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A new D.Gray-man fanfic. Looking at my OCC profile you will see she is Lycoris's polar opposite XD Anyway she is a family of the Lvellie family (or Levillie which is how I've been spelling it) she will be General Klauds pupil. I'm still deciding who I will pair her with so I might put up a poll soon for that, anyway the first chapter should be up tomorrow or the day after that :) I'm also going to have a slight twist to her personality.

Created by DemonSlayerLilith on Sunday, January 01, 2012

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Name- Miria Lvellie

Age- 19

Race- British

Height- ‘5,6”

Weight- 100

Blood Type- AB

Innocence- Golden Spear and Blaze

Type- Equipment and Parasitic/Anti-akuma beast

Likes- Making friends, Asian cuisine, and animals

Dislikes- People who don’t think, situations where something unfortunate or can be unfortunate happens, things that become too bothersome.

Goal- Become a good exorcist and live twice as hard for her friend.

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