The Parent Trap {Chapter 1}

Just a new story idea I wanted to try out. Enjoy!

Created by MrsJohnnyCade007 on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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All you could hear was the sound of all the kids screaming, laughing, and shouting over each other as they ran off the bus to Camp Whitewater, each kid serching for his/her duffel bag that was in a HUGE pile a few feet from the bus. "Ok, found my bag", 12 year old Michael Macchio said to himself with satisfaction as another duffel was thrown in the pile, looking at his medium sized forest-green duffel bag. Sighing, Michael asked himself, "Now the question is, how in the world how am I gonna get it out?"

"You new?" came a voice out of nowhere as Michael tugged and pulled on his duffel bag, trying his hardest to get it out. "How can you tell?" Michael panted, looking at a boy with neck-length brown hair, green eyes, and kinda pale skin out of the corner of his big brown eyes. The boy smiled at him. " 'Cause you don't know how to grab your duffel", the boy told him. "All the newbies never do." Then out of nowhere a boy with LONG jet black hair, with bangs in his face, big brown eyes, and tanned skin, dressed in a 'Simple Plan' t-shirt and ripped pants reached in the pile and with one quick yank, pulled out his red and black duffel.

"Whoa!" Michael cried, eyes a little wide. "That dude's got some muscle!" The boy who asked if Michael was new cupped his hands around his mouth. "Yo, Simple Plan fan!" he called. Immeditaly the boy turned around. "Could you help me with my duffel?" Michael asked him. "It's the green one WAY in there." "Sure", the boy in the Simple Plan shirt said, looking in the pile. "Oh, that?" he asked. "No problem!" And with a quick yank, Michael's duffel was out. "Thanks", Michael said with a smile. The boy smiled back. "No prob", he said. Just then the boys heard one of the camp counselers (?) calling their names.

Apparently they were doing caben assignemts. "Macchio, Michael!" called Samantha Whitewater. "Right here!" Michael called, waving his fee hand as fast and as high as he could. Samantha nodded as if to tell Michael she saw him then when back to her clipboard. "Martin, Jacob and North, Josh!" Samantha called in the boys' direction again and immeditaly the two boys who had helped Michael smiled. "That's who I am!" they both said in perfect unison, causing the three of them to laugh out loud.

"Sorry kid", the boy with the Simple Plan shirt said to Michael, still smiling. "I'm Martin." "And I'm Josh", said the boy with the brown hair. Michael, still smiling, started rubbing the back of his neck. "Y-Yeah", he said. "I'm Michael Macchio in case you guys didn't know." Josh and Martin's eyes widened. "Macchio?!" Josh gasped. "As in RALPH Macchio?" Martin added. "THE Ralph Macchio?" He then tried to do the famous 'crane kick' but failed, making Michael laugh.

"Wow!" Josh gasped, putting a hand to his head. They really couldn't believe it. "Do you live in Hollywood?" "Or live next door to a movie star?" Martin asked, moving his bangs out of his eyes a bit. "Who are you two?" Michael asked. "Starstruck and Starstrucker? I don't live anywhere NEAR Hollywood and my dad hasn't made a movie in a while." "Ohhhhh", Josh and Martin said in unsion. It was silent for a moment until the boys decided to pick up their duffels, which they had sat on the ground beside them, and walk to their cabin.

A smirk appeared on Michael's face. "So, either one of you know how to play poker?" he asked. Both Martin and Josh shook their heads. "Nope", Martin said. "Never played it before", Josh added. Their voices faded as a small white limo pulled up in front of the camp. A man with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a black suit and tie got out of the car, opening the door to the backseat. "Here we are, Sir", the man said to 12 year-old Jonathan Smith in a British accent as the boy stepped out of the limo, looking around with a smile on his face. "Camp Whitewater."

He shook his head. "I still can't believe you wanted to come." Jonathan turned to him, the smile still on his face. "I think I'm going to like it", he said, trying to comfort his friend. "Thanks for bringing me here, Steve." Steve sighed deeply, hands clasped together. "Your mother will miss you dearly, Sir",Steve told Jonathan with a forceful smile. Jonathan smirked, raising an eyebrow as he folded his arms across his chest. "Now, are you sure it's my MOM who's gonna miss me?" he asked. "Or you?" Tears filled Steve's blue eyes as he pulled the boy in a tight hug.

"Both of us", Steve whispered, holding Jonathan tighter. Jonathan could understand. Since his parents' divorce when he was just a baby, Steve, him and his mom's butler/friend was like a father figure to him. Once Steve finally let Jonathan go, his kissed his forehead. "Have fun", he said softly. Jonathan just nodded, afraid if he said anything he might start crying himself. And with that, Steve got back in the limo and drove away, waving at Jonathan as he drove off. Once Steve was gone, Jonathan looked around the camp again, taking in a deep breath.

"Oh yeah", he said with a smile. "I think I'm gonna like it here."

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