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Please Rate it if you can. No if ands or buts I am going to do my best to put all my writing skill and effort into all characters and this story. Since I made Miria really cute I was thinking of pairing her with Lavi, I might think of someone else. For now enjoy :)

Created by DemonSlayerLilith on Monday, January 02, 2012

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When your family has had a long line of high ranking members of an organization, you had a reputation to keep. You had to stand tall like a born leader and do what your peers tell you to do regardless of what your argument might be, heck you cant even argue if your family offers you up for sacrifice like a lamb. Of course Miria was thankful she wasn’t the victim of such a horrid deed, however a childhood friend of hers who was related to an adapter of innocence wasn’t so lucky and a few older woman of her family that she knew as a small child weren’t lucky either. After so much grief she had felt over their death she now sat in an office type setting.

Her expression was an emotionless mask, however deep down she felt her heart beat like crazy. The only thing offering her comfort was her loyal pet, a fawn color akita-inu called Blaze. Usually pets wouldn’t be allowed, however he was made an exception since it was discovered he had a parasitic type innocence in his body making him a anti-akuma beast. To top it off though Miria was compatible with an innocence. The weapon was being forged as they speak, and it would come in the form of a spear.

Right now she was here so a few things could be talked about, so now her hair was in a low ponytail and wearing nice business type clothing.

Miria glanced to the door and then she looked to Blaze who looked to her, which eased her nerves a bit. But her heart was still beating like mad.




It wouldn’t subside much to her chagrin, however she clutched her fists and closed her eyes, she inhaled to calm herself then she opened her eyes up again. Her expression going back to a cold mask.

She heard a click and a creak, then following a door closing some footsteps.

“So you must be Miria Lvellie, very nice to meet you” a man said.

Miria got up and bowed respectively, “it is an honor to meet you sir” she said politely. Then she sat back down as the man sat at the desk, he was from Central Agency but he was below rank when it came to one certain man who happens to be in her family.

“So from what I heard you have two innocence correct? And that’s the anti-akuma beast sitting there, is he well trained?” he asked.

“Yes sir, and yes he is very obedient, I trained him myself since he was a puppy” she answered.

“That’s very good, now you will be trained by General Klaud since she has an anti-akuma beast as well, however we will have you sent to the Order after the move to the new building is done. They received the notice two days ago and since the building has a lot of stuff it will take a while, but by that time your weapon will be ready and you can start training right away” he told her.

Miria thought about this and decided she would try some persuasive talk, “sir if I may ask, can I go there early and help with the moving?”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well if I go there early to help them I can let them get to know me a little and I can get to know them a little, which will help me because then a good sense of teamwork will be established, and they may need an extra hand or two since other branches have been busy lately. With Asian Branch still doing repairs, North American Branch’s chief Renny Epstein recovering, Oceana Branch getting a new leader, and a few other matters. They might have time to go over there to help but still an extra hand is always good, and what’s the harm? I wont be in the way because it seems the other side has stopped as well since the destruction of the egg” she explained.

He seemed to think for a moment then he sighed and nodded, “as you wish I would have thought a look through names would have helped however I guess getting know the living being itself helps”. “You will be sent there tomorrow, bring a few clothes and such so you have something while your over there and when your in the new building the rest of the things you want will be sent to your new room”.

“Thank you sir”.

“Now take your leave, you will need to rest up because once your there you might be up for a while” he told her.

She nodded and got up then did a deep bow and left with Blaze following her close behind.


Once she arrived home she looked around and sighed when she saw that no one was really around, then she quickly walked to her room. She closed and locked the door.

That’s when her seemingly cold personality turned to something different.

She smiled cheerfully to Blaze, “Blaze we can finally leave this place!” she said happily making Blaze bark in response. She walked over to her dresser and picked up a photo of herself as a child and a boy around her age standing next to her, “a year after this photo he was taken since he had a relative that was an adapter he was used in an experiment so he could become an apostle” she said as she looked at it but then she smiled again, this one full of determination. “Now it turns out that I’m one, so now for him I will live hard and stay alive no matter what” she pumped a fist in the air. “Bring on the battle scars!” she shouted.

Putting the picture back she then walked over to a suitcase and looked through her things, “alright I will bring this….and this….and I think that’s all for now” she said as she zipped it up.

She then sat on her bed and Blaze sat next to her, “I wonder what it will be like over there” she muttered. “I hope its not dull over there, like it is over here, the stifling aura these people have is tedious and acting like I’m some piece of a collection makes it worse”.

Blaze whined and licked her hand in comfort.

“Thanks Blaze” she said as she pet him on the head.

“I hope you know that once we’re out of this building, once the old building of the order is abandoned and they have completely relocated then we will enter a darker world full of wounds both physical and mental. But I wont quit, because I have people who will rely on me, I wont do this for my family, I’m doing this for myself” she told him.

Blaze barked and wagged his tail happily.

Miria grinned ear to ear, “you too? That’s great” she said as she hugged him and he licked her on the cheek.

“Now what shall we do to celebrate our leave from such a boring place?” she asked.

Blaze barked and she smiled, “alright walk around the city it is” she then put on something different, a white sleeveless turtleneck with a long black skirt that fell near her ankles, with black ballet flats, and then she let her blonde hair flow free with a black ribbon decorated in it.

“You first Blaze”.

The dog jumped out the window and landed on the roof of a small green house then jumped off of that onto the ground. Once he was safely down Miria followed with ease.

She learned that as long as your careful you can sneak out of anywhere, even home.

This almost convinced her that she could run away from home, for some odd reason however she decided not too.

Miria smirked and looked up at the orange streaked sky as the sun began to set.

It excited her, sure she would be fighting the Akuma and the Earl but the thought of going away to somewhere else and exploring new areas made her body tremble with excitement. She could feel freedom, even though it’s a place where some don’t feel free. That didn’t bother her, because she knew that any hell could become a paradise as long as you were surrounded by good people.

She looked to Blaze, “lets go and have some fun!”

Then they both raced off.

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