2. Busted! [step-brother-stepsister ]

Sam and Mia’s life interlace when their parents decide to marry each other. When they get drunk and go for a joy ride they have to face the consequences... or jail. all while playing little jealousy and playful games that end up hurting them both more than they thought.

Created by ForgottenMemories97 on Sunday, January 08, 2012

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Mia’s POV:

Laugh. That’s the first thing I did when I saw his dumb-stricken cutie pie face. It got so bad that by the time he walked all the way over here with color splashed on his cheeks, I was about ready to pee myself.

He turns to glare at me, “What are you laughing at.”

I bit my lower lip attempting to contain my amusement and keep on a straight face. But the minute my face met his, I just busted out laughing again!

“I don’t think it’s funny.” He growls

I catch on to my breath slowly, “Then why am I laughing!” I giggle a little, my eyes flickering towards Bob

All Bob did was smile like an idiot. But I could see the annoyance stuck in his gaze. An annoyance towards ‘Sam’, “Sam, I’ll have a word with you later. But for now, why don’t we go on and eat our lovely dinner.

I was still sort of giggling and I shrugged, “I need a lady moment, so I’ll be heading on towards the bathroom if you excuse me.” I turn around heading towards the bathroom. Not to mention, trying to catch a glimpse of the hot hunk of a host or in other words Michael. His intriguing gaze was still recorded in my mind and I needed to see him again.

After I do my duties and fix myself a little, I stare into the mirror trying to put on some decent eyes liner to seduce Michael.

The bathroom door swings open and in a hurry to see who it is. My eyes meet Sam’s who walks in like if I weren’t there.

What the hell is he doing in here?

I jolt to look at him and in the attempt to straighten myself up; my eyeliner pencil jams a little into my eyes “OW!”

“Whoa, are you ok.”

I drop the pencil holding onto my eyes while looking at him, “Oh no I’m fine. Except I have who knows what in my eyes now!” I scowl whining.

He strolls gracefully towards me and I can see the amusement in his eyes while his voice was dripping with pity, “I’m truly sorry.” he touches my shoulder. The tender touch simultaneously sent nice warm shivers down my arm and also made me aware that he was here. I jolt my arm away because I was afraid. I’ve never ever felt that before.

Is he some kind of monster? –Gasp- what if he’s a wizard. .. Or a vampire.

My imagination ran wild while I stare blankly at him with one eye.

“Hello?” he studies me carefully, then a twisted smile crawls onto his perfect lips, “I know, I’m too sexy to resist being looked at.”

I blink twice than taste the words. I was about to protest… but I can’t lie. He is sexy. I lick my lips and smile, “I suppose you are correct.”

Now he stares at me with a blank expression.

I let go of my eyes which still hurts like hell and take in breath waiting for his response. “Usually when I compliment people they don’t stay frozen forever.” I tease leaning into him a little.

And he is still frozen… boo. He blinks a little, “Well, you are the first person to admit to that tease I made. All girls usually deny it.

I shrug a little, “Why deny it when it is true.”

“You are a bad-ass. Wouldn’t surprise me if you kissed me right now.”

I giggle. That offer was one thing I saw coming since I met his gaze “Is that a challenge?”

His twisted smirk turns into a teasing and exiting smile “Yes.” He hisses softly, leaning more into me to a point where our body one.

“Then I accept.” I whisper back, my nose touching his chin while my arms wrap around his body. I am on my tippy-toes, towering to his height, and my pink lips directly in front of his. Slowly, I lean his precious face towards mine and kiss his forehead.

His eyes snap open and he looks at me with confusion and hell a lot of annoyance, “Hey!”

I giggle at his reaction, “Dude, you are my soon-to-be brother, that’s how siblings kiss each other.”

“That isn’t fair.” He whines.

“Clearly you haven’t processed anything. First of all I met you flirting with a stranger. You made me poke my eye and not to mention it was because you are in the women’s! Bathroom. For all I know you could’ve come in her to rape me perv! All I did was giving my brother a kiss. Is that not fair?”

He contemplates on my words a little but it is useless, “You said you would kiss me!”

I let out a disappointed breath, “Did you just NOT hear a word I said? I wasted my breath on that.”

“Which by the way stinks.”

I smile “Well you sure wanted to smell and taste it a while ago. Oh well… now you won’t.” I tease pushing him harder into my body, “You aren't getting any of this baby.”

