My life as a kidnapped preteen {11}

Eleventh chapter (woohoo) Thanks alot to 345mar for the advice ^_^ I hope it's better :P Check out her story. Mored people should join this -__- ENJOYZ!!!

Created by trezstargirl on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Why was Roxas laughing? I looked at the cream cheese. It looked kinda like my face cream. HOLD UP! Reverse and park that baby. "Roxas may I see you for a minute?" I said in a fake British tone. I pulled on his arm and drag him to my room. He chuckled all the way. I locked the door and sat on the bed. Roxas leaned on the door. Then laughed. "What did you do?" I asked never moving my teeth. He laughed then answered. "I got really mad at Deymx for taking the choclate bar in the fridge. So I used your cream as revenge." "That was a snickers bar?" "Yeah why?" I froze. "I ate the ice cream." I said quietly. I heard someone throwing up. "Anyway let’s get out of here." I said opening the door. Axel and Sophie fell inside the room. Oh brother.
"S**T!!" I screamed for what seemed the twentieth time. "You died again didn't you?" Zexion asked me without looking up from his never-ending book. "UH-HUH!" I said turning the game off. "I'm bored." I said. "Why are you even here?" he asked never looking up from the book. "If it's anyone to blame it's your sucky leader Mansex." I said colouring my nails with my marker. He FINALLY looked up from his book. "Does anyone like you?" he asked in a pretty annoyed tone of voice. "Well, there's Leaxeaus. He gave me a rock with a smiley face on it." I said pulling it out of my pocket and handing it to him. He looked at it as if he was some scientist. "It's not a smiley face." he said handing it back. Then there was silence. Then a distant boom. Oh that dumb Vexen. "Any other 'friends'." he said going back the book that refuses to end. "Well there's Axel but he's hanging out with Sophie and I really don’t want to bother those two. And Roxas is on a mission so..." I said, my voice trailing off. Another boom in the background. "So...?" he asked in that 'finish the sentence' tone. "I have no one to bother till Roxas comes back so I bother with you." I said. "How about Xigbar?" he said to me. "Xigbar is too old. And plus he's with Roxas on the mission. And I'm starting to think he's a pedophile." I said looking it the mirror fixing my hair. Zexion started to chuckle. "Why do you said that?”. I looked up and put my mirror back in my bag. "Just thinking." I said twirling my hair. I need to do it over. "Anyways Zexion, before I leave.... Where are the computers?" I asked walking out the library. "Xemnas is too cheap to buy any." he answered once again never leaving the book.
I woke up with the t.v on. First thing: When did I go to sleep? Then I remembered I went to sleep after doing my hair. But the tv? And the popcorn? I got up out of bed. "Oh...umm...Hi?" a scared Roxas said. "How in the hell did you get in my room?" I asked starting to clean up. "The door was open." he said. S**t I forgot to lock it. "What ar you watching?" I asked. "Some Christmas program." he said turning the tv off. "Well in here is a mess. "Help me clean this up." I said picking up a popcorn box. "UGGGGHHH FINE!!" he moaned
***************************************** five minutes laterz*********************************************
"Done!" I said washing my hands. "I'm bored." Roxas said. "Me too." I said. "Wanna get some ice cream?” I asked. "I don't have any munny." he said pouting. "I have. LET'S GOO!!!" said.
"And you still like tap dancing?" Roxas asked taking a bite out of his ice cream. "Yuppers!" I said licking mine. Then I just stared at the sunset. It was really pretty. "The sunset is really pretty." I said biting my ice cream. "Yeah." Roxas replied. He sounded like he was in a daze. I laid my head on his shoulders and bit my ice cream wishing this moment could last forever. "HEY!!" I heard someone scream. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" it sounded like a girl's voice. "Ummm I think we should do something about that." Roxas said. "Ok. TRANSPORT US TO WHERE THOSE PEOPLE ARE BEING HARASSED!" I said holding Roxas' arm.
"HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU PERV!!" I screamed. The tormentors looked our way. "Who are you kooks?" the guy in the middle asked. He was wearing this blue shirt that showed his lower torso (which was really gross), baggy brown pants and a black hat with some writing on it. He had blonde hair peeking out of his hat and a scar across his face and he had some muscles (lol). "Yeah!" some other guy next to him said. He was big and was wearing an orange shirt with jeans. He had tan skin, was muscular and tall. “Ya think we’re gonna let some kid boss us around?” a girl on the side of the boss. She had short, silver hair and the same colour skin as the boss. She wore a blue shirt (which kinda looked like a vest =P ) with khaki pants up to her knee and tennis. “Maybe we should leave them alone.” Roxas whispered to me. “NU-UH!! NO WAY!! THESE SUCKAS GONNA STOP!!” I shouted out loud enough for them to here. “It’s time to give her what she asked for.” silver hair said charging after me. I dodged her punch and kicked her in the back making her fall. “FUU!” the blonde said running towards her. “Come on let’s go now.” Roxas whispered to me, very frightened. Then all of a sudden heartless popped up out of nowhere. They looked like tiny, black ants with huge yellow eyes. “C’mon guys let’s get outta here.”blondie shouted running away with his crew following. I looked to see who were the people being harassed but they were gone. “Great now we have to fight.” Roxas mumbled. I didn’t know he could get mad. He summoned his keyblades. I picked up a rock and threw it at one of the heartless. Roxas gave me the evil eye. “Really?” he said still giving me the eye. “Well I can’t summon my sword so… Yea.” I said sheepishly rubbing the back of my head. He gave me his white keyblade and began attacking them. I followed behind him


“So do you hate me now?” I asked Roxas as we walked around. “No,” he replied. “It’s just that you didn’t have to bother with those guys. It really pissed me off.” He continued. The sun already setted. “I guess it’s time to go huh?” I asked still walking looking at Roxas. One thing I love is that we’re practically the same height and I’m like three years younger than him. “Yeah, I guess.” Roxas said, sounding slightly disappointed. He opened a portal back and we went back to that crappy place.

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