My Knight Dressed in Black. (A Christian Coma one shot for Misspriss491)

Created by brokenloveandpromises on Friday, December 16, 2011

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I sat at my piano and just looked at it. i gave up and banged my hands on the keys. "Pointless! ITS ALL SO POINTLESS NOW!" i yelled at the empty room. i got up, My cat whiskers yawning as he rested on the piano bench i abandoned. I sighed and needed to clear my head. the music had left.I pulled on some pants and changed my shirt to a black halter and got shit for work.I got in my car and left for work. I pulled up to see the bartender, Rick smoking a cigerette outside.I waved, he smiled.

I walked inside and saw Michael lighting the stage lights. I smiled and headed backstage. i took my hair out of the messy bun it was in and let my brunett hair fall to about my elbow. My friend Karrie smiled and ran her finger's through it. "Another night, another musical performance, another shit load of glitter and hair spray." she said smiling as she put my hair in curlers. "Oh fuck off Kar." i said leaning in to put some make up on my face. 'Only for you darling." she laughed, walking away, i laughed and smacked her ass as she left me to change. I smiled at the other girls and pulled on my corset and fish-nets. I took the curlers out and sprayed some hairspray on it. I had just finished putting on my fake eye lashes as Chris our manager came in.

"Alrighty ladies.there are scouts in the audience tonight, as well as our regular guests and of course new groups. Make them all welcome and im not telling you, who is who so just impress everyone. Okay? LADIES SHAKE WHAT YA GOT!" we all squeeled and pushed on stage. I took the center postition, praying that i remembered all the lyrics and moves. First night singing lead, and i left as if i was about to throw up, or die.The music began to thump, the lights came up, and i closed my eyes, and let the music in.


I ran off stage and pulled off my corest. It was hard to breathe in that thing. Sasha came over and leaded up against the walll next to me. "So, M, Angie wanted to know if you want to go clubbing with us? since you got the lead tonight, and i heard that the guys from the second row are coming to." she said helping unlace my corest. I blushed. There were a group of guys in the second row that couldn't get enough of me. Kept shouting from me to give more, they wanted another performance as i waked off stage. "I have nothing to wear..." i said looking at her. We had never really been good friends, but she had been there the longest and i looked up to her. she smiled at me and jerked her head over to her mirror. "I'm sure we will find something in my station. come on hun."

I was dressed in my fishnets, stiledos, and a very short, very tight black dress. i smiled in the mirror and nodded. sasha grabbed my ass and angie pulled my hand out the door with them. We walked out to the parking lot, and i stopped when i saw a group of beautiful guys. Sasha grabbed me along. "Hey ashley." angie said walking up the group. "Hello sexy." one of them said turning around. he was wearing a tight shirt that you could easily see his muscals thru.he smiled at me and sasha. "Ang, ya going to introduce us to your friends?" angie spun around and blushed. "Opps sorry! thats sasha and the one blushing over there is our own little star, Amanda." "You were the one singing tonight?" someone from the group asked. i looked at him, and blushed even harder. he had an easy smile, you know the one's that make you smile. and he had long black hair, like the others but, he seemed different.i nodded and sqeaked behind sasha. I wasn't one from talking to strangers. "Well ladies, im Ashley. To my left is Andy, the guy on the end is Jake and the guy in the middle is CC."

CC. that was his name. i smiled at him. he bowed and kissed my hand. I giggled. "The pleasure is all mine." He said, making me giggle even harder. "Looks like someone caught CC's eye boys." The one on the ends, Jake said. "Bout time, he hasn't got laid in a WHILEEEEE" the one witht the deep voice and baby blue eys said, andy."Fuck off" CC shot out them. They all laughed. "Well are we going to stand here in the cold or are we going to the club? i need a drink." Sasha said. "Let's go" Ashley said. CC smiled at me and put his arm around my shoulders.I blushed harder. We got to the cluband got a table in the back.Angie and Ashley went and danced and Sasha went to get drinks.I was left with CC, Andy and Jake.It was awkward for awhile, because they manly talked to themselves. "So, Amanda, how did you start to work at Oliver's" I turned and saw CC giving me a warm smile. "I needed a job, and they have talent scouts come in there, trying to get discovered. you know." He nodded.WE sat there for a minute. We both turned towards each other. "Do you want to-" we both said at the same time.we both chuckled."You go" he said i shook my head. "No you go." sasha set down the drinks and jumped into jake and andy's conversation.I took my shot of vodka with CC. " you want to go dance?" I smiled. "As longa s we steal their shots first?" i motioned at andy's and sasha's untouched shots.He nodded and we drank them then ran for the dance floor.

