Teacher & Student = LOVE {Forbidden love story} {54}

So, so, so, so, so sorry for the wait guys! (if anyone's actually still reading this). Today marks eighteen months since I made my account, so it's a happy day for me :] I can't remember if I've already specified the gender of the baby Kaity lost... but if I have and it changes in the coming chapters I'm very sorry and would love to be informed. Enjoy! :]

Created by xoxFiFixox on Monday, December 12, 2011

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~Kaity's P.O.V.~

The dinner was wonderful, as one would expect from a wedding. It was full of vibrant flavours and riveting conversations that were, if the laughter and smiles were any indication of how the bridal party and their guests were feeling, greatly enjoyed. I turned down glass upon glass of champagne, claiming I didn't drink much anyway. Most other people were drinking – other than Eleanor.

At first I thought it was probably because she wanted to remember every moment perfectly, without the haze of alcohol surrounding her mind, but surely one or two glasses of champagne to celebrate wouldn't hurt. Dylan was onto his third glass and he didn't even seem the slightest bit tipsy. I think there's something else stopping her from drinking, another reason why even one glass of wine is too much. And it doesn't seem like anyone else is suspicious, or if they are they aren't being very obvious about it.

I'll have to talk to her later, after I've talked to Eric. Speaking of whom, I'm currently snuggled in his arms on a sofa in the far corner of the room, watching the newly-weds share their first dance. I keep trying to convince myself it's just to keep up appearances, to convince everyone that we are still in a relationship, but to be honest I love the feeling of being in his arms again.

Kaity?” his breath washes over my neck.

Hmm?” I respond, only half listening to him.

Would you like to dance?” although I'm sure he didn't intend on me picking it up, I easily hear the nervousness in his voice.

I'd love to,” I answer, “But I'm warning you now, I'm not much of a dancer.”

Don't worry, neither am I.”

He takes my hand and leads me onto the dance floor where Eleanor is now dancing with a very proud-looking Martin and Dylan is barely managing to pull his rather embarrassed-looking mother June to centre stage. Other couples are joining them, Caleb and Susii, Rae and some tall, handsome man in a suit whom I don't recognise and several more people who will remain nameless to me.

You look beautiful, Kaity, I don't think I've told you that yet,” he says, slipping an arm around my waist.

Thank you,” I feel my cheeks heat up slightly as he takes my hand in his free one.

We sway slowly in time to the soft music of Can You Feel the Love Tonight? filling the room around us. I smile at the memories of my friends and I watching the Lion King repeatedly.

I love this song,” I tell him, sighing happily and closing my eyes.

I love you,” he replied seriously.

My eyes snap open and I stare at him, quite shocked. I mean, I know he loved me, and I'd hoped that he still did, but for him to say it now, so openly, I just hadn't expected it. We stop swaying. The song stops playing.

Mind if I steal him away from you, Kaity?” Eleanor's voice breaks me out of my stupor.

Go for it,” I say, tearing my eyes away from him to meet hers.

Great!” she drags him away with her, leaving Martin and I standing silently together.

Um, would you like to dance?” I ask him, feeling a little awkward.

Of course,” he takes my hand and we begin swaying, both of us a little stiff and uncomfortable. “My son seems very taken with you, Kaity.”

Well, that's... good, I guess,” I say quietly.

And you seem very taken with him.”

I blush as I look up to meet his eyes, “Your son is very kind.”

Excuse me for asking, most women don't like the question, but how old are you, Kaity?”

Si-” I cut myself off, “I mean, uh, six months and I'll be twenty.”

You have a very young face, you're lucky,” he smiles at me, and I try my best to return it. “Look after Eric, he needs a woman in his life again.”

Again?” I ask before I can stop myself.

I'm afraid he'd kill me if I told you, it's a story he will tell you himself when he's ready,” Martin sighs softly, “But don't you worry, it's nothing to worry about.”

I nod and let the subject drop, although I'm now very curious as to what he was talking about, and a little worried regardless of his reassurances.

I hope to be seeing more of you,” he says, smiling, “From what I've seen you're a lovely young woman.”

I smile in return and can't help but ask, “You don't think I'm too young for him?”

Not at all, Heather's a few years younger than me and we've lasted almost thirty years,” he tells me, “I have no problem with your age.”

That's a relief,” I tell him honestly, although it would be more of a relief if he knew my actual age.

And don't fret, I doubt much of our family will have a problem with it.”

The way you say it suggests some will,” I reply nervously.

Well, I do have a sister, Linda, who strongly believes that the woman should be older than the man in a relationship, her current husband isn't much older than Eleanor.”

Oh,” I say, not sure how to react.

She and Eleanor don't get along, so she's not here tonight,” he continues.

Anyone else?” I ask, unsure why I'm so worried about this when Eric and I aren't even in a relationship anymore.

Stop worrying so much and just enjoy the evening,” he tells me as the song draws to a close.

