Cold Regrets

Created by MooingUnicorn on Friday, December 30, 2011


A regular day is a regular day. Nothing usually happens in the morning. But as the day goes on, things out of the ordinary begin to happen. Then you begin to realize. No day is regular.
Miya Hall was being driven to the set of her 4th film she was to star in. Little did the young girl know it was to be her last.
"Here we are Miss Hall," the automobile driver said as he stepped out of the car and opened the door for Miya. "Thank you, Mister Greenburg." Miya thanked him as she stepped out of the vechile and walked towards the gates of the film studio. "I will be fine from here,". Mr. Greenburg nodded and turned the car away at her words.
Miya walked along the path and reached her dressing room. As she prepared Miya hummed a little lullaby her mother used to sing to her. She finished getting dressed and walked outside to speak with the director who would tell her what to do in this scene.
Miya got in front of the camera. Turning on fake tears she ran along a tall fence and reached a gusty old graveyard. Kneeling down and crying the acting Miya whispered to the grave, "Father.. I wish there was something I could have done.. I will avenge you, father. I will kill him." Miya stood up. She walked alon the same fence and came to a house. She went inside with a butcher knife grabbed from the kitchen.. snuck in the bedroom.. when 'SNAP!' The boards under the poor actresses feet fell apart, and she fell to her bloody doom.
*To be continued*

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