My Brother's Andy Biersack? (1)

hey everyone this is my first quizilla story so feed back is much appreciated :) anyway get on to reading ppl! XD

Created by XxWinchesterBoysxX on Saturday, December 31, 2011

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“Andrew? Would you mind if I talked to? In private please?” I said softly.

“Uh…yeah.” He said. He walked with me a short distance away from the others.

“Who are you?” He replied hesitantly, as if he wasn’t sure why some random girl had called him by his real name.

I said nothing as I handed him the paper. He looked a little confused but took it from my outstretched hand anyway.

I saw as his deep blue eyes scanned the paper once. Then again. And again. And then again. He looked at me then back at the paper. His eyes widened a bit and he looked at me again, studying my features. For the first time, I noticed how we both had fairly small noses, plump lips, and long legs. The only difference being that my eyes were a deep green and his were deep blue. I couldn’t believe this man was my brother. The man who had saved my life (not in the way that you would think). The man I looked up to when everything was going to shit. Then, all of a sudden, he pulled me into what seemed like the tightest hug in the history of the world. I sighed and smiled into his chest. Everything finally felt right.

“Um. Hi.” I laughed.

“I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you.”

“What do you mean ‘finally meeting me’?” I asked, pulling away from his embrace.

“My mom told me about you when I was younger. She said that I had a baby sister that she gave up for adoption. She never told me why but I always dreamed of meeting you. She said that she almost couldn’t give you up because when she held you for the first and last time you were so beautiful that she broke down when they took her from you. I used to ask her how a baby could be so beautiful after only being alive for a short while. She would just laugh and continue on telling me how perfect you were.” He smiled.

By the time he finished tears were slowly rolling down my cheeks. But I was smiling all the same. I had never felt so loved before. It was like all the pieces were falling into place. I went up to Andy and hugged him. I thought I was going to be angry at my birthmother but after hearing everything Andy told me I no longer felt any hate towards her.

Andy noticed my tears and frowned.

“Olivia, why are you crying?”

“I’m just so incredibly happy.”

He just smiled and put an arm around my shoulders.

“Come on. Let’s go.” He said as he pulled me along with him to where the others were standing.

We walked up to the rest of the band and with Andy’s arm still around my shoulders, I was introduced to all of them.

“Guys, I want you to meet my baby sister.” Said Andy with a loving and protective tone.

They all just kind of looked at me with a strange look on their faces. But it was CC who finally broke the silence.

“Welcome to the family, kid.” He smiled and gave me a hug.

It was then that Ashley spoke up, “Andy how come you never told us u had a little sister? And that she was hot?” he winked.

“Fuck off, Ashley. She’s like nineteen. Way too young for you.” Andy said.

All of a sudden, Jake tackled me in a bear hug. I just laughed, “Hi Jake. Listen, this is great and all but it’s getting hard to breathe.”

“Oh sorry. Hey Andy, can your sister be my new best friend?”

“I think that’s up to her.”

Jake looked at me hopefully and I just smiled and nodded my head. A huge grin broke out on his face and he gave me another bear hug. Jinxx hadn’t said anything so far so I looked at him and said quietly, “Hi.”

He smiled at me but still didn’t say anything. And that was okay. Besides, he looked like he had a lot on his mind.

Andy turned to me and said, “Hey, Olivia, want to finish this tour with us?”

I could not believe my ears! THE Andy Biersack is asking me to go on tour with him!

“Um…is that even a question? Of course I’ll finish the tour with y’all!” I smiled. But then I remembered something.

“Wait, before we go I need to go say goodbye to someone.”


“My sister. She’s the one who drove me here.”

“Oh. Can I meet her?” asked Andy.

“Yeah I guess so. She’s by the front gate I think.”

“Ok well then let’s go.”

Andy realized he was still holding my birth certificate and he handed it back to me. Together we walked to the front gate where my sister was waiting in her car. When she looked up, she saw me and got out of the car. She ran up to me and tightly embraced me.

