37 Minutes

Heyy!! This is a surprise one shot for my friend Jenni! Check out her story "Nerd Love" by sprinkledstarlyte

Created by kewlio317 on Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I adjusted the viewing on my video camera to make sure I could be seen. I heard the gravel in my driveway crunch. I headed to my bay window to see my mom's car pulling out of the driveway. Ok, I had approximately 37 minutes to get this done. I picked up my guitar and sat on my bed. I hit the record button on my camera and started talking.

"Hi, My name is Leilani Thomas. I'm 19 years old, I go to UCLA and yeah." I loved playing my guitar and my friend Kat had encouraged me to go public with it. My singing voice wasn't spectacular, adn I knew that, but I couldn't NOT sing while playing. I started strumming my favorite song "All My Love" by Cameron Mitchell. I was sining along, and got so caught up in the music, I had almost forgotten I was recording. When the song finished, I breathed out a sigh. He was such an inspiration to me. Then, I remembered that I was filming. I shook my head and looked back into the camera.

"So that was 'All My Love' by Cameron Mitchell. He is such an inspiration to aspiriring artists like me. So if he ever sees this I just want to say thank you. So yeah, commment, like, subscribe, and message me with any more songs you'd like me to do. Bye!" I got up and turned off my camera. I immediately grabbed my laptop and uploaded the video to my YouTube channel. I pulled my phone out of the pocket and texted Kat, informing her that it had been uploaded and to stop buggin me about it. My parents weren't big fans of me pursuing a "frivolous" career, which they thought guitar playing was. I sighed and layed on my bed. I decided not to feel sorry for myself, what was done was done. I began playing on my laptop, goofing around with Garage Band. I looked at my clock. My mom would be home in about 5 minutes. I decided to check my phone, to make sure Kat had gotten my text. When I looked it said I had 5 new messages. When I opened them, they were all from Kat. I groaned, she probably had to tell me that her most recent celebirty crush had broken up with his girlfriend. I opened the first one, and it said "Congrats! Finally." The next "Oh wow, darling check your Youtube." "WHY AREN'T YOU RESPONDING!!" "LEI I SWEAR TO GOD CHECK YOUR YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW OR I KILL YOU!" I sighed, but wondered what she was going on about. I opened my Youtube channel and saw already 200 people had already viewed my song and I had over a hundred comments, all talking about how good they thought I was. I smiled to myslef, happy that people liked it. As I was scrolling I saw one specific comment and my heart stopped. Cameronmitchellmusic had written "Wow, you are really talented. I am so happy I was able to inspire such a great talent like you. Message me, I'd really like to talk to you about dueting sometime. Hope to hear from you ~ Cameron Mitchell". I stared at the coment, and re read it 10 times before screaming. I sent off a note to Cameron, trying to sound as blase as possible, sending him my cell phone number and email and graciously thanking him for looking at my song. After I sent it, I texted Katg, telling her to calm down and that I'd seen it. My mom should be home any minute so I shut down my computer and put away my camera. As I was about to leave my room, I heard my phone buzzing. I went to pick it up but saw a number I didn't rrecognize.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi, Leilani?" A husky voice answered.

"Yes, who's this?" I asked cautiously. The voice laughed.

"Oh, sorry. Um. This is Cameron.. Mitchell. Uh, you gave me your number so I thought... Well, i was wondering if.. umm.." Cameron stuttered. I smiled to myself.

"Well Cameron, thank you for looking at my cover, and I would love to take you up on your offer to duet sometime." I heard him exhale.

"Yeah, that would be amazing. Uh, I live near the UCLA campus, so We could meet near there. Um, should we say noon tomorrow at the cafe a block away from campus?" He asked hesitantly. I smiled into the phone, thankful that I only lived a block away from the school.

"Yeah, that sounds amazing. I.. I'll bring my guitar and I guess I'll see you then."

"Okay! Then I'll see you tomorrow! I'm really glad I saw your video Leilani." He added. I thanked him and hung up. Just then, my mom's car rolled into the driveway. I looked at my clock. Wow, my life had changed in 37 minutes.

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