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“How the hell did Bobby manage to sire something that fine?”

“It completely defies all logic.”

“Still I guess it explains her wild streak.”

The guys laughed in agreement.

Alexandra felt overwhelmed, but she hid it well. She had learned that what you felt and what people perceived didn’t have to be the same thing. She couldn’t allow them or this place to seem intimidating. She had no ties here, not really. She could walk away at any time. She had choice.

“so what are your plans? Will you be hanging around long? Will you be part of the family Alexandra?”

Alexandra liked Clays old lady. She didn’t mess around. Gemma asked the question she wanted the answer to no bullshit. That was a rare and admirable quality in Alexandras book. She drank deep from the bottle in her hand watching the guys goofing off and the girls hanging around them. She couldn’t quite picture herself as a hanger on like that, but what other role was there for her in a place like this. She answered honestly.

“I’m not sure Gemma. From what I’ve seen I like the place, and the people…”


Gemma again picking up on what was unsaid. She really was an impressive woman.

“But, I’m not like these girls.”

She was trying desperately not to be offensive. Gemma frowned.

“You don’t need to be. They’re all trying to get themselves some place here, or lets face it some ass. You have a place.”

Alexandra nodded slowly.

“Maybe if I get some work.” She shrugged “I don’t really know. I don’t have a plan, but it’d be nice to hang out with pops I suppose.”

She hadn’t really talked with Bobby much since she had gotten here. The usual greetings and him introducing her and all, but no real talking.

“So I hear you do some sweet custom paint jobs. I’m sure we could find a place for you at the shop. There’s always call for good detailing.”

Lexie smiled.

“Detailing is fine. I enjoy it, but it’s always been more of a sideline. I earned money from it to put myself through school.”

Gemma was impressed. Her daddy hadn’t been around and this kid had survived without lifting tail like most of the young girls would have. She hadn’t used her looks to bag herself some big dumb but rich man. She had done it hard, done it her own way,on her own terms. Usually that would have given Gemma cause for concern, but she had a good feeling about this one. She had already shown she was smart and had some loyalty to the sons. She had gone above and beyond to save Jax from Hales attention and hadn’t used that save for bragging rights or to attempt to gain favour with the club. Infact when Gemma herself broached the subject the girl had been matter of fact, like she had just done what anyone would have. She had answered all of Gemmas questions with an unswerving honesty. No proclamations about being one of them. No promises she might not be able to keep. Gemma had the feeling that this girl knew the importance of honesty and loyalty and was strong in both of them. If that strength could be harnessed with a love of the club then she could be a real asset.

“So what is it that you do, do?” Gemma asked.

“Computers.” Lexie answered her eyes still taking in everything around her even as she spoke. “I’m real good too. Although not necessarily always on the up and up if you know what I mean.”

Gemma knew perfectly.

“Are you wanted.”

Lexie smiled

“Lets just say my services are often in demand, but the law? Nah. I’m way too good at what I do to be on their radar, although, if I tell the truth, I probably should be.”

That was it Gemma knew, this girl was an asset and already related by blood to one of the mcs top men. They had to pin her down somehow. That talent had to be working for Samcro. The looks and the smarts wouldn’t hurt either.

“We should talk in the morning.” Gemma said thoughtfully “I’m sure the club can throw some work your way, at least until you get something more long term.”

Lexie hitched a questioning eyebrow. She hadn’t actually said she would stay, but Gemma seemed to take it as read.

“Honey your daddy needs you in his life and the fact that you rocked up here says you need that too. Welcome to the family.”

“Bobby your girl can’t be staying in that place.” Clay frowned. “She’s family. She should be with you or at least with one of the families if your place isn’t exactly fit for a houseguest.”

Bobby laughed. He knew exactly what Clay was saying. Luckily right now his place was free from strippers and beer cans. Perfect, but how could he explain to Clay the problem with his wild child. She was like her mother fiercely independent.

“she might not see it that way Clay. You know kids, always wanting to do it there way.”

“Do I ever.” Clay snorted with a glance in Jax direction. “Still ask her. Just say the offers there, you know short term if she wants, until something better comes along.”

He had already sent some of the boys over there to pick up Bobbys daughters things. Gemma had insisted so this was a done deal. He couldn’t be catchin hell from his old lady over it.

“Besides, she came here to get to know you Bob. She can’t do that living outside. Bring her in.”

It proved far easier than he expected. Lexie, as he found his daughter liked to be known was happy to move into his place.

“You let me know if I’m crampin your style though old man and I’ll find some place to crash.” Was all she had said when Bobby ran it by her.

He did love having beautiful women around him whenever he could, but right now his girl was all that mattered to him. He hadn’t even mentioned her to the guys before. He never expected to see her again. Her mom had been a one night hook up. One that Bobby had been desperate to make. He’d have taken her as his old lady too, but Lexies mom Breeze had been a real free independent spirit. She was the daughter of an old school big irish biker and had broken away from the life, but visited often. That was how Bobby had met her.The bike his own daughter rode in had been her mothers. It was as much a thing of beauty as the woman on top of it. Back then no one had approved. They all thought women belonged on the back of bikes not riding solo. That was probably still pretty true, but Lexie didn’t ride with one of those female crews or anything so messed up. She was just the daughter of bikers who happened to ride a bike.

Her technical expertise had caught Tigs attention. Bobby had heard them talking about some crazy spy gadgets. Tig seemed to enjoy having someone to talk over all that junk with. Bobby eyed them with suspicion and hoped that Tig remembered he was like an uncle to this girl, no matter how beautiful she was.

“Well it’s getting kinda late guys.” Lexie yawned “And I’ve been on the road so long. I need to get over to pops and settle myself in.”

In truth she wanted time to assimilate what she had discovered tonight with the information she had gleamed previously about the club. Match faces to facts and stuff.

“I can take you over there.” Tig offered. “After a last dance of course.

Lexie laughed and let the big guy sweep her into his arms. Bobbys brows knit tight together.

“Look at that.” Gemma said pointedly

Clay sighed.

“I’ll have a word to Tig. Remind him that she’s Bobbys little girl.”

“Not that.” Gemma whispered.

She was certain that Lexie had no romantic interest in Tig and that she could handle him if need be. Her attention had been drawn to another samcro member. Her own son Jax and his reaction to the interchange between Tig and the new girl was very interesting.

Clay followed his wifes eyes and was surprised at Jax reaction himself. He thought the kid was so strung out over that damned doctor that he wouldn’t ever look at another woman like she was anything but a piece of ass, but there was definitely something burning behind the boys eyes. They could use this to steer him where they wanted him to go.

“Hey Jackson.” Clay yelled “Take Bobbys girl home will you?”

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