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Mr.UN slowly backed away from the door as the pounding continued. You saw Mother Nature and Father Time give each other knowing glances. They obviously knew who was behind the door. You didn't have any time to think about their actions. You were distracted be the sight of Mr.UN limping over to you. He stumbled many times before he reached you. He put his hand on your shoulder as lightly as he could. He looked you in the eye with great seriousness as always. Behind those serious eyes, you saw a glint of fear. That alone worried you. “You have a 'visitor'. I tried to stop him, but his desire to see you was very intense. I know how violent he can get and it was foolish of me fore trying to stop him. I'm sorry.” Mr.UN said to you. The last part struck you in the heart. You didn't want Mr.UN to fee, bad for what he had done and it saddened you to know that he did.

“Mr.UN, you have nothing to be sorry for.” You said softly. Mr.UN gave you a rare shadow of a smile before turning his attention to the door. The pounding had ceased. A strange silence drenched in anticipation filled the room. In the distance, you heard the sound of a flame igniting. Just as you heard that sound, the door burst into flames suddenly. The flames quickly disappeared and it left only ashes in its wake. Beyond the ashes stood a man about nineteen years of age. The man was about five feet and seven inches tall. He had brilliant brown skin, flaming red hair with orange tips, and dark amber eyes. His hair was short. He had long banks on either side of his face and his hair in the back was somewhat spiky. He wore a black shirt, a gray hoodie with the astrological symbol for the Sun on it, and black jeans. Overall, he was very attractive. He slowly walked in with his hands in his pockets. Everyone watched him walk closer to the front. Noticing this, Mr.UN hurriedly moved to stand behind Mother Nature and Father Time. The man kept walking until he reached his destination: you. He stood right behind you with a hand on your chair. You shifted uncomfortably at the closeness. You needed to find so something to defend yourself if needed. You noticed a pen on the table in front of you and your eyes narrowed as you thought of the ways you could use it.

“Hi Nature. Hey Time.” The man said in a semi-deep voice. Mother Nature smiled at the man behind you while Father Time just nodded. “Is this her?” he asked the two. Mother Nature nodded with a carefree smile on her face. The man put both of his hands o. Your chair and spun you around to face him. You heard chairs rub against the carpet as some nations quickly got up in a ready position to attack. The man looked at you with serious eyes while you looked back with wide ones. You felt your heart begin to beat quickly as you stared at the man. He seemed serious and dangerous. He seemed like someone who would do what it takes. That is why it surprised you when his serious frown turned into an enthusiastic smile as he grabbed hold of your hands. “Hi Y/n! I'm the Sun! Nice to meet you!” He yelled happily. You stared blankly at the man before smacking him hard in the face. He fell down with a red mark on his face. He quickly grabbed hold of his cheek while looking at you with puppy-dog eyes.

“Why did you hit me World?” He asked. You crossed your arms and glared at the man.

“You hurt Mr.UN!” You yelled at the Sun. The Sun looked at you with a clueless expression before nodding his head.

“Oh! That guy! I didn't hurt him! I just scared him by ripping at his clothes like a rabid dog. Forgive me?” He told you with puppy-dog eyes. A small person, no bigger than your finger, popped out of his hoodie. She had long white hair that was parted in the middle, dark gray eyes, and pale skin. She had on a white and gray sailor uniform with cute black shoes. She floated to the top of the Sun's head and sat on his head. She put her hands together and gave you puppy-dog eyes.

“Please! Forgive him!” She yelled. You blinked while pointing at the small girl.

“Who are you?” You asked.

“I'm the Moon! Your Moon Miss.World!” She told you. You looked at Mr.UN with a questioning look.

“Didhe only scare you and rip your clothes?” You asked him. Mr.UN nodded. You sighed and turned back to the Sun who was still giving you that same look. “Sorry for hitting you. I forgive you.” You told him. The man jumped up and pulled you out of your chair. He hugged you quickly and let you go while holding on to your arms.

“Thank you!” He said with bright eyes. The Moon floated from his head to your shoulder were she sat and swung her legs.

“Call me Luna, Miss.World!” She shouted happily.

“As long as you cal me Y/n instead of Miss.World.” You told Luna. She nodded her little head in agreement.

“Call me Helios! Now, time for your training. To my room!” The Sun yelled. He grabbed your hand and began to drag you. England slammed his hands on the table in anger. Helios stopped and looked at the country.

“Do you mean that room that was locked in the boys dorms? I think not!” England yelled. France got up as well in protest.

“I agree for once! What do you want to train her in?” France yelled.

“Sex.” Helios said bluntly. You looked at him with a blush on your face and wide eyes.

“What?!” You and everyone else seemed to yell. Mother Nature, however, just clapped her hands together and smiled.

“No, you should get to know each other first, then you can. Remember to use protection!” She told you and the Sun. You nearly passed out from blushing so fiercely. You felt a little dizzy as you felt everyone in the room stare at you two.

“Just kidding. I'm going to train in a few things such as this.” Helios told everyone. He lifted his hand and shaped his fingers. In the tip of his pointer finger was a small flame. “I think it will be of use to her.” America quickly stood up with a confident smile.

“Since I'm the best and obviously know how to fight, I want to train her in physical strength and fighting and everything!” America yelled. Your eyes widened. You thought you were going to die. You remembered from the anime how strong America was and how well he could fight. You didn't want him to train you and, God forbid, spar with you!

“I would like to train her physically as well.” Germany said.

“Norway and myself will train her in magic.” England said with excitement. Norway nodded in agreement.

“Me and brother will teach her how to fight with weapons.” Belarus offered with great indifference. Russia nodded somewhat hesitantly, but in agreement nonetheless.

"Can I help?” Hungary, Spain, and Denmark asked.Belarus crossed her arms and looked away.

“Whatever,sure.” Belarus answered. Spain, Denmark, and Hungary smiled at the answer they received and gave each other air high-fives.

“I well teach her how to shoot.” Switzerland said from his seat.

“Okay everyone! Break into your groups! We're going to train Y/n! Forward! March!” Helios yelled.

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