“I thought you were going to leave without saying goodbye.”

“I would never do that. You know you’re my favorite sister.” I smiled.

“I’m your only sister, dumbass.”

“Well whatever. I love you, you know that right? I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I’m going to miss you too. Call every once in a while. Just to tell us how you’re doing. I love you.” She was crying now. And so was I.

I let go of her and stepped back next to Andy. She looked at the two of us and said, “You two really are brother and sister. Good luck, Olivia.”

With that she got back in her car and drove off, waving as she did. Andy noticed I was crying again and put an arm around my shoulders and walked me back to the bus. The others were already on the bus and when we got on most of them were playing video games. With the exception of Jinxx who was sitting down with his head in his hands, looking like he was deep in thought. I poked Andy and pointed to Jinxx. Andy just shrugged his shoulders.

“No one’s been able to figure out what’s wrong. Whenever one of us asks him about it he just refuses to answer.”

“Mind if I talk to him? People tell me that I’m a great listener.”

“Be my guest.”

I walked over to Jinxx and sat down next to him. He didn’t acknowledge my presence but it was to be expected. I touched his arm to ask him what was wrong and he flinched away from me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I said.

“It’s fine.” He mumbled.

“Mind telling me what’s got you so down?”

“Why would you care? Your just Andy’s stupid little sister.”

I brushed off the comment because I knew deep down he didn’t mean it.

“I know it seems like no one can ever understand what it is you’re feeling. I used to feel like that a lot and I still do sometimes. But you have some amazing friends here that may not know what you’re going through but will understand how you feel. And because they’re such good friends they’ll help you through whatever it is that’s making you unhappy. That’s more than I can say for my friends.” I added that last part under my breath.

He was quiet for what seemed like ten minutes until he finally spoke,” It’s my mom. She’s sick. Like really sick.”

“With what?” I asked.

“C-cancer.” He choked out.

I pulled him in for a hug which he gladly accepted.

“It’s going to be okay, Jinxx. It’ll all be okay. Don’t worry.”

He looked up at me and I saw that his eyes were red and puffy from crying.

“How will it all be okay? My mom’s got cancer.”

“Jinxx, I’m going to tell you something. No matter what happens to your mom, do you know that she loves you? That she is so proud of you for making something of yourself?”

“Yes.” He mumbled.

“Then that’s all that matters. Nothing else. Know that she loves you and is proud of you and everything will be okay. I promise.”

“Thanks Olivia. You were right. Telling someone does help.”

“As long as you’re feeling better then I’m happy,” I smiled, “Now you should probably go tell the others what you just told me. You’ll feel better, trust me.”

“Will you come with me?”

“Of course I will.”

Together we walked over the rest of the band and I said, “Guys, Jinxx has something he wants to tell you. And when he does, please be understanding of him and the way he was acting earlier. Okay Jinxx, go ahead.”

“Ok. Guys, the reason I’ve been acting like an ass these past few days is because a week ago I got a call from my dad. My mom has cancer. And I’m really scared that I’m going to lose her. I’m sorry about the way I’ve been acting and I hope you can forgive me.”

“Dude, you never have to hide anything from us. I’m really sorry about your mom and I hope she gets better. And of course we forgive you. Any of us would’ve acted the same way had we been in your position.” Said Ashley.

“Come on, man. Let’s play some Assassin’s Creed to get your mind off things.” Jake smiled.

Smiling to myself, I sat down and pulled out my laptop. Just then, my brother came and sat down next to me.

“How in hell did you do that? We’ve been trying to get through to him for three days. And then here you are getting him to spill his guts to you and the rest of us.”

I just smiled, “I don’t know Andy. They just seemed like the right words to say at the time and apparently they were. I’m just happy Jinxx isn’t upset anymore.”

Andy just kind of looked at me with a crooked smile on his face.

“What are you looking at me like that for?” I questioned.

“You are truly one of a kind. And a great sister.” He smiled.

I smiled back and hugged him.

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