It's been great so far,” I smile, stepping away from him and curtsying slightly as the final chords of music play.

It's been a pleasure, as I said, I hope to see more of you,” he bows his head.

I smile at him and hardly have time to breathe before another song starts and I'm pulled into another pair of arms.

Caleb, hi,” I greet him as I struggle to keep up with his elaborate way of dancing.

Hey, Kaity, how's things?”

Uh, good? What kind of things are we talking about?”

I dunno, just things,” he shrugs.

You're acting like a teenager,” I inform him.


Acting indifferent, being very vague in both your questions and your answers, using one word sentences... need I continue?”

And you're acting like a adult even though you're actually the teenager.”

How do you know how old I am?” I narrow my eyes at him, half joking, half serious.

Because I have eyes,” he says as if it was very obvious, “You're not any older than eighteen.”

You flatter me, Caleb,” I smile at him, finding him very easy to talk to.

You're not going to tell me how old you really are?”

Nineteen and a half, if you must know. Although it is considered rude to ask a lady her age.”

Ha! I don't believe that for a second, maybe eighteen and a half, but there's no way you're almost twenty.”

But I am,” I insist.

No you're not, Kaity. Just say you're eighteen, no one will care.”

But I...” I sigh and lower my voice, “I've already told people I'm nineteen and a half.”

I could believe nineteen at a stretch,” he says to me, “But why did you say nineteen and a half?”

Because I started to say sixt-” I cut myself off again, “Shit.”

Sixteen?” he hisses quietly, shock overcoming his features.

Please don't tell anyone,” I beg.

So that's why you weren't drinking either,” he murmurs under his breath.

Either?” I ask, meeting his eyes, “You noticed too?”

Eleanor?” he questions, and I nod, “Yeah, I noticed.”

Do you think she's...?” I trail off.

Do I think she's what?”

You know,” I search his eyes, hoping he'll figure it out and I won't have to say it.

Kaity, I'm not sure what you're getting at,” he says, frowning.

Pregnant,” I whisper quickly.

He stops dancing instantly.

Um, Caleb?”

She's... I'm going to be an uncle?” he beams at me.

Maybe, we don't know that she is,” I tell him.

I'm going to be an uncle!” he repeats, still keeping quiet, but the excitement in his voice in evident.

He hugs me tightly and spins me around, causing many odd looks from those around us.

Caleb,” I hiss, “Put me down.”

Sorry,” he smiles sheepishly, lowering me to the floor.

People are staring,” I inform him, in case he hadn't noticed.

I realise that,” he says stiffly, grabbing me and starting to dance again. They soon lose interest and get back to their own dance partners until the song ends. “I guess I got a little excited.”

That's okay,” I smile, “I'd be excited too.”

Here comes Eric, he probably wants his girl back,” Caleb looks over my shoulder and smiles at his brother.

You looked pretty excited,” Eric says, “Care to fill me in?”

Oh, I'll tell you later,” I wrap my arm around him and plant a kiss on his cheek.

I'll leave you two alone,” Caleb gives us a look and walks off, no doubt to find Susii.

Shall we sit?” he asks.

Okay,” I allow him to lead me back to where we were sitting before.

So what was going on before?”

He was just excited about the prospect of becoming an uncle,” I smile.

An uncle?” he frowns and glances at my stomach, “I thought you lost it.”

What? I'm not talking about us, I'm talking about Eleanor and Dylan,” I explain.

Elly's pregnant?” he raises an eyebrow at me.

Well, we don't know for sure, but she hasn't been drinking. Caleb just got a little overexcited, I think.”

As he would, he's always loved kids,” Eric smiles. Then he looks down at his hands, “Come home with me tonight.” His eyes rise to gauge my reaction.

Excuse me?” I choke out.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, I just thought...” he trails off.

You thought what?” I ask him, “That I'd come back to see my friend get married after arguing with myself for hours on end and changing my mind about coming about a hundred different times, that I'd just lost my baby and had my heart broken, but I'd still want to sleep with you?”

No, Kaity, I just wanted to talk to you some place more private, I never would've even considered that. Not now. I'm sorry for upsetting you,” his eyes are full of lost hope and sadness.

I shake my head, realising I overreacted, “Don't be, I'm just... my emotions are just crazy at the moment. I don't think my pregnancy hormones have realised I'm not pregnant anymore.”

Are you staying with one of your friends?”

Yeah, Bryan,” I answer.

Would you like me to take you back? I expect everyone people will start to leave soon.”

No, I'd like to go home with you. I overreacted, we do need to talk.”

He smiles at me and takes my hand, “I'm sorry for putting you through this, Kaity, you're too young to experience all of this. It was never my intention, believe me.”

I know. I just have bad luck.”

It'll pass, some day that will change.”

I hope you're right,” I smile as he squeezes my hand, “I hope you're right.”


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Eleanor's wedding dress, shoes and hair:


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