That awkward moment when someone walks in while you're changing.♥ [Madara Uchihaxreader] ♥

My new series! Its called akward moment, and is just a list of akward moments that happen, got inspired after i watch nigahiga's akward moment video! XD Im still doing my other story, its just boring when you write the same story over and over again!

Created by imaanimenerd on Friday, December 23, 2011

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It was killing him. He was going to slam his head on the table, (Something very uncharacteristic), to refrain himself from just claiming you right then and there.

You looked so innocent at that moment, juice, poured all over you. He was going to have a word with that servant of his who happened to trip over a “rock”, and all the drinks just spilled at your nice clothes.

He motioned one of his maids to take care of you. To make sure you were all set, (and he also told the maid to make sure you weren't going to wear anything to revealing because one, he was sure he was going to let the monster rise, and two, he don’t want anyone looking at that fine @$$ of yours.

“Madara!” The uchiha glanced up, his red orbs narrowing at the sight of a familiar man. “Thank you for inviting me! I just wanted to have a few words with you.”

His nose twitched. He absolutely despised Harishamu. But yet, the rest of his clan deeply desired peace, so he bitterly made the choice to be allies with the Senju clan.

However… He had to admit there was one good thing that came out of this alliance. What was it? Well, it was going to be revealed eventually.

After his conversation he gotten up, and went to go check on you. You were taking a darn long time, and he was getting pretty worried.

And thus, he made the stupid decision to walk in the door.

While you were NAKED.

His eyes widen, taking full view of your body. You, realizing that the Uchiha has just walked through the door, squealed, trying to cover your breast as much as you can, an embarrass look on your face.

“Eh heh, hey Madara-san…”

And, one could only guess what happened after that.

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