His eyes widen and I let go. “NO!”


“I’m sorry.”

Grabbing my bag I look at him one more time while holding the door open, “For what brother dear?”

His hand curled into a tight ball and he mutters acidly through clenched teeth, “Don’t call me brother” he says the word ‘brother’like if he would be saying the very name of a long time enemy or the guy who stole his girlfriend.

“Brother.” I bolt through the door not wanting to hear his protests and whines.


“Pardon me for the delay.”

The deal with being filthy rich is that I had to always use fancy words than never quite fit in with the teenage language. I bet I could pass a vocabulary test without even studying any of the words.

I was rich because of my father, who is still traveling the world. he discovered where there was a land that all it had was plenty of oil and coal when there was no coal left in the world or so everyone thought. He bought the island without telling anything one and when he pretended to have made the discovery, he established his own business and every important country around the world buys his coal and oil. The money never fails to come each day in our mailbox.

Bob turns to look at me with excitement, “It is fine. By the way, have you seen Sam?”

I shrug “No,” I take a seat and gracefully pull a napkin over my tightly closed legs (which by the way still tingle from being too close to Sam.)

My mom takes my hand and squeezes it, “Really?”

I knew she didn’t believe me, and hell I would certainly hear about this at home, “Really mom?” I warned her with my eyes and luckily Bob was smart in business not in woman language.

When Sam came and excused himself the same way I did, he took a seat next to me and grabbed my hand from under the table carefully without my permission. I took his hand gladly and I could see that surprised him as well.

Oh how I love his tricky ways, “Sam. my soon to be brother. I am so glad that we will get to be best friends.”

His hand squeezes mine dangerously, but I could see it wasn’t to hurt me or tease me. It was because I have said the word ‘brother’ and established us as friends... I knew he didn’t want to be any of that, and I honestly didn’t want that either.

My mom smiles cocking her head in agreement, “Why how sweet.” She clears her throat “Shall we eat now.”

I smile grabbing my spoon and carefully digging it into my rice, “Why certainly.” Sam didn’t let go of me during the whole dinner. I didn’t want him too either.

After the dinner, I finally let go of Sam’s precious hand and wiped the sweat on my tights. “That was scrumptious.” I comment wiping my lips with a napkin.

Bob stands up and smiles agreeing, “This restaurant never fails to satisfy me.” Bob sighs delighted.

“I hated it.” Sam mutters pushing the plate away.

The comment wipes the smile of Bob’s face and my mom looks at him in awe.

I stand up as well, “I’m going to go give my congratulations to the host.”

Sam stands as well “Host? What does he have to do with the food?”

I lean against my mom, “Honestly, nothing, I just want to talk to him.” I whisper to Sam.

He scowls muttering a cuss word as I leave strolling casually towards the kitchen. When I see Michael my heart jumps and my stomach whirls happily, “Mikey. Uh you don’t mind if I call you that right?”

He jumps slightly and lets go of a dish he was watching, “Oh… hi it is y-you.”

I walk towards him, “I thought you were the host?” I roll my sleeves up grabbing a dirty plate.

I knew how to do all my chores. When I was younger my mother taught me everything I needed to know. She used to be a maid and she told me that if I learned all this I may perhaps be useful in a time of necessity.

“I am. but the dishwasher needed to go. So I pitched in to help him.”

He is so sweet. “Well, I wish to help you.” I smile.

“W-what about y-your family and b-boyfriend?”

I grasp a sponge chockfull of soap and begin to scrub alongside with him, “Boyfriend? Psh, that scumbag is NOT my boyfriend. He’s my brother.” I smile pushing him slightly with my hip.

His worried expression lightens up and he scrubs harder with excitement, “I’m glad you don’t have a boyfriend.” This time he didn’t stutter.

“Me too.”

We giggle; we talk, and get to know each other more. He doesn’t stutter and realize he is quite shy. But when he opens up he is full of energy and is very classy. I ask him for his number and he doesn’t deny. Bingo.

“Well it was very nice meeting you. “ I smile holding out my dried hand

He takes it and kisses it, “Same here.”

I sigh like if I were in a dream. But he couldn’t have been a dream because the whole time I could perceive Sam’s glare in the back of my head.

Fuck him… eww no. well not really eww.. shut up

I pull him into a tight hug and I never wanted to let go… until I saw a lonely person leaning against the
door, looking at us longingly. Sam.
hope you liked it :)

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