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Created by SmoshGurl121 on Monday, December 26, 2011

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Smosh Fanfiction 2~ Chapter 1

"Jenny! I told Ian!" Anthony called, running into the guest room, where I was sleeping for a couple of days before Anthony and I moved to our new place. "Uh-huh, so what did he say?" I muttered, turning and hugging the pillow. It was soft. Like Anthony's smile. "I don't know, he just said he was going to get lunch, and then he walked away." Anthony replied. "Lunch... huh? What time is it?" I muttered, hugging the pillow a bit tighter. "2:06 PM" Anthony said. "Wha? Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked. "'Cause I didn't want to wake you. Anyways, you look cute when you're sleeping." I smiled and Anthony sat down on the thin space between me and the edge of the bed. "You wanna get up?" He asked kindly. "Kinda..." I muttered, half awake. He grabbed my hand and helped me up. "You grew." He smiled. "Sometimes you can act like my dad, Anthony. And not in a good way" I gave him a half-smile and rubbed my eyes until the room was clearer again. "Aren't we doing a new Smosh video today?" I asked, still a bit sleepy. "Yeah, well, Ian kinda bailed for today. Said he was too... what was it? Upset." Anthony said. "Why?" I asked. "I don't know, I asked him that, and then he said he was hungry and just left." Anthony said. "Stop confusing yourself. So, what do you want to do, since there is no Smosh today?" I asked Anthony, a bit hungry, hoping he was too. "I know. Lets go to get Pasta." He said, yawning. "Fancy." I said in a weird voice. Anthony laughed.
We got into the car and went to the Roma's Pizza and Pasta near Anthony and Ian's house. We sat down at a random table and picked up the menu. "Welcome to Roma's. Benvenuto a Roma' s il mio grazioso ed il mio… brutto." Said the waiter. I whispered the translation into Anthony's ear. "Hey!" Said Anthony. "Ooh, scary." The waiter said in a funny accent. "Would you like a, eh- leash?" Said The waiter. Don't say that about my fiance!" I shouted. A woman looked at us from the table in back of us. "Yeah!" Said Anthony, not really knowing what to do next. "Oi, capretto! Voi ed il vostro fidanzato non stanno andando ottenere dovunque con quell'cattivo atteggiamento! Vada appena a casa e giochi con le vostre bambole, perché ho avuto abbastanza di questa schifezza!" Shouted the waiter. I stood up impatiently. "Who are you to say that? Come on Anthony, lets go." I grabbed Anthony by the hand and kicked the waiter on the shin on our way out. The whole resteraunt was looking by now. I saw a guy look at us with the evil eye on the way out. I couldn't recognizehim, but he could sure recognize us.

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