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A Chair

“Why do you need me again?” Butler asked as you held him in your hands while laying on your bed.

“Look, I have a ten minute break before I have to train with England and Norway and I'm not going to waste it.” You told the talking book. “Now, is there anything I should know about Helios?” You asked nicely. The book shifted in your hands with a thoughtful expression on it's wrinkly face.

“You should be able to figure it out yourself.” Butler finally told you. A pout formed on your lips as you glared at the book.

“Come on Butler! I've known Helios for only twenty minutes! You know more about him than me!” You yelled. Butler didn't respond back to you. You looked away from the book in anger. You wanted to know more about the man named Helios. A smile inched across your face as an idea struck you. You snapped your head back to the book with a full blown smile on your face. Butler's face twisted into one of fear as he looked up at you. Quickly, you began to shake the book violently with a glint of amusement in your eyes. You giggled lightly as Butler begged you to stop.

“Okay! I'll tell you what I know!” Butler shouted. You stopped right away and smiled at your traumatized book.

“Okay. Now, spit it out!” You told Butler. Butler coughed a few times to clear his book throat before he began to talk.

“Helios, the Sun, is a rather happy marco-nation. He's a bit of a jokester and enjoys lightly teasing others. He's very pleasant with a good head on his shoulders until he snaps. Trust me, it's nothing you want to see. As one of his planets and the only one with with intelligent life, you are considered his favorite among the rest of the planets. He also sees you as...someone special to him. He enjoys your company and enjoys you in general.” Butler explained to you.

“Butler?” You asked.

“Yes ma'am?” Butler asked.

“I met Helios twenty minutes ago. How could you possibly know all of that stuff about the relationship status between me and him?” You asked the book with an accusing gaze. “Are you hiding something from me?” You asked.

“Ma'am. I would never.” Butler told you. Giving the book an evil smile, you put it near your face and narrowed your eyes

“Great! Then you wouldn't mind telling me how you knew all of that!” You shouted happily. Butler shifted in your hold uncomfortably as if he didn't know what to say. You began to grow impatient as you waited for Butler to respond to you.

“Y/n, listen. You have a lot going on right now. You're living under the same roof as your countries and you have other macro-nations to deal with. If I told you now, it would not only put a lot of stress on you, but on your nations as well. It would also cause you much pain and it's too early for you to feel anything like that. Ma'am, please understand my reasoning.” Butler begged you. You set Butler on your lap and gave what he said some thought. You could understand were he was coming from. If he had told you now, then it may have stressed you out and made you wish he hadn't told you. You sigh and nodded your head. “Thank you.” Butler said with much gratitude. You got up with Butler in your hands and a smile on your face.

“I feel like training now. Let's go!” You said while walking out of the bedroom.

“You're taking me?” Butler asked you questionably.

“Duh, it's magic training with England and Norway. Of course I'm taking you!” You told your silly book. Butler sighed as his response and let you carry him off to the backyard. Once you reached the backyard, you saw England and Norway there waiting for you. England noticed you walking toward them and gave you a determined smile.

“Y/n, there you are! What is that in your hand?” England asked. You stopped in front of him and looked down at Butler.

“Oh! That's Butler! Wanna see?” You asked. You put the book up to England's face. England just looked strangely at it until the book began to groan eerily. England jumped back and Norway snapped head his toward Butler. You and Butler began to laugh at the reaction of the two countries.

“Sorry. I couldn't help myself. You must be England and Norway. It's a pleasure.” Butler said to England and Norway. England pointed a shaking finger at the book with a look of disturbance.

“It can talk?” England asked. You nodded your head happily while putting Butler back at your side.

“Yep! Since this is magic training, I decided to bring him!” You said with enthusiasm. England quickly regained his posture and tugged on his suit jacket.

“Well then, how about we start with something small? Agreed?” England asked. Both you and Norway nodded your heads in agreement. “How about we teach you how to see magical creatures?” England asked. You nodded your head with excitement bursting from your heart.

“Actually, I can help with that.” Butler began. “Y/n, close your eyes. Then, put your hands over them. After you do that, tap your ears twice.” Butler told you. You gave him a weird look. You couldn't believe what he just told you to do.

“Seriously?” You asked.

Seriously.” Said Butler. You handed the book to Norway and closed your eyes. You put your hands over your eyes for three seconds before removing them. Behind England, you saw Flying Mint Bunny floating around happily. You jumped in surprise at what you saw. It's lips began to move, but you couldn't hear what it was saying. You remembered what Butler said and tapped your ears twice.

“Say that again?” You asked.

“Hi Y/n! Hi England!” Flying Mint Bunny shouted. England and Norway turned around to see the little flying bunny.

“ Flying Mint Bunny! It's nice to see you again!” England said happily. Norway nodded his head as a greeting while you just stared.

“Can I shut it off now?” You asked. Norway shook his head and pointed behind you. You turned around to see a troll that was quite a bit taller than you. “Oh. Hi troll dude!” You said to the troll standing in front of you. It waved at you and walked over to Norway.

“Well, that is taken care of. Time for the real training.” England said to you.

“Run while you can Y/n! I've seen England teach magic before! It's scary!” Flying Mint Bunny warned you. You arched an eyebrow while looking at the little floating thing. You weren't sure if your scary was the same as it's scary. It was a cutesy magical bunny. How scary could it's definition of scary be?

England took a step to the side to reveal Busby's chair. It was taped up, but still working and evil. “If you would be so kind Y/n.” England said while gesturing to the chair. Your eyes widened as you looked at the chair. Was England trying to kill you? Flying Mint Bunny was right! Norway looked at England and England signaled Norway to shut his mouth. Norway nodded his head and gestured to the chair as well. You slowly walked toward the haunted chair while silently hoping that you gained Russia's ability to survive sitting in the chair. As soon as you got close enough to it, it moved away. You stopped walking and looked at England and Norway. You took another step forward and the chair moved away once more. “What's going on?” England asked. You began to walk toward Busby's chair again and it kept moving away from you. You began to run toward it and the chair desperately hopped away from you. You stopped and turned to England and Norway.

“It won't stop running away!” You yelled while walking back toward the two.

“Wow! I never seen that happen before!” Flying Mint Bunny yelled while flying around your head. The troll gave a hearty laugh and had tears in his eyes. England had a look of shock on his face. He put his hand over his eyes while looking down.

“You're dismissed from your training.” He said before walking away. Norway patted you on the head before leaving as well. You smiled happily while you watched the two nations walk away. How badass were you? Busby's chair ran away from you!

“I can't wait to tell Russia!” You yelled while running toward England and Norway.

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