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Well, in all honesty, I hadn't planned on putting this up. I originally made this for IlikeToast's 'Viva la vida' contest, but because I had been way too busy, I hadn't worked on it at all! ; A ; The theme is supposed to be what you would fill in for a bucket list; and I thought; 'Save A Life'. And I kept being unsatisfied about this, so I wasn't really willing to put it up.. Until a friend pursued me-- FORCED me to. :'D Enjoy!

Created by VivaisLife on Thursday, December 08, 2011

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Green eyes lazily watched from within his stance inside his car, as Arthur drummed his fingers upon the dashboard. It was night, as mostly entire Britain did not like to boast around at three o’clock in the morning, the fact that the blonde was patrolling in this hour was pretty useless. And that he knew. As if there was going to be someone boasting around at this time. But nonetheless, it was his job.

With an annoyed scowl pulled upon his face, and every once in a while hiding a yawn behind the palm of his hand, he stared out of the window, not particularly at anything.

Until shaken out of blank thoughts, as a car sneered from behind the corner, flashing across the road, leaving the blonde inside the car slightly gob smacked. What the…-

His eyes widened as he saw the grouchy car speed up, turn around and directly head towards a wall. Cursing under his breath, he kicked open the door of his car, and ran out of the spot where he had parked, trying to catch up with the car before it would harm anyone.

Realizing that the person behind the car must’ve been real drunk to behave this way, he lunged out waving his arms, just before the wall that the driver was heading for. He screamed at it, seeing the massive turn it made, and eventually hit a streetlight.

As the roar of the motor died down, and the night grew quiet again, Arthur stood there, staring at the black smoke coming from the crushed metal. Though for a moment frozen, he ran towards the remains, ripping open its door, seeing a [h\c] woman sitting there.

The girl seemed fine, though a bit shaken, and not looking up at the officer that wide-eyed stared at the back of her head. She refused to look up, empty eyes flaring over the broken glass.

With a sigh, the blonde pinched the bridge of his nose. “Good lord…” He looked up, still not seeing the female’s face. “Please step out of the car, Miss.” The girl remained quiet. Arthur raised a most prominent brow, taking a hold of the edge of the door. “Miss. Please get out of the car. Your behavior that you just showed is unacceptable, and I’ll be needing to bring you to the police office.”

The girl turned her head, looking up with bright eyes, rimmed with black streaks of tears. She glanced over the- now stiffened visibly- officer, with a blank face, not bothering to wipe off the tears, or speak. After another quiet request for her to get out of the car, she simply took her glance back to the road again, forcing out a; “No.”

Arthur was slightly taken aback.

“Miss, I just want to get upon your information, and check if your relatives can help you-”

“Nobody cares about me.”

Stuck in frustration, the blonde had to suppress a groan, brushing through the hair that poked out from under his cap. The young girl’s eyes were latched out on the scene in front of her.

“I’m sure that is not true. So if you now come along with me-”


This time het let out a sigh, a deep frown appearing upon his first calm façade, stepping aside from the door.

“Miss, get out of the car. Now.

She simply rested her head against the back of her seat, [e/c] eyes flaring provocatively up at his.

“I don’t want to.”

“For the love of…! Get out of the car this instant, you stubborn woman! Unless you want to crash into different things than streetlights and walls, let me take you somewhere where I can help you!”

The blank eyes stared at Arthur’s frustration that had drawn upon his face for a moment, before the girl slowly stepped out of the broken car. It clearly seemed like it wasn’t going to ride on its own anymore. With her hands pressed into bulbs beside her sides, she looked down, in slight shame.

“Just marvelous. Thanks for cooperating.” He grunted, sarcasm slithering over his tongue as he slipped out a small note-book, starting to take notes of the situation and car. His emerald eyes flickered upwards a few times, catching the bitter stare of the female in front of him.

“Have you been drinking?”

He asked, though he clearly knew the answer.

“Does it look like I’m in for a beer?” She shot back, nearly hissing at him.

“It’s just a standard question.”
“Where do you live?”

There was a silence.

Arthur looked up at the girl that had averted her gaze to the side, biting upon her lip. Her facial expression had changed. No longer was the girl shooting back cynical replies, nor was there a stubborn glare upon her face, but all there was…

All that stood in front of him was a young girl, afraid and sick of the corrupted world around her.

“Can I contact anyone for you?” He asked mutely, not wanting to ease up on her –though he wanted to –because it simply was his job.

There was another silence, before the girl slightly let out a gasp, trying to speak to fill the silence that had been brought up.

“I, uh… I don’t… don’t have…”

She muttered, trying to look away to not let the officer see the tears that were filling her eyes to the brim. But they weren’t left unseen.

The blonde silenced, folding the notebook again as he put it inside his pocket with a face flushed into thoughts.

“I’m sure that you know people… Anyone. Anyone you could contact or could take care of you…?”

The girl slowly shook her head, hesitatingly deciding that she would look into the pained emerald hues, following her every move. Salty streaks flowed over her face, her lips trying to speak but failing because of its wavering breaths escaping them.

Arthur let out a soft sigh, akwardly patting the girl upon her shoulder. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to the police-office. You can stay there for a while, understand?” His heart got in the way of his head, the darkness of the night flooding his veins, as if drugging him.

He stiffened, as the –now sobbing – girl suddenly stepped forward, catching his waist into an embrace. She sobbed into his chest, as he looked down at her, confusion and fluster soon after traded with pity.

Needless to say, enwrapping his arms around her in return was the only sensible thing he could do.


{ S a v e | M e }

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