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Training with Helios

First up was Helios with his fire training. You stood in the backyard wearing a black tank top, green military pants, and black combat boots. Standing in front of you was Helios. He changed clothes as well. He was wearing a red low-cut shirt, loose black pants, and black combat boots. You two weren't alone. Mother Nature, Father Time, and Luna were there to watch you two. Everyone else was in the mansion discussing how they were going to train you. Some nations protested against leaving you with Helios after he made that lewd joke. When Father Time offered to watch you two along with Mother Nature and Luna, they agreed to leave you with him. It could be because Time threatened to beat Helios with his hourglass if he tried anything, but that's beside the point. You watched Helios cross his arms and walk circles around you.

“As the World, you posses four main elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Part of your fire energy comes from me because of the sunlight this planet recieves. I will teach you how to use the energy to create flames.” Helios told you. “Okay?” He asked you. You blushed as you felt his hot breath on your lips. You looked into his serious eyes to see a glint of lust. Your blush deepened as he smirk at you. You tried to push your blush back, but to no avail. You nodded your head and Helios stood back with an enthusiastic smile. “Good!” He shouted happily. You wanted your palm to meet your face at that moment. He went from serious and lustful to happy and enthusiastic. Were was Father Time in all of this? Gone. Helios confuses the hell out of you.

Helios shook his hands and put them out in front of him. His hands began to glow a warm orange. You looked at his hands in amazement and began to think about how magical Helios was. “Hold them. You need to fell the essence of fire from me before you can use it yourself. It's easier that way.” Helios said to you. You looked from his hands to his smiling face.

“Is it going to hurt?” You asked with curiosity clearly in your voice. The Sun shook his hands and put his hands closer to you. You grabbed his hands with a lot of hesitation. Helios intertwined his fingers with yours making the glow spread to you. You felt a warm sensation go through your body quickly. It was such a fulfilling feeling. You closed your eyes and took in the warmth as if it would never return to you. You felt Helios' hands slip from yours causing you to open your eyes. You looked at him with a question mark practically above your head. He just gave you another smile and a blink of his eyes.

“Ready?” He asked. You shook your head in determination. You were sure you were ready for anything Helios could throw at you. His smile widened as he lifted his hand. Is his palm formed a flame. “Concentrate on that warm feeling you felt. Concentrate on fire.” He told you. You put your hands out and concentrate on the warm feeling as well as fire. All you got has smoke coming from your hands. You looked at Helios with a pout on your face.

“Help me!” You yelled childishly. Helios walked behind you and pressed his body against yours from behind. He grabbed your hands and placed them on top of each other with your palms facing upwards. Your breath got caught in your throat when you felt the man's body on yours.

“You got a little smoke. That's a start. All you need now is a little flame.” Helios whispered in your ear causing electricity forum up your spine. Was he trying to seduce you? You tried concentrating again only to get smoke once more. Helios moved your hands upwards a little more and the smoke turned into a small flame. Helios looked over your shoulder to see the little flickering flame. “It's small, but it's a start. Try again tomorrow?” He asked you. You nodded your head in agreement. Helios let go of you and backed away. He began to walk to the front of the house with you not too far behind. Helios ram through the front door and right into the conference room. “Hey! England and Norway! You're up next!” He yelled into the conference room. Out of the room came England and Norway. They wouldn't be too bad, right?

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