A Sweet Fatality✯Black Star✯

Request by:XOXbrokenAnimedreamsXOX. Reader x Black Star from Soul Eater. Genre:Humor/Romance. First time writing for this character. I hope you like it! :]

Created by edsasukeluva on Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Candy Canes

"You can't beat me! I'm going to be greater than God!" Black Star yelled out with a laugh as he held his candy cane, licked to a point, in the air. Soul smirked, showing off his pointy teeth, as he held his in the air challenging him.

[Name] let out a soft sigh as she sat on the couch, stirring her hot chocolate with her candy cane, watching these two idiots sword fight. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to bring them these. But how was she supposed to know these idiots would turn them into a bodily hazard?

Little chips of candy cane flew each time theirs collided. Black Star even pulled out some little round peppermint mints and started throwing them like they were shurikens. Where he managed to get those [Name] will never know.

"Is that all you got!? Your skills don't even begin to compare to mine!" Black Star yelled out with another laugh as he jumped back, dodging Soul's lunge, landing on the couch. Though, he miss calculated how far he jumped and ended up running into [Name]. The sound of her mug shattering on the floor filled the room.

"Dude. So not cool." Soul commented as both him and Black Star looked at [Name] who was staring down, disappointing, at her broken mug and the contents all over the floor.

"[Name], I'm so sorry!" Black Star apologized as [Name's] sad [e/c] eyes looked up at him. "Here. You can have my candy cane!" He shoved a half eaten, chipped, and broken candy cane into her hands.

"... T-Thanks?" Black Star smiled at [Name] while Soul was trying his best to hold in his laughter. [Name] gave him a small smile back. She figured it's the thought that counts.

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