FEARLESS{ a Seth Clearwater love story} 13

really supper short chapter, it will make more sense in the next chapter i promise. if you read the story you'll know what i'm talking about. =]

Created by Speaknow13 on Wednesday, December 07, 2011

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~~Lilly’s POV~~~

I ran as fast as I could to my room. I could understand why my brother was bitter about Bella but I just can’t wrap my mind around why he hates imprinting. Tears ran down my pale face as I thought about solutions. The only one I found that would keep everyone expect to people happy was to end things with Seth. The thought killed me but I know it’s for the best. I stared out of my window and thought about how I was going to tell him.

“hey, beautiful” Seth’s warm sweet voice whispered.

The tears fell faster now. So fast I thought they were never going to end. A sob escaped my lips.

“oh baby, don’t cry” he said.

He attempted to wrap his arms around me but I stepped away.

“Lilly?” Seth asked.

“I can’t do this” I whispered.

Whispering was good you couldn’t hear my voice shake.

“do what?” he asked.

I avoided eye contact at all cost. I know as soon as I looked in to those warm soothing brown eyes my plan would be ruined.

“Us, we can’t be together anymore” it was hard to control the shaking now.

Seth looked so hurt. Like I had killed him and I felt it to. I felt his pain.

“is it because of your brother because we can run away” Seth said his eyes glossy.

I shock my head. Seth sighed a heavy sigh.

“so your just going to give it all up? Everything? Me?” he asked

I didn’t answer.

“please look at me Lilly and tell me you don’t love me, then I’ll leave if that’s what you want, because I’ll do anything for you” he said.

I shut down. All emotions gone.

“Seth, I don’t love you any more.” I said

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