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You looked out the window of the moving vehicle and saw nothing, but trees and dirt. No cement.At the meeting Mr.UN told the nations that they had to follow him to an unknown location. He did it just in time because the nations were going to bombard you with questions. Now, Mr.UN was driving his car, leading everyone to a secret destination. “Are we there yet?” You asked the man. You sighed as Mr.UN shook his head. He had been driving for two hours. “Fine, but can I ask you a few questions? I want to know what to tell everyone when they tackle me with questions.” You told him. You smiled as he nodded his head. “Is there anything I should know about any of the abilities I have?” You asked the man eagerly.

“As the World, you get certain abilities from the countries. For example, England can use magic. You may gain that ability just because he has it. America, for example, possesses an abnormal amount of strength. If you one day find yourself carrying cars around, then you got it from America.” Mr.UN answered.

“Okay. Well, what are personality swings?” You asked.

“Personality swings are similar to mood swings. It is a special term used among nations similar to you. It means that you temporarily take on the personality of someone else. In your case, it means that you temporarily take on the personality of one of the countries. It hasn't happened so far, so I don't believe it will.” Mr.UN told you.

“What do you mean by 'nations similar to you'? Are there others like me?” You asked Mr.UN. He stayed silent. A minute of silence passed. You were going to drop the question until Mr.UN sighed.

“If you want to know anything else, look inside your bag for a book. It will tell you everything you want to know.” He told you. You opened the bag on your lap and say the book right away. Your mouth dropped open as stared at the book's face. The book was brown and wrinkly with hollow black holes for eyes and a mouth.

“Holy flying microwaves! It groaned!” You yelled at Mr.UN. He began to chuckle at your frightened state.

“I'm sorry Miss. I couldn't help it.” Said an old butler sounding voice. It came from your lap so you looked down at the book with wide eyes.“Yes. I can talk Miss Y/n.” Said the talking book. You regained your calm appearance as you realized that the book wasn't an evil book of apocalyptic destruction.

“If that's the case, can you tell me what you are?” You asked the book.

“I am one of the books created to assist you. I am the leader book. You can ask me almost anything. If I can not answer it, then I can summon a boom like me who can.” It told you.

“Do you have a name?” You asked it.

“No. I never received one.” It said hesitantly.
You gave the book a kind smile as you began to pat it's face. “I will name you! I shall call you Butler! Pretty stupid, huh?” You told it.
“No. I like it. Butler. It suits me.” Said the book.

“I'm glad you like it! Now, time for questions. Are there others like me?” You asked Butler with a look of hope.

“Yes, but they don't want you to know who they are until they can meet you in person.” Said Butler.
“That's okay.” You said with a smile. “As long as I know there are others like me.”

You looked out the window just in time to see the car driving on a long bridge. At a distance, you could see a pearly white mansion. As the car approached the mansion, you sighed in relief. Finally, you would be able to stand up soon. As the car stopped on the circular driveway in front of the mansion, you quickly put Butler in your bag and jumped out to stretch. After you finished stretching your arms, you secured your bag on your shoulder and took a good look at the mansion. The mansion had three stories. The pathway to the door was paved with marble and the door was the color of gold. The lawn was covered with green grass and a variety of flowers and vines were growing on both sides of the mansion. Not only was it beautiful, but it was very big. It looked like it could hold all the nations currently here with you and more.

“This is were you all will be living until further notice.” Mr.UN announced to everyone.“Follow up the staircase to the rooms. Girls to the left, boys to the right. Two to a room for girls, three to a room for boys. Go to sleep as soon as you find your rooms. You all have a big day tomorrow. Trust me.”

“Come on Y/n! Let's choose the best room before the other girls!” Makina yelled while grabbing your arm. You both ran into the mansion, up the stairway, to the right, and into the first room to the left. It was perfect. The walls were an ocean blue and both beds were covered with black and blue checkered sheets and the floor was hard wood. The two windows in the room were big and perfect for escaping. Along with the walk-in closet and bathroom, it was perfect.

“I call the bed on the right!” Makina yelled while plopping her body on the bed. You threw your bag on your bed and watched as the other girls went down the hall in pairs. Hungary and Belgium took the room across from yours. Ukraine and Belarus were sharing a room. Taiwan and Liechtenstein were sharing a room as well.
“Hey Makina.” You said,but when you turned around, the girl was already asleep. You turned off the light, got into your own bed, and went to sleep.


You and Makina were heading to the first floor after already handling your hygiene. Mr.Un wanted you all to meet someone so everyone was heading to the first floor. As soon as your feet hit the ground, the door opened to reveal Mr.UN and two others. The two strangers looked familiar in a way. If anyone thought they were relatives of yours, then it would be reasonable considering how they looked. The female looked about forty-five and had on a white dress with vines as straps. She also had on a gold necklace and a golden armband. The male looked about forty-five as well. He had on a black suit with a red tie. In his right hand was a giant gold hourglass. The female had on a kind smile while the male had a stoic look on his face. Mr.UN pulled on his tie before speaking.

“These two own this mansion. This is Mother Nature and Father Time. They are the World's 'parents', if you will. They are want you all here for the sake of Y/n and yourselves. I'll be back tomorrow with more people.” Mr.UN said before leaving. Mother Nature spotted you you in the crowd and ran to you with open arms.

“Y/n! It's so nice to finally meet you!” She hugged you with her head on top of yours and you hugged bag politely. She let go of you with her hands on your shoulders. Father Time pushed through he crowd and gave you a smile.

“So this is Y/n. Seems like you have a good head on your shoulders.” He told you.

“Yes sir.” You answered with a smile.

“Did you get our little present?” Mother Nature asked you as she released your shoulders from her grip. “The book.”

“Yeah, I got it. It's really useful. Thank you.”

“This mansion has a conference room. Let us go there and talk! These nations seem like very interesting people!” Mother Nature told you. She took your hand and dragged you to the door behind the staircase. Once she opened it, you took a good look at it. It was a room with royal purple walls and a hard wooden floor. The ridiculously long table was on a vibrant green carpet and there were giant windows at the end of the room that let in a lot of light into the room. Mother Nature dragged you to the front of the table were she and Father Time sat. You sat next to them and Makina sat next to you. As soon as everyone sat down, Mother Nature clapped her hands together with a smile plastered on her face.

“We already know all of your names, so we can go straight to the questions! Questions about Y/n, Father Time, and me!” Mother Nature said happily. Liechtenstein raised her hand slowly.

“I have a question for Father Time. I thought time never stops, so shouldn't you always be moving?” Liechtenstein asked.

“Time never stopping is not represented by me always moving, but by me never sleeping.” He told her kindly. Denmark raised his hand with his axe in it. The nations around him ducked in fear of being hit.

“I have a question! Does your hourglass represent the end of time or the world?” Denmark asked. Everyone began to mutter about the mysterious hourglass in Father Time's possession.

“No, it's just a random hourglass.” Said Father Time. Everyone in the room sighed in relief, but Father Time kept on his same stoic expression.

“Someone's at the door.” Father Time said. Everyone looked at the door. The sounds of a struggle was heard outside of the door. The door busted open and Mr.UN ran in. He slammed the door closed and leaned his body on it. His suit was torn and he was breathing heavily.

“What happened!” Mother Nature asked with great worry in her voice.

“I...I couldn't stop them.” Mr.UN said while shaking. “I couldn't.” The door continued to be pounded at from the outside.

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