I woke up the next morning with pounding head ache.I rolled over in my bed and stopped dead cold.I looked and i saw CC laying next to me. "OMG SHIT. SHIT SHIT SHIT."I jumped out of bed and pulled on my pants and a t-shirt.He rolled over an saw me.He then looked under the covers and his eyes drew wide. "SHIT did we....?" He asked. "I don't know." He jumped out of bed and pulled on his pants. "I'm sorry i have to go." He said looking fro his shirt. "Yea i figured." I said, oddly hurt. he stopped and looked at me. he pulled me into his arms and dipped me.He kissed me.I was in shock, but kissed back. We broke and I blushed.He handed me a sharpie and smiled. "Write your number on my arm?" i did so.He kissed my cheek and left my apartment.I was all giddy and giggley like a high school girl that just got asked to homecoming.

I was hmming some tune and spinning around my apartment on cloud 9. I got dressed and headed down to the record store.I went in and saw my friend Brian standing outside as a bouncer. I went up to him. "What's up doc?" I asked him confused. "Some Rock Band doing a signing today.A bunch of teenage girls in war paint.I'd steer clear today hun, unless you want to mess up your pretty little face." He said smirking at me. "I'll take my chances.That book I wanted came out today." He smiled and let me in.I went over tot he stairs and climbed up to the balcony where all the books were. I grabbed my book and headed for the cashier.Brian didn't lie.The place was crawling with Teenager's in war paint.I went up to the cashier. "Hey, who's signing today?" I asked giving her my book. "Black Veil Brides.A LA rock band." She said ringing me up. "Hmm, they any good?" she scoffed at me. "Any good?Here, listen to's on the house since Brian seems to like you." She slid a CD in my bag."Thanks" I said, giving her a smile. I went back to my apartment and made myself some coffee.I grabbed my cup and settled in on the couch. I took out the CD and choked on my coffee.I saw the boys from Last night and CC on the cover, covered in war paint. I smiled and put their CD into my CD player.


"I think I love him." Angie said the next day at work.She spun around in her chair. "Who Ashley?" Sasha said looking over at her. "NO! ANDYYYYY.He's so sweet and understanding.and of course SO HOTTT!! don't get me wrong, me and Ash have a thing but, idk." Angie giggled.Sasha smiled at her then looked over at me.I was zooning out looking at the flowers on my table, a smile planted on my face. "So Mandy, who are the flower's from?" Sasha said coming over to me.I snapped back to realty. "Hmm?what?" I said blinking. "The flowers whoa re they from?" Angie reached ver and pulled the card out. "I GOT THE CARD!! 'to:the prettiest girl I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Please keep in contact. Love: CHRISTIAN COMA'!!! OMG MANDY!!!!!" Angie squealed. I blushed. "Angie shut up." I laughed."so did you and him fuck?" Sasha smacked her. "ANG! why would u ask there? that's their business." "Thank you sasha" i said turnimg back to my mirror. "They so did." angie said to Sash. "Totally." "GUYS!" they both held up their hands in surrender and giggled.I smiled and smelled the flowers.Rose's were my favorite.

