Chapter 11- the slap- BVB love story

Created by Vannahbabe on Thursday, December 29, 2011


*Andrew's P.O.V*
I watched close as Vannah was talking to Casper. I don't like him at all. No, in fact, I hated his guts.
I started to move towards them as his voice got louder. Destiny was holding me back. I looked over at her.
"What are you doing? Destiny, let me go."
"No, Andrew. You are not her father. If she's in serious trouble, Jinxx is standing less than 5 feet away, keeping a close watch. You have to let other people be there for her too."
I shut up quickly. Until I heard her scream Jinxx's name. Casper raised his hand and slapped Vannah. He slapped her. That was it. I went running towards them but Jinxx was already there. He had Casper off the ground by his throat. I have never seen him that mad.
"IF YOU EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING NEAR HER AGIAN, I'LL SLICE EACH LIMB OF YOUR BODY OFF, ONE BY ONE. UNDERSTAND?!" Jeremy screamed in Caspers face. And with that, he threw him on the ground. That's when I felt Andrew come next to me.
"Let me see your face." He said slowly lifting my chin. I winced in pain.
"A bruise is forming. I'll go get some ice." He said handing me over to Jinxx. Which was who I wanted.
I ran over to Vannah, tears welling up in my eyes. He couldn't do this to her. Not again.
I gave her the biggest hug ever, letting her tears stain my shoulder.
*Vannah*Once Andrew came back we all went to sit at nearby table. For a while it was just silent and they were all staring at me while i held an ice packet to my swollen cheek.
"Can you guys, like, not stare at me?" i asked calmly.
They all looked away. I wish Jinxx would look at me though. I needed him the most. Thats who i wanted to hold me close at this point.
We ended up just going home after that. The car ride was silent. When we walked in the house house Andrew started pacing the room while I ran upstairs, slamming my bedroom door.
Right about now was when I wished Jinxx hadn't of left me. I wanted him to come back. I wanted him to tell me everything would be alright. Even if I would know that it wasn't. After I cleaned myself up, I went down stairs to be with Andrew. Right when I came down, I turned. And saw Andrew walking fast towards me. And he grabbed my arm and pulled me outside.
"Andrew, what's wrong?" I asked trough the pain of everything.
"she kissed Christian, is what's wrong!" he said trough tears.
"dessi loves you.. Not him. Chrissy loves Dessi. I bet he kissed her."
"Vannah, I just can't go trough any more pain today. I sat there and watched Casper slap you because Jinxx had it. But I still wanted to do something. And pain and anger shot threw me when I saw that!"
"Andrew don't worry about me. Please I'm not a little girl. Please forgive dessi. Please you love her! I haven't seen you so happy in years! You need her!"
"I don't need any girl to make me happy. Vannah, remember when we where younger? All we needed was each other? I wish we could go back to thos days. No band, not having to worry about girlfriends or boyfriends. All we needed was each other to have fun."
I started to cry. I missed thoughs days more than he knew it. Then I saw Jinxx pull up..
"dessi called me. Andrew it wasn't her kissing him. He kissed her! Now go and make up. You guys need each other.. And I wanna talk to Vannah... Alone.." Jinxx said as he was walking up. Then all Andrew done was nod and left.
"Jinxx.." I started to say..
"Vannah, I love you with all of my heart." he inturuped me. "and today when that thing slapped you. I was like how can he do that. And all I did and wanted I do was to project my angel. You're to beautiful to go trough pain like that."
"I love you Jeremy!" I said in tears (of joyish) and ran into his arms.
"I love you too."
"please don't leave me..." I said in a whisper...

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