who tossed in Serpenoid and Shun who tossed in Ingram.

What's Gonna happen next? Stay tune to find out ^_^'

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