Is this love? ♥ Sai love story part 1

Hello there fellow! This is the first part of a Sai love story, hope you like it :D

Created by BlackFlash3003 on Friday, January 20, 2012

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Her name is Asami Tenshi, she is the same age as Sai and the other Naruto characters, she has turquoise big eyes, but she wears them plain-brown (you will see in the story why) and long raven hair...

here are some pics of her:


This is her normal apperance, she is dressed like that in the story..


Another picture of her


This is Asami having her eyes disguised, like I said earlier, you will find out later why. :) sorry for not being able to put better pictures of her, hope they are enough for now, I will post some more in the next chapter. :D

You will ask, and what about her personality? well, I'd like to let her show it to you :)


Asami's POV

Here I am... At the gates of this village to where I was send by the leader of my village... How I hate to call it that way, but unfortunately there is where I was born, in the Waterfall Village.

So there I am , with those guards staring blankly at me. I enter without hesitation, this is my mission and I am gonna do it well. I don't stop to listen and don't care what they say, I just head to the Hokage's office.

As I enter the room, this blonde lady turns at me with a bored but smiling face. "My name is Asami Tenshi, and I came here from the Waterfall vil-..." I started saying when a blonde haired boy bursted in and said with disapointemnt: "Tsunade-sama, I found no one to replace Kakashi... I heard that you already got a man for Sasuke's place, and I want you to know that thsi stayes the way it is only until I manage to get Sasuke back!". Whoa, that is one bold boy! The Hokage turns to the blonde as she speaks (guess I'm gonna call her Tsunade): "Ok, as Asami arrived here, this gets very well aranged. She is going to replace Kakashi for this mission. You will meet her, Sakura and the other member at the training spots in ten minutes,I will explain this to all of you. Oh, call Neji too." "Why, Tsunade-sama? Is he going with us? Huuuray!" "Naruto, just shut up and do as I say!" As Naruto (I found out his name, too) rushed out of the room, scared by Tsunade's scream, she turned to me : "I know who you are, I am Tsunade, the Hokage of this village. I am going to send you in a pretty difficult mission, just like I agreed with the Waterfall village, and I need you to show some of your fighting skills to your teammates and Neji, as you will work with them in this mission and they will need to know your fighting style. Meet up with Naruto and the others at the training spots in ten minutes. Oh, there will be this teammate called Sai and I want you to keep an keen eye on him because..." "I do not care why as I do not intend to mess up with this village and learn any of it's secrets. I will observe Sai and report as I return, and I will show them my thenique, but I will need a volunteer as one of my team mates fighting me will make them tired and not so well prepared for the mission. Also, I do not assume any of the damage I do on the volunteer" "I understand, that's why I called Neji to be there. You have plenty of time to reach The Bridge of Heaven and Earth, and you can do with the few spare days that you have as you wish." "Fine. I will wait for you at the gates. Ohayo!"

Sheese, what a noisy boy I have in my team! Hopefully he will get along with the others, I cannot handle a bunch of noisy guys.

As I was approaching the training spots, , I saw the noisy one, with a pink haired girl. The rest did not came yet, guess I was early there.

"Hello everybody, my name is Asami Tenshi and I will replace your sensei this mission". "I am Haruno Sakura", came the answer from the girl. " I am Naruto Uzumaki. How are you going to replace Kakashi-sensei?! You are the same age as us, it can't be!" "Naruto, she is just far better then a normal shinobi would be, so you will shut up and listen to her!" said the angry Hokage as she stood up with a fade girl (she is holding a pig in her arms?!) following her.

"Hello, my name is Sai". I watched Naruto as he yelled angry "You?! Again?!" and I wondered when he met him before. Anyway, none of my bussines. All three of them started arguing as Sai called Sakura ugly-something. Sheese, they are just like some children! Good thing the Hokage intrerupted them, as Neji got there too. Time for me to show off. God, how I hate it, but as my mission implies to, I am forced to answer thier questions.


This was only the first chapter, hopefully I will put up a new one soon, in which you will find much more about Asami's past. :> Have a nice day! Rate& comment!

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