After work i was walking home, alone. Ang and Sasha had to stay and clean since they were late to work.I was still in my outfit from work because i didn't feel like changing.I was walking the side walk when i hear some guys cat call me from behind.I pulled my coat on tighter and shifted uneasliy. "OH COME ON HONEY!!WHERE YOU GOING" one of them called to me.I shook my head and kept walking. "GIVE DADDY A KISS BABY" they were getting closer.I sped up a bit.I felt some one grab my wrist.I spun on my heels and saw some douche bag drunk out of his mind. "Watch it buddy." i said to him through my teeth. "Oh come on, just a little kiss." He said, his breath reeking of achlol.I tired to break out of his grip.His friend came up behind me.I was in a douche bag sandwich. "Please let me go."I pleaded.They laughed at me. "I don't know Tom, should we let the bitch go?" the one grabbing my wrist said.The one behind me, tom, chuckled darkly, "where's the fun in that?" Tom Picked me up. I screamed. "NO NOO LET ME GO PLEASE!" "Shut up." The other one said.Tom carried me to an Alley. "NO!" the other one forced me against the wall. "HEY LET HER GO" a voice said from a distance.

No. It can't be.

The guys turned and i saw CC with some other guy i hadn't met before and Ashley.They were decked out in their make-up, chains and black shirts and jeans.I smiled brightly at my Knights in black."I said let her go." Ashley said, his voice dangerously low and sinister. "Ya dude, we don't want any trouble just let the lady go." the other guys said.Tom and the other guy laughed. "You've got to fucking joking me.You three faggots are gonna beat the crap out of us?Ya hear that Jim!"Jimtightened his grip on me. "Come here and get her.Why don't you just fuck me? come fuck me ladies?" CC stepped forward and smiled. "CC NO!" i yelled.Tom smacked me. "Shut it!" he yelled.Jim threw me at Tom and stepped towards CC. "CC eh?I pretty name for a Pretty face.Come on CC, fuck me." Jim said stepping closer. CC smiled and walked closer. Then Punched Jim right in the face. Jim fell to the ground knocked out cold. "There. You're Fucked."CC said spitting on him. TOm Threw me and CC and ran away but Ashley tripped him. He and the other guy started to beat the shit out of Tom as CC held me. "Shh. Amanda It's okay. I'm here shhh." he said rubbing me back. I held on to him for dear life. "CC i was so scared if you hadn't come up with Ash and and and " I hiccuped. Tears were streaming down my face in a waterfall fashion. CC grabbed my face and looked at me. "They will never hurt you. No one will ever again do you hear me?" He said. I nodded and pushed my face into is shoulder.He picked me up bridal style and started to carry me. I didn't ask where, But i slowly fell asleep as he carried me.


I woke up in someone else's bed.I looked around confused. I got up out of bed and opened the door.I smelled pancakes and stepped into a Kitchen looking part of the house. I saw CC in the kitchen flipping Pancakes, Andy drinking a monster energy drink at the counter and the guy from last night on the computer. I cleared my throat and they looked up at me. "Um. Andy let me go show you what I got Sammifor her birthday." The other guy said. "But you showed me that yesterday." Andy replied and The other guy kicked him and nodded towards me. "OW!!.....oh... Right! no that was Jake talking about his mom. Let's go Jinxx." Andy and Jinxx left the room. CC and me stared at each other. "I made you breakfast." He said after awhile. "Thanks." I said. He walked over to me and kissed me. I kissed him back and put my arms around his shoulders.He lifted me up onto the counter and continued kissing me. He broke and looked at me. I smiled at him, but it faded and i looked down. "What's wrong?" He asked, concern filling up his eyes. "You're leaving for tour,aren't you?" I asked him sounding disappointed. He shifted and nodded.I jumpped off the counter and turned away. "guess I should leave." I said walking away from him. He caught my wrist. "Come with me." I turned to him in shock."What?" "Amanda. I want to be with you. I want toprotect you. I want to be in love with you.But I can't do that unless you're with me.So, Come with us." He dropped my hand and looked at me. after a few moments He turned away, defeeded. I picked up my phone and dialed the bar. "Hey, get Chris on the phone." I said to who ever picked up. CC turned and looked at me questioningly. "Chris? It's Mandy. I'm not coming in today. Or tomorrow. At all this week. No, I quit. I'm going on Tour with my boyfriend. Bye." I hit end and CC ambushed me. He jumped on me and took me to the floor, kissing me everywhere. We rolled around on the ground laughing. He pushed hair our of my eyes and looked at me. "I love you." he said. "I love you too." "BOUT TIME JESUS" we heard. we turned and saw the rest of the guys smiling at us. I blushed and CC pulled me in for another kiss. The guys cheered.

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