Don't Fear The Reaper-(SOA fanfic)-1- Coming Home

So have been kinda an insomniac for a while and while i wasn't sleeping was watching Sons of Anarchy DVDs and this was the outcome. So this is dedicated to my fellow sleepless surfer, friend and samcro devotee evabeva

Created by riseabove2008 on Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Before I dive into this just a quick note to say it starts out kind of some place between the first and second seasons but with a few changes (since it's a fanfic so I'm not sticking to the shows plot obviously) anyway you'll get what i mean cos you guys are smartthat way. Let me know what you think and thanks for taking the time to check this out.bannerdftr.jpg

Alexandra pulled up outside the mechanics shop and rolled her neck loosening the muscles. She needed to find a place to sleep and wash the god damned desert off of her skin and out of her hair. First she just wanted to catch sight of him. Some men gathered outside the place watching her. Of course they’d be watching. She could be from some rival gang. She could be, but she wasn’t. A big grey haired guy started across the forecourt. Shit, she’d have to make contact before she’d planned now. Turning she moved slowly towards him.

“Can I help you?” he called.

Clay morrow. She recognised him from her research. He was the big chief around here. Interesting that he would come out first. She guessed they lead from the front. She was impressed. Pulling off her helmet she took of her glasses and tucked them in the top pocket of her beaten old leather jacket.

“I hope so.” She smiled. “ I’ve taken this old girl for a long drive. Kinda a cross country thing. I need her checked out. Just to keep her ticking over.”

“She sounds plenty healthy to me.”

She wasn’t sure if it was mistrust or a genuine comment.

“She is. That’s because I take good care of her and I only allow the very best to see to her needs. I hear this place is the best.”

Clay nodded.

“Yeah. We sure are. Why don’t you bring her on in and we’ll see if one of my guys is free to give her the once over.”

Alexandra drove into the garage. Gathered her stuff and started to walk.

“Where can we contact you?” Clay asked.

“I’ll be in touch.” She called with a wave over her shoulder.

Clay narrowed his eyes as he watched her go.

“Woah, who is that? “ the prospect sighed sucking air across his teeth with an approving noise.

Clay shook his head.

“Get a grip kid. Whoever she is, she’s way more than you can handle. Get Bob over here.”

Alexandra dropped down on the bed. This place was a dive, but at least it was relatively clean. More than she could say for herself. She was caked in dust. She unzipped her travel leathers and dropped them on the ground, then opened her pack and pulled out a wash bag, some black skinny jeans and a black cotton gypsy top. She glanced nervously at the door then laughed to herself. She was being paranoid.

“Let me look.”

Jax knocked the prospect down.

“Sorry man clay told me to keep an eye on her. You’re just along for the ride.”

Sitting on the roof of the building adjacent to the motel, he could see right into her room. Watched her drop the bulky leathers. That had been some show and pretty revealing. Wide hips tiny waist and an ass that men dreamed of. He watched as she walked into the bathroom and raised the white shirt up over her head. He let out a low approving whistle. Flat stomach and full round breasts. This girl had a body built for sin. He knew he should turn away. Instead he watched her step into the shower. Her face relaxed with relief. She’d been on the road a while, he guessed. The bike told them that though.

“Ok. What’s the emergency?” Bobby groaned.

He’d been enjoying the hospitality of a particularly cute sweet butt back at the club house. The interruption was not one that he appreciated.

“Need you to cast an eye over a bike.”

“You’re shittin me right.” Bobby groaned “That’s it?”

Clay ran a hand over his mouth covering a laugh.

“I just want to see if you recognise it is all. It’s an old bike ridden by a young ass. So my best guess is either it’s stolen or she’s someones old lady. I just want you to take a look.”

“That is a sweet custom paint job.” Opie sighed. “Haven’t seen one with quite so much detail.”

“Yeah I wonder where a chic like that got a ride like this.” Juice agreed.

“Ok assholes let the dog see the rabbit.”

Bobbys voice sounded behind them. The boys moved aside and Bobbys eyes widened.

Clay raised an eyebrow noticing his brothers reaction.

“Bobby?” he asked speculatively.

“The girl who rode in on this, what she look like.”

“Hot.” Juice snapped.

“Yeah.” Opie agreed “You shoulda seen her backside sway.”

“I’d love to see it swayin naked infront of me.” Tig growled.

“Ok enough of that. I asked what she looked like. You know how old height hair colour? ” Bobby snapped

“Bout my age I guess, maybe 5’9 long dark hair.” Opie offered.

“Where is she?”

The boys shrugged.

“Said she be in touch.” Opie answered.

Clay laughed and patted Bobby on the back.

“I got Jax on her ass as we speak. Now come on inside and tell me who the fuck she is. Or should I say, who the fuck her momma